Auction House? (And Some Other Questions)

Has there been a thread or comment confirming if whether or not the auction house returns? As well as gamemodes in online such as tag and infection?
Just wondering, thank you.

Brian Ekberg today confirmed that the auction house and storefronts are not in Forza Motorsport, but that your files will be better arranged to present information about how your content’s popularity and use.


Any word on online gamemodes? Not necessarily CPLs, but just gamemodes other than racing.

I haven’t heard anything on any playground-type multiplayer modes.

Alright thanks. Big help. Is there a chance I could have a link to where Brian Ekberg denied the AH and SF?
Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I don’t have any timestamps logged, but here is the video for you to go through.

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No auction house?? Bummer, I spent a lot of time in there playing F3 & 4. Figured the absence in F5 was just due to limited development time. That’s too bad.

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Well that’s just more bad news for me. Any word on gifting being available to us this time around.

I’m pretty sure gifting is out too (as are clubs and shared garages). I think it’s a pretty safe bet that the FM3/FM4 style storefront/auction house are not coming back in FM6 (or in future Forza titles). We will be able to import our saved FM5 and FH2 tunes, liveries and vinyls. That is an awesome feature for me. I can’t tell you how many hours I have invested in tunes and designs, but it’s probably more time in game than actually driving!

Per Ekberg, they have redesigned Tune and Design management to make it easier for us to manage our saved/shared tunes/liveries/vinyls as well as better pay out system to make it more worth our while (via credits) to create AND share.

If they truly have totally redesigned the cars from the ground up as they say they have, the liveries should not work between the different versions. The texture mapping would be off.

And there wouldn’t be the same inaccuracies in cars as previous FM’s lol.

Have they increased the number of tunes and liveries we can save? That was a big annoyance to me, having to sort through each car and deciding what to tune to keep and which to delete just to save one tune.

Any word on Porsche returning? (sorry limited time and really didn’t see any mention one way or another.)

Porsche are returning but not until 2016. There is a separate thread that starts with the official press release.

The good news is this is more time for Fallout 4!


If we are able to transfer tunes from Forza 5, I guess that means the PI is the same for Forza 6 or the tunes wouldn’t work properly.

That sounds like a good assumption. It also means that FM6 will at least have all of the new rims from FH2 (possibly more cosmetic goodies?) or else the builds wouldn’t be valid either.

It means the builds and tunes will be the same. PI might add up totally different based on how the rate/vet it this time around…

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I was just about the edit my post to add the same bit of info. This will most likely be the case with some or possibly all transferred tunes. I might also hold true for liveries as well. If they altered the models or upgraded body parts (or fixed various issues), then transferred liveries will need adjustments as well.

If I was a betting man, I’d say vinyls, not liveries will transfer.

^^Makes sense to me. Especially when you consider how manufacturers logos are sometimes used in a livery. So based on that I think we will be transferring vinyl groups.