Xbox 360 wireless wheel issues

Morning Forza lovers
I have been trying to figure out the issue I’m having with my brake and gas pedals.
Brake issue: extremely sensitive. All brake comes in as soon as tap brake like 10 to 15 % of pressing down pedal. How can I adjust so it can more like a real car. The abs will engage if press pedal over 50%.
Gas: pretty much same thing happens I have full throttle with only 10 to 15% of pedal input.
Thank you

Are your in game advanced settings at 0-100? I put a sponge under my gas pedal and I keep the brake pressure at 130 on all cars and just got use to it and practice with ABS off. You will run much faster lap times without ABS

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Do you think this translates to faster times using the controller too? I’ve gotten good at not jamming the brakes full unless I need to and pump them but I left ABS on as I didn’t really notice much difference with it off though probably didn’t really give it much of a test other than a lap or two.

If you’ve already gotten used to feathering the brakes rather than just squeezing the trigger full every time then no, you won’t see any difference…

I was playing around with this last night and after getting somewhat used to it it seemed to me as if the Line assist was indicating a shorter braking distance than normal.Maybe my imagination.
It gave me some trouble at first and I was locking them up and more than I thought I had been and started sliding off track a lot at first. After many laps and more concentrating on braking I started to get more comfortable but still have to watch the panic braking .

Yes I’m in advance setup. Ok I’ll try 130 pressure. My dead zone are 1to100

Wow no ABS pressure 130 holy smokes what a difference in brake distance. I can brake way late and not even lock wheels. This whole time I’ve been using abs. I also turned off other help. Like tc etc a lot better.

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No. I’ve been using the wheel for long time but I used abs always. Now that it’s off and brake is 130. It made a difference. But when I press brake more then 20% I can see the rpm tach would like lock and rpm would just drop to 0. Until I back off the brake and re a ply.

When I had the MS WRW I ran my brake pressure between 85-95, depending on the weight of the car. For heavier cars I would sometimes bump it up to 90-95, but most of the time it was at 85. The brake pedal on that wheel is very sensitive, so part of it is just training yourself to have a very light touch. Like any other discipline, once you “train” your foot it will be second nature and you won’t even think about it.

Just to be clear, are you talking about the official Microsoft Wireless Racing Wheel?

I got the braking down pretty good. the game is giving me longer brake lines. I can perfectly setup for a corner from half the RED distance it gives me with most cars. Another thing I noticed when
on telemetry is the gas pedal. It goes in full throttle before I even press 50% of pedal?