Why aren't these features in the game

  • Ability to sell cars back to the game and get money for them
  • Ability to sell/buy cars to other players on an auction house
  • Ability to gift cars to players
  • Ability to share cars to your club garage (I’m not sure if you can do this)
  • Ability to sell paintjobs/tunes (I know you can share these in Horizon 2 but so far I have seen you can not make money off it)
  • Ability to play drift game types (For me this was the biggest reason to play Forza 4, I can drift in free roam but there is no competition, I would like to be able to drift battle people in matches instead of just doing tandem drift)

I can understand the reasoning as to why there is no car gifting/auction house etc for Xbox 360 and PS3 due to players being able to mod their game, but for the PS4 and Xbox One there is no modding, why can’t we have it?

For the features, please use the wishlist thread.

Umm…Forza is Xbox exclusive. There’s no such thing as a PS3/4 version.

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I wish I could use a dislike on this forum. Telling everyone to shove their complaints into a garbage bag full of them does not help isolate them, it makes it worse.

Suspicion is that this feature has been removed to prevent cheating that had plagued the franchise prior to Forza Motorsport 5.

The Forza Motorsport developer, Turn 10 Studios, had announced prior to Forza Motorsport 5 that Auction House features were being removed from the game. Obviously, this is a decision that has carried over into the Horizon series as well.

Same situation here. Gifting posed opportunities for cheating and, for now, gifting has been assumingly been removed because of this.

Unfortunately, club car sharing does not exist and reasons for this aren’t known; however, with credits so easy to come by and liveries/tunes being free to download, it almost seems moot to see this feature removed.

Unless things have are much different from Forza Motorsport 5, creators of liveries and tunes are compensated as their shared items are used by others. Not being a creator of either of these myself, I cannot confirm. However, selling these items in a storefront has been removed; again, with the presumption that the rampant cheating and glitching in previous Forza titles has resulted in this measure.

Not a drifter myself, but I suspect Playground Games and Turn 10 are leaving it up to the drifting community to get creative here using the free roam capabilities. Based on the current layout of the championship events, it would seem that any added events (such as drift) would be a requirement for all to compete in so as to be able to complete the game. To that point, skilled drifters are in the minority of Forza gamers and would make it difficult for those to participate and equally frustrating to finish the game.

First, the Forza franchise is a product of Turn 10 Studios - an entity of Microsoft Studios which, of course, is an entity of Microsoft. Thus, Forza games are exclusive to the Xbox and PlayStation is nowhere in the picture. Secondly, there may not be any modding … yet; but, as soon as there is, you better believe the features you looking for would be exploited. Now, I’m not saying it is right or wrong for these features to be removed altogether. I am merely suggesting that Turn 10 is actively looking for ways to integrate these features - or features similar in nature - in the future while mitigate the risks of glitching and cheating which have compromised the integrity of the game in the past.

Only thing to do is to keep an eye out to see what kinds of changes are upcoming for the franchise with hopes that some of the community aspects of the game are improved upon.

My bad, I forgot Forza was exclusive lol.

Even though credits are easy to come by in Horizon 2, I still don’t see why it was not added.

I’m not saying drifting should be added into single player, I just mean online, just like it was in Forza 4, why should the drifting community have to come up with their own way of drifting when it really should be apart of the online game? Imagine if drags or circuit racing was not in the game and you had to figure something out for yourself, it would suck.


Well FH2 is a free roam game with traffic so it would be kind of hard to set up a points drift mode based on just that, Yea there are area’s which are free of traffic where that could be set up but in the end it’s just going to be the same couple of places over and over and over again. Being able to do our own thing is what started the drifting and drag communities so it’s not really a big deal if they don’t have rooms dedicated to either because as long as there are left and right turns and super long straights in a online Forza game you will always have drifting and drag racing in them but if you really want to do points Forza 5 and Forza 4 are still going strong.

And no AH in the original FH too - would have thought people would see this one coming, but they still ask.

I’m pretty sure most long-term forza players have heard the reasoning behind the loss or non-inclusion of each thing. That doesn’t make them legitimate excuses. I think the reviews of Forza 5 spelled that out pretty well.

To assist in this regard - I didn’t get much downloads of anything in FM5 but in FH2 I can attest that you do in fact make money. At first it may not seem like a lot but the pennies add up. Many of my tunes tend to be fairly popular in downloads but don’t get much use. My uses don’t count, and only a dedicated few use them regularly. Some days, I do get no money for my tunes, but at least 5 days a week I get anywhere from 2000 to 10000 credits really for doing nothing.

Again, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but if I get even 5000 credits 20 days a month that’s 100.000 credits that month for doing absolutely nothing. That is enough money to buy at least one car out of 50% of the available cars in game. Not too shabby. If your tunes get more use, you get more money. It’s also more money than selling one tune that may not be any good for 50K and getting 50K from 1 sale. Even with only 1 download, you can make more money if the person uses it repeatedly since you’re paid on USES not downloads.

I don’t know what to tell you other than to add your thoughts to the wishlist thread. You’re not alone as there are others who would like to see some of those features return as well.