Best B Class Cars?

Wondering what everyone else’s thoughts are on what cars handle best in class for B.

I’ve been running the R33. At first I had race tires, but i didn’t have enough power, so I kept bringing the tires down and adding power. I’m now on stock tires with 340+ HP, and I still struggle to keep up with the NSX-R’s and what have you, all the while having no grip in corners. I wind up in 10th-15th place every race (maybe because i get bumped off the track every race), so I’m just wondering what cars you guys run, and what place you usually get with them.



Well, other than the S2000, the Hyundai Genesis is a good car to tune up. My one has tons of power, it handles a bit like a boat around the corners but once you can unleash its power, you’re gone.

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I’ve been enjoying the Shelby Cobra 427. It has the acceleration to get away from the trouble before it happens.

The R33 is one of my main B class cars as well, after adding sport tires, along with race gears, diff, brakes, suspension, ARBs and sport weight reduction I get 5.5 handling, much higher than you would expect a 3000 pound car to have. Apparently the AWD on it is god tier and corners extremely well, it might still be stock for engine, but it’s handling makes it very competitive on most tighter tracks. General rule of thumb for this game, handling is much more important than HP, you should add more only after you’re satisfied with how it corners. In B class, 5.3 and higher handling feels just right.


Don’t forget the tune. Handling, acceleration, etc. are fine but if you have race suspension, etc. and don’t tune it you will leave seconds on every lap. Tune, tune, tune. Like the band said.



I really enjoy the 1988 BMW M5 and the Toyota Supra. I run the M5 on slightly widened sports tyres, fully lightened, all suspension, body and drive train upgrades and the rest of the PI on power. It strikes a good balance between speed and handling, gets to 155 pretty fast and pulls 1.18G.

Buy my tune lol. Version 2 though version 1 has an RB26 and handles like a dog on a polished floor.

I’ve been doing just fine with my 95 mustang cobra R. Place in top 5 when I’m away from e riff raff racers and when I get stuck with those knuckle heads I’m usually in the 8-12th


Im enjoying the 2000 stang cobra R and the Benz 190E, so far both are working for me.

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The 00 Cobra SVT is my favourite B class car. Don’t see a lot of them in lobbies but it is competitive and looks and sounds amazing. Go the Stang!

The 3 I’ve been using the most…

-'62 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso
-'65 Giulia TZ2
-"90 Benz 190E

The first 2 for style and the latter for performance although I do quite well with the Ferrari as well.

S2000 for grip tracks and alps
Evo for rain
Dodge dart with 800hp for monza
Olds 442 for tracks with long straights


2015 Audi TT for wet tracks
Buick Regal everywhere else, but now I’ve maxed Buick affinity I need a new go-to car …


HSV GTS for big tracks with straights

1965 Mini Cooper or Ford Focus RS for tight grippy tracks

I’m using CQR Takumi’s tune for the Honda S2000. Very stable albeit a little understeery in places, but it’s been serving me very well in the League so far.

Hi Guys,

For B Class races i got a 2016 Mazda MX-5 it holds up pretty well against the others. it may lack some power but in corners i outperform most of them :slight_smile:

I’ve really been enjoying and having good success with the AMC Javelin in B class. You can get it under 3000 lbs with a 50/50 weight distribution and decent width tires, 275s. The only thing with it built like this is the stock engine does not like to rev without cams. You can rev it well passed red line but you need to shift at redline for it to be fast. I find I have to watch the tach kind of close to keep it in the power band, almost like driving cars with the rally engine swap.

Weight distribution is so important when it comes to finding a car that will work well without spending tons of time tuning it. Cars that start with a front weight of 56 or more are going to struggle to get to balance even with weight reduction modifications. Toggle the car info and look at the distribution when buying cars to help find things that will work well.

I don’t race much with B class. However, I have had a few top 15% times worldwide with my self tuned Merc 190E (and I’m no pro tuner). It is a very easy and fun car to drive and probably my favorite in this game so far.

I’ve got a ton of B class tunes shared that are all pretty good. One that stands out to me is my club series race car, which is a Hyundai Genesis. We have a lot of required handling upgrades for the series, but it is still a very quick car. I currently have it running over a second and a half faster per lap than the other people in my club, and I am in no way that much better than they are. I would recommend checking it out.

Another fairly good one is the E46 BMW M3. I used that almost exclusively in last week’s league lobbies.

I’m messing around with a Galant VR-4 it has a lot of potential to be a really good class B car