Fast Loading Custom Routes (With Pictures)

Since they’ve updated blueprints so that you can edit them now, I thought i’d make some events.

Section 1 - Rally
Section 2- Mixed Surface
Section 3- Tarmac
Section 4- Challenge Cards and Playground Games

I’ve usually tried not too put too many props in ( as i think they don’t load in online often especially with public convoys).

rally banner

Mangrove Soil Arena (Circuit) (S1 Rally Monsters)
217 388 605 - Tour the Mangrove swamp near Playa Azul within this small arena circuit

River Bed Rally (Sprint) (B-Class Rally)
780 090 292 - 11.8km into the river beds and heads towards the Dam

Ruta Creek Rally (Sprint) (B Class Modern Rally)
925 624 712 - Navigate through the coastal edge of Bahio De Plano heading to the beach.

Caldera Hill Climb (Sprint) (C Class Rally)
155 707 239 - Race in the quiet Upper Hills of Caldera. A lot of blind steep corners beware.

Choo Choo Canoe (Sprint) (S1 Rally Monsters)
183 272 839 - Driving through the dry river beds of Copper Canyon with a big drop at the waterfall.

Mirador Countryside (Circuit) (S1 Rally Monsters)
837 929 770 - Drive on the edge of the Canyon and through some unused dirt trails which lead to some big airtime off some boulders.

Las Dunas Volcano Descent (Sprint) (B Class Retro Rally)
783 653 303 - Start from the top of the snowy mountain and slide your way downhill to the bottom dodging tree trunks along the way. Follow the rainbow sticks for guidance.

Stream Trail (Circuit) (A class SUV’s)
127 927 858 - There is a lot of water in this one, which goes into the unseen jungle at the top of Cascadas De Agua Azul Waterfall.

Grazuro Estadio Sprint (Sprint) (A Class Modern Rally/ Rally Monsters)
414 702 251 - Begin at the edge of Estadio Stadium and go within the meadows to reach the nearby town of Guanajato.

mixed banner

Caldera GP Track V2 (Circuit) (A class Super Saloons)
293 709 922- Driving between pit stops within the Horizon Mexico Racetrack

Llanuras Pondskate (Sprint) ( B Class)
622 654 301 - High Speed track around the edge of the Dam and across the Dam with Hotwheels tracks.

Mulege Market Loop (Circuit) (B Class Retro Sports)
154 527 487 - Driving in the Mulege Market and dirt alleys between the town.

Out Of Bounds City Circuit (Circuit) (B Class Hatchbacks)
162 767 583 - Race on top of the Tunnel in Guanajato and drive through residents backyards

Boardwalk Circuit (Circuit) (B Class Modern Rally)
126 342 202 - Drive on the Swamp Boardwalk path that’s near Playa Azul beach.

Costera Golf Tour (Circuit) (B Class Hot Hatches)
128 299 704 - Driving on and around the Costera Golf Course and Hotel Interior Complex

Tri-Surface Targa (Circuit) ( C Class Classic / Retro Rally )
638 908 176 - Mixed Terrain circuit that circulates the dunes of Baja California.

Copper Tunnel Raceway (Circuit) (S1 Modern Muscle)
704 407 883 Navigate over the train tracks and through the train tunnel, looping around the Canyon.

Sierra Ruins Mixed Sprint (Sprint) (A Class)
105 958 483 Dirt with some back roads based within the Sierra jungle heading towards the Sierra Ruins.

tarmac banner

Airplane Graveyard Loop (Circuit) (C Class)
661 939 690 -The Abandoned Air Strip has been turned into a hotwheels circuit twisting around the plane bunkers.

Valle De Las Ranas (Circuit) (Anything Goes A Class)
181 884 013 - Take a speedy tour around the boulder site of Ramas.

Baja Stadium Track Day (Circuit) (Anything Goes A Class)
564 057 807 - Roads have been paved in this once dirt arena. Lots of banked turns in this event.

Bridge Out (Circuit) (A Class Modern Sports Cars)
937 485 563 - The Gran Puente Bridge is under construction; so you’ll need to navigate through the barriers and take advantage of your top speed on the straights.

Caldera Rural Tour (Circuit) (A Class Retro Muscle)
557 920 364 - Go back in style with Retro Muscle as you drive along the farm fields near the Gran Caldera Volcano.

Opalo Blancos (Sprint) (A Class Coupes)
198 140 798 - Drive from Baja California desert roads, through the festival and towards De Otro Mundo. Small Coupes participate in this event.

Balderrama Circuit (Circuit) (Anything Goes A Class)
103 423 806 - Be prepared for Turn 1 in this track that borders the Horizon Rush Outpost.

Super Villa Sprint (Sprint Wet) (S- Class Supercars)
168 514 316- Tight Hairpins in this custom route through the city of Guanajato

Guanajuato Bends (Sprint) (B Class Hatchbacks)
849 691 024 - Jumps and ramps in court areas and alleys of Guanajuato. AI couldn’t deal with this track so best to play solo or with other players. Try to beat Platinum Time in eventlab description.

Temple Border Option 1 ( Circuit) (S Class Track Toys)
134 200 046 A more tame version of a circuit around the temples/pyramids of Teotihuacan.

Temple Border Option 2 (Circuit) (S Class Rally Monsters)
497 210 426 This road race also incorporates the Teotihuacan Drag Strip using Hot Wheels track.

Cabo Xmas Circuit (Circuit) (Anything Goes B Class)
129 403 815 - Christmas themed road circuit based near the Cabo / Opalo Golf Course. Note this course does contain a higher prop count of approx 40%?

Heatwave Circuit (Circuit) (Anything Goes D Class)
577 116 585 - A Small Desert Circuit that climbs around the rocky sands below the Volcano.

60’s Hilltop Loop (Circuit) (S Class Classic Racers)
391 979 763 - Race your favourite Le man GT Racer at the upper hills of Guanajato.

Blue Caldera Peak (Circuit) ( C Class Anything Goes)
955 308 756 - Hot Wheels incorporated track which adjusts the dirt trails in Caldera into a race circuit.

Colinas Aridas (Circuit) (A Class)
159 751 606 - Drive around the tulip meadows and jagged rocks within Colinas Aridas.

Cordillera Winery (Circuit) (S Class Track Toys/GT Racers)
478 671 163 -Fast Paced Corners around the arid hills of Cordillera and through the winery.

Little Mexico Loop (Circuit) (D Class Classic/ Retro Muscle)
100 883 457 - Small Beginner Loop around the Horizon Mexico Festival.

Powerplant Surge (Circuit) (S1 GT Cars)
178 647 515 - Baja arena has been upgraded into a Nuclear Powerplant. Navigate around the plant and outskirts in a Grand Tourer. Note this does contain a lot of props.

Jose Maya Stadium Circuit (Circuit) (S1 Open Wheel Vehicles)
184 018 091 - Road Circuit that navigates through Inner Guanajato; adjacent the Jose Maya Stadium and past a construction site outside the city.

Street Scene Sprint (Sprint) (B Class Modern Rally)
376 010 495 - This course is designed around the cargo crates surrounding the Street Scene Festival

Arid Raceway (Circuit) (Anything Goes S2 Class)
862 613 298 - Choose a good handling hypercar for this track which provides an alternative route to the Horizon Mexico Circuit.

Mulege Midfield Ring (Circuit) (Anything Goes B Class)
128 866 249 - Another short City Track around the streets of Mulege in any B Class.

Chihuahua Reverse (Circuit) ( S Class)
607 265 397 There is a partial wood track section, but majority is tarmac and tries to stay true to the original circuit.

Gran Puente Circuit (Circuit) (A Class Convertibles/ Hardtops/ Targa)
472 271 054 Starting from the Bridge, navigate through the lower villas and through the freeway tunnels in this high speed track.

Micro Machines Battle (Circuit) (A Class Small/Compact Vehicles)
181 185 711 - This tiny battle will cause big havoc around the inner city roads of Guanajato

Baja Sand Trail (Circuit) (S1 Need For Speed Vehicles)
954 027 143 Race through the sand dunes and around the Baja Festival in your choice of S1 supercar.

Where are we Going? (Sprint) (Anything Goes B Class)
529 604 688 - This sprint utilises custom routes through buildings, off bridges, and outer bounds areas. A car with good grip that can handle jumps will be ideal.

Caldera to Canyon (Sprint) (S1 Modern + Retro Supercars)
146 248 855 Battle between old and new supercars through the Caldera Countryside navigating to the outer edge of Copper Canyon.

Cacti Springway (Circuit) (Anything Goes B Class)
361 708 370 - Tour the outskirts roads of the Horizon Mexico Festival which incorporate some of the cactus fields.

Las Laderas Hotwheel Circuit ( Circuit) (B Class Classic Sports,Cult Classics)
456 999 898 Racing in the hills of Guanajato with a variant of classic racers using some hotwheels props.

Airport Terminal (Circuit) ( S Class)
132 014 828 The stadium has been transformed into a Terminal. Warning this is not a minimal route and has lots of props so probably best to play solo.

Mulege Oasis (Sprint) (Anything Goes A Class)
125 672 748 - Sunset Sprint from the edge of Mulege to the inner Jungle.

Castle Tarmac Tour (Circuit) (Anything Goes S1 Class)
229 618 626 - A fast paced loop around the edges of Hotel Castillo.

Calypso Coastline (Circuit) (B Class Anything Goes)
488 776 901 High Speed Circuit around the wetlands of the jungle. A good course for overtaking with wide roads.

challenge banner

Orange Nightmare (Sprint) ( Infiniti Q60)
825 240 685 Test your driving skills by navigating the Q60 within this custom orange obstacle course. Time to beat is 4 mins

Double Storey (Infection) (B Class Anything Goes)
510 778 477 The Estadio Stadium has been upgraded with ramps, boosters and loops. Hopefully this all loads in with your friends!

Daylight Photo Studio
211 926 985

Red Photo Studio
117 202 514

Purple Photo Studio
166 625 896

Lava Photo Studio (Hot Wheels required)
733 420 580

thanks for reading


Updated the list of tracks shared.

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Thanks for building all these tracks! I’ll definitely try a few but I gotta be honest, I hate car restrictions. Anything goes with some suggested vehicles is my favorite.
Lower prop tracks tend to not be as fun for me personally but I get you want to cater to impatient people or people with older systems that don’t load props sometimes.

Thanks Joey for having a look at them :slight_smile: if they ever update Eventlabs to load props correctly in convoys/ online racing then i’ll try more detailed ones.

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I definitely understand what you mean! They need to fix that issue asap. I’ve had problems myself and it’s gotten worse lately! On a recent route my prop counter was off by 34%. I was already committed to a 4 biome off road goliath before the issues got worse so I had to push through during the prop issue. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Updated with photos.

they fixed the Super 7 Challenge cards so “Orange Nightmare” should now work correctly with the tuned version.

had a play around with making props for Infection and added some more racing events above.

Added a few more tracks and dabbled in some Photography studios for Eventlab.

Have updated the list with a few more tarmac races with “Anything Goes” Classifications