Drift track blueprints. Share your tracks here

Hey there! This is a place to share your drift event blueprints.

Here is mine:

It is a long drift track (8.2km). Earn points from drifting, player with the most points wins the game. It has smashable piñatas, cactus piñatas take away 500 points, pink piñatas (tank piñatas) give extra 1000 points. Collision with enviroment takes away 500 points.


It’s an open class event, but I would recomend S1+

Share code: 140 693 629

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Custom Track For Fun 25 min ENJOY!! :slight_smile:

SHARE CODE 314238258

Yo absolutely love this idea and will definitely have to check out your alls tracks. I also have a few documented here that may be beneficial for yah as well

Eventlab Database

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I made the new one if you want to try :+1:

Share code 574028858 any cars

This is a low power drift/touge map called “Maxzumi Mountain” 55+ hour build time

Hi everybody, I really love this incredible map, but I have a really bad information: when I started the map everything went in the right direction, the problem started when I quit the map. You start again the game (talking about the levels)!!! Only the levels. I don’t know if it’s only MY bug, but stay alert!