Are we going to get an auction house?

Will be an auction house in the new FM?

And if so, how will it work? Because I can see that the “built, not bought” statement/philosophy they want to put in the game, clashes with the auction house itself.

I mean, I can level up a car to level 50, put all the upgrades and tune it, then sell it and the new owner have the car “unlocked”?

I purchase exactly the same car, do I have to level up it again to level 50 (I understand not, I have to drive the car again to get all the updates)?


Don’t see an auction house….or storefront. Not completely surprised but a lot of people will be ticked off if they miss a car due to this GAAS set-up.

If there’s no way to get a car after the expiry of an available event, then this isn’t going to end well for Turn 10. They’ll have another FM5 situation (which I will say this game doesn’t look any better than FM5 either, IMO).

This game is very bare-bones at this point. It’s nice to have Motorsport back, don’t get me wrong but this game feels like a glorified demo at this point. It’ll improve over time….maybe with the auction house added down the road……but I don’t see any indicator of that.


You definitely use the wrong hardware if the game does not look better than FM5 in your eyes.

I have played FM5 lately many hours as I got a new 4K TV and the difference between FM5 and FM2023 is simply stunning - and I don’t even play with full racetrack raytracing - only in the performance mode (4K 60fps).

If you don’t see the difference in your garage alone, adoring your car, which is in FM5 pretty hard because of the artifacts around the soft curves. In german it calls “treppchenbildung” and the translator says podium formation - don’t know if it is the right word. It happens when the edges of the single pixels are smoothed out.

The anti-aliasing doesn’t work pretty well with FM5 on a XBox Series X and a 4K Display…

I hope we do as it was a good way to pick up some cars, definitely spares if I wanted two of the same model. I have a feeling because the price cap is 500k that there is not as much a need for the auction house. But it was still a fun part of the game and a bit disappointed it’s not here at release.


Well nobody told there will be an auction house so there’s nothing to be disappointed man…

We’ve had one in iterations of both this and Horizon for years. So I didn’t even expect them to announce it as I think a lot of people assumed it would be part of the game. But they’re changing the way the economy works with lower priced cars. Either way it’s not a big deal but it was kind of fun to go snooping around for cheap deals on cars.


You can pause the game and open ebay!

Yeah I definitely figured the auction house would be in the game at launch. This will be a pretty big problem if the go the unicorn limited time car route, especially since I’m limited on how much time I can play online due to ya know real life work. Only part of my new job I don’t like, but like in FH5 the auction house allows me to catch up when I get home.


For sure the auction house was a great place to pick up cars that you missed on that were special timed events. I would be highly surprised if it doesn’t show up at some point.

It might even be smart of them to wait putting it in to see how the economy develops. They can farm data and look at people’s cash and garages and build a better auction house that way.

Crosses fingers…

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Where’s the auction house? Have I missed something as to why it’s not in the latest FM?

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No ah

Cars are so cheap

Unfortunately the auction house has been a lifeline for people like myself to catch up on exclusive cars. Thankfully it seems that some series will last 2 weeks longer than normal. That means I’ll be hounding for info to get what I need.

Been playing Forza since the first game launched. Why is there no auction house and why have you taken away us designer’s way of selling 1 off cars with custom graphics for a price that we deem reasonable? You have basically just taken all of what myself and Im sure others enjoyed about this game and stripped it all away. Now this game is nothing better than GT for Playstation. Good Job! Smdh! Long time fan of Forza no more.


As it said before, you have here a kind of “earn not buy” philosophy like it was with the orignal forza motorsport, where also no auction house was available.

Most of all you can only buy cars for the money, and it make no sense to carry on with the car points over if you sell or buy your car in the auction house (most likely with the losing the car perks in forza horizon 5).

And I am playing Forza Motorsport now for about 7 days but I even found no single “special” car or any other seasonal stuff in that game. Where can I find it?

Only get messages of “so called” spotlight cars that should be cheaper in the dealership, but two of three announced cars are at a 100% price tag, no discount can be found…

And again there is that graphical glitch where cars lose parts of their interior when installing a roll cage.

And the AI is still laughable for a Triple A Racing Game. When the race have a rolling start the players car crash one to three times in the cars placed before him while the automated driving to the point, where the human can takes over - really.

I am disappointed, but not because of the auction house - this game is boring and very repetitve. Sorry!

I hope they bring an auction house. The auction house has always been a big part of the game and buying / selling cars is something I’ve always enjoyed.


Yeah this is absolutely ridiculous. On top of that they often get to launch when there is one second left on the countdown. I don’t know what causes this but in a lot of rolling starts the entire AI takes off when the countdown is at 1. Since I always start in last place for the most Challenge on recovering to First it makes it a bit even harder that I’m already an extra hundred feet behind them before I can even hit the gas.

AH coming in 30 months.
(Actual estimate)