Why was the Auction House not implemented?

I wasn’t really looking around too much about this subject, but in Forza Horizon I figured it wasn’t implemented due to being made by another company. But why was it not in FM5? I would really appreciate seeing this back so I can sell cars and not just their tunes. Hopefully there are plans for it in FH2.

The Xbox One is a new console, so I did expect the removal of certain features such as the auction house. I didn’t ever use the auction house, anyway.

No need to lock the thread just yet as it’s probably a good idea to touch on this every now and then for those new to the game or forums.

The auction house was not implemented for Forza 5 because Turn 10 wanted to try something new and different that was perhaps a little more equitable for a larger portion of the playerbase. In previous installments of Forza, the auction house had sadly become a haven and focal point for the worst elements in the game. Profiteers, thieves, modders, racism, sexism, profanity, obscenity and that was on a good day.

Now several people are going to come behind me and tell you how wrong I am and how Turn 10 should instead have devoted more resources to cleaning up the auction house instead of choosing to no longer implement one. The fact is that Turn 10 devoted many hours and resources to trying to solve the problems inherent in the auction house, through Forza 2, Forza 3, Forza 4 and Forza Horizon. Each improvement was temporary as the ne’er-do-wells quickly adapted and found a new way to cheat the system and they will continue to do so. Turn 10 played catch-up for five years and there is no realistic prospect of ever getting the upper hand or anticipating and preventing every means possible of cheating. By not implementing the auction house, Turn 10 have managed to drastically alter the playing field in their favour for the time being and we all benefit as a result.

The cheaters will be back of course and more changes will be necessary to try and throw them off but right now we’ve got a fairly stable system for distributing UGC that is better for nearly everyone who plays the game. I think it’s the best system yet and really only needs two things, better search and better payout at lower levels, to be absolutely perfect. I recognize that is a minority opinion but there you have it.


You’re absolutely correct and I agree with your last opinion. I think that if the search feature sees a couple changes along the way it will be perfect.

I agree with you, 100%.

I also agree with you. With a few tweaks to the payout system, and some improvements to the search system, and we have an equitable, level playing field. No Cheater-Cheater-Pumpkin-Eaters hacking 50 Ferrari 250 GTO’s into their garage to sell them off for a kajillion credits, or bank-roll hackers buying their friends’ 5,000 credit cars for 500 million each.

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I have never seen Turn 10 acknowledge these explanations as reasons for not including community features from prior games, and I do not agree… but there seems to be no point in discussing it here when the game’s creators don’t appear to care much about what their customers like, and dissent on this forum goes nowhere when it is often just mocked, locked, & banned. When a moderator opens with “no need to lock the thread just yet,” it seems to indicate a predetermined course for discussion.


That was in response to one of your fellow posters that was calling for the thread to be locked without there being any need or reason for such an action. That post was removed as that poster was spamming a number of threads with similar calls for locking without cause. Contrary to popular misconception, not everything critical gets locked and deleted. It is not the content of what is being posted that causes most problems, it is the means by which that content is expressed.

I felt that it might be a good idea to have the conversation and I might take the opportunity to share some thoughts from what I know about the issue that others do not.

Take it as you will.

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I agree that the Auction House was for cheaters. I mean guys selling 20 Ferrari 250 GTO’s at once, and then buying everyone that was already in there. Or the bankers that hacked the game and giving 200-500M credits at a time. The only thing I would want, is a way to sell back the cars to the game, not just remove them.


Pretty much the most logical answer.

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lol the system now is complete garbage and need more than a “few” tweaks to get it right.


Your statement would have a much larger impact if you provided some details with it.

I’d be happy with the old storefront system, even if there was no money involved. I just want a layout in which I can easily find what I’m looking for. I could care less about the auction house. Never used it anyway. It would be nice if I could sell my cars back to the game though.


Don’t you mean you “could not care less”?

Regardless, I’m with SnowOwl. The community has changed, due in part to the new in-game sharing system, but I don’t believe it was an attempt to kill the community. The people that are the most hurt are the thieves. So, if it really hurt you, what does that say?

Are we criticizing people for grammar now? If we locked up everyone on the forums for grammar and spelling errors, there would be no one left to run the prisons.

Why in the world would you ever infer that someone is a thief? If you have an opinion on the subject, surely you can state it without resorting to personal attacks on those with opposing views. Or, perhaps you can’t. What does that say?


You make valid points. The grammar correction is just something I felt compelled to do. I’m known as the resident “Grammar Cop” in the circles I travel in. As far as the inference, I didn’t intend it to be an attack, so much as to provoke thought. The idea was to give pause to everyone that complains about the lack of an AH and that they are supporting thievery even if they don’t perpetrate it themselves. Personally, I am not sorry to see that feature gone. I removed a friend from my list after he told me he “modded” FM3 for credits and offered to but a cheap car for an extremely inflated price through the AH. I’m aware of the rampant cheating and the fact the AH was central to distributing illicit credits. And let’s not forget how FH1’s gifting system was abused by the hackers that liked to pass out random traffic drones to other players. A large number of player got burned because they accepted the gift hastily, not checking to see if the car was legit and got a permanent console ban for their troubles. My point is: gifting and the auction house are the two most exploited features of the previous gen games, and all we need is the ability to sell cars back to the game for credits and vast improvements to the search system (which I admit does need similar functionality to the old Storefront system to be able to find things more easily). I apologize if anyone thought I was making accusations of thievery.

You probably just set yourself up for a lot of scrutiny of future posts with that “Grammar Cop” remark. I’ll not bother to point out several spelling errors you just made. LOL There are many times I want to scream about the insanely poor spelling in the forums. Peepl ar sew stoopid that they dont even no how two use the word too. I tell myself that English isn’t their first language even though, deep down, I suspect it is.

People getting illegal credits has little or no bearing on how the rest of us enjoy the game. So, while I would not hesitate to issue a console ban for it, it is a weak argument against the Auction House or Gifting.

I’m guessing that you have never participated in a Community Blowout in the Auction House or any other Community based events, contests or competitions. These pull many of us together. They create “community”. Their existence relies on delivery systems such as the Auction House or Gifting for survival. This is the crux of my argument.



Without gifting and the auction house, there is no other means of remotely dispensing or distributing ill-gotten gains and you well know it. As a result, in light of the many efforts to thwart the problem that were then circumvented, it makes for a very strong argument against gifting and the auction house.

Gifting and the auction house are gone, for the present and quite possibly for good, you can either stamp your feet up and down while holding your breath until you’re blue in the face or start looking for alternative means of accomplishing what it is you wish to do in Forza.

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I agree. However, my point was about what impact the flood of illegal credits have on our gameplay. I would argue almost none. The hacking, modded cars etc is another matter.

I’m not lobbying for it to return in FM5. I’m hoping to get T10 to give serious consideration to finding a secure way to help us share in FM6.


you mean known? :wink:

Grammar Cops are not immune to typos. Good catch. I updated my previous post for grammar.

I do recognize that the old system had its advantages, however, I stand by my argument. It had too many flaws and loopholes to allow the cheaters an easy way to pass around their ill-gotten content. While it is different, I believe the new system has the potential to be better than the old, once T10 gets it polished up sufficiently. I passed on a lot of really cool paints on the previous games simply because they cost too much. I’m a thrifty spender with my virtual money, and the current system doesn’t discourage me from using the paints or trying out the tunes of others. There is no risk of wasting credits, so I don’t have to worry about things like, “If I pay 50k credits for this tune and it stinks, I can’t get my money back.” What we as a community need to do here is take off the rose-colored nostalgia glasses and see the real potential of the Sharing system. And, hopefully, T10 will make the needed changes to it to bring more of that potential out. While right now, many players are understandably struggling to accept such a significant change, I think in the long run the community will be stronger.