why no one see this problem...

i think the forza 7 physics are very strange and stupid…

i explain in forza 6 i could win with crazy power cars and just drive the lines and be smooth.
now its impossible to win cause the difference between handling and speedcars are to big… its almost called forza handling 7
but there is more…

this happens not thanx to the car but the physics let me explain.

with a simple example . if you go in online endurance hopper and you lap lap lap like 16 laps… you see that the difference in time (improvement or mistakes) is only 0,05 sec this is just impossible it needs to be 0,3 sec this is how it was in forza 6 further… if you compare lap times with other people in the lobby you differences of only 0,1-0,2 sec thats impossible in forza 6 i would be like 0,7 sec or more
and this is al thanx to the physics forza 7 is made easier and less being concetrated driving lines input corner(going in the corner) and exit and when to apply gas.

thanx to this i almost dont play forza 7 cause its just a joke that per lap there is only a 0,016 sec diff yeah right… thats like 1/10 blink off a eye… and that you cant win anymore just with skill… its like now 90% car an 10% driver like in forza 6 there was like 60% driver and 40% car…
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really no one… so evevryone things 0,1 sec diff is normal …where are the diehard forza people who know where im talking about…


I’m guessing English isn’t your first language. I appreciate the forums require you to post in English but the problem is your post isn’t really very clear what the problem is.

It sounds like you’re blaming the physics in the game for being only slightly quicker (or slower) not sure which, than other drivers on the track.

If you’re driving in online hoppers, could you just be meeting people of similar skill levels to yourself?

Homologation could be another answer as the cars have been grouped closely, with limited build options to try to eradicate ‘leaderboard’ cars or at least level the playing field somewhat.

I don’t believe the game physics are the cause of your concerns. I do sometimes wish we wouldn’t all immediately compare forza games to each other - they’ve tried a different direction with Homologation in this game and I’m still undecided if it’s the right direction but if they just release games with no changes at all other than the car roster and track list - they may as well just go popping those out as DLC.



go in endurance race and do 16 laps make minor different racing lines and or different went to start braking . in forza 6 this would mean like 0,3 sec (normal) but is forza 7 its like 0,04 sec thats impossible its faster then a blink of a eye…and thats thanx to physics cause its less important to drive racing lines or when to apply throttle . in forza 6 you could win with a [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] carwith just driving smooth and gentle … in forza 7 its impossible cause it doesnt matter wich line you drive or apply throttle…

and further some of those people who are in like 0,1 sec of me i ussually beat by atleast 0,7 sec (forza 6) cause the physics sucks…

i just gonna make it for you very easy do this drive a full endurance race online look at your laptimes (every lap) you only gonna see 0,02-0,2 sec diff in between laps and look at the end of the race between the top 5 players best lap time( diff is only like max 0,2 sec) in forza 6 diff in every lap was atleast 0,2-0,6 sec or more … and at the end it was like diff between top 5 from 0,3 to 1,3 sec cause forza 6 was about skill forza 7 is just about getting the best car. i know i speak the truth been playing since forza 2 competitve… nad been a top 1% time driver since begin forza 4

You say minor differences in line from .3 to .04, you’d have to be extremely precise everywhere just to only be that far apart.

I don’t really race online except for occasionally with friends or in the ghosted hopper.

Just had a quick look and the endurance hopper is homologated. So everyone is forced to drive similar cars/ relatively similar builds. So races are going to be tighter.

I keep hearing about these crash fests online - so can’t imagine everyone is managing to complete laps that are only .3 off your times - just re-read and you mention the top 5 in the race o.k.

Are you having issues driving the cars on fm7? I’m just not sure why you think the physics are to blame for the issues you say you are experiencing.

Could it just be the top 5 drivers in the hoppers you’ve attended are a better standard than you’ve come across in other games. It’s the sort of hopper I wouldn’t necessarily go in to due to the length of the races - so it might be attractive to more serious racers and hence you are just meeting up with better skilled drivers (in the top 5 at least). These aren’t AI you are racing against, so can’t see how/ why you would think this was an issue with the game. The physics aren’t going to be able to make someone more competitive than they are to the point where everyone is racing within a certain lap time. If the game was to suddenly take over and drive the car for you to keep you competitive, you could just put your controller down and wander off?

Uhmmm, 0.011 sec (timed to 3 decimal places) United States 2002 Grand Prix: Rubens Barrichello from Michael Schumacher [copy & paste from another site]

Real world races are won by tenths or hundredths of a second, wouldn’t be surprising to see a 1 thousandth of a second win in next few years.
So why shouldn’t Forza replicate the real world?

Isn’t that the race where Rubens was leading and had to let Micheal through because of team orders so he waited until they were going over the line?

That’s not an ideal example as Schumacher deliberately slowed down at the finish line to try and engineer a dead heat.

That was Austria, a few months earlier.

i can drive precisly but thats not the point… it is that in forza 6 not even 1 lap is the same within a 0,1 in forza 7 its easy to do within 0,1 sec i mostly do 0,02 sec wich is impossible… but if everybody just think light about it or think i lie . and change my thread to other place just stop and almost never gonna play forza agian its just the worst forza motorsport ever…its not about skill anymore but just take the best car and brake at the right moment no driving lins needed or smooth throttle controle… worst forza ever and im being playing since forza 2 (wich was the best)

I’ve done a lot of races where my lap times have been within a few thousandths of a second. It’s not impossible. Sometimes I’ve dropped a little, sometimes I’ve gained a little, but if you know the circuit and drive it almost exactly the same way every single lap, then why wouldn’t your laps be that close? If you’re only 0.1 or 0.2 apart, then surely that shows consistency?

It’s very easy to do a 1.10.378 followed by a 1.10.375 and then maybe a 1.10.380 (examples only, not representative of any real times). If you can drive like that, it means your precision is spot on. Or am I missing the point entirely?

So it’s that in FM7, you can get nearly identical laps times. Yeah, I’ve actually had single player races where I crossed finished line +.000.that’s pretty close… however I seldom have the same line. I might do the first half of track really well and another lap the second really well. But I don’t see the problem as I also see over a second difference at times, sometimes more if I really mess up.

Regardless of the way you did in FM6 vs FM7, you are on a level playing field in FM7

If I’m understanding you right, you’re saying that you’re not beating other drivers as much as you did in Forza 6 and you’re blaming the physics, saying that everyone can drive fast now since the physics are easy? If that’s the case then you’re talking a load of nonsense. If the physics were easier then you should still be beating people by the same amount, you’re lap times would just be faster overall. You’re most likely just racing better people than you did in FM6.

You also seem to be saying that taking different racing lines barely makes a difference time wise, which is also bs. If I go off my racing line by even a fraction I lose multiple tenths, and I main the endurance lobby which you keep referencing. I also do not see .02 splits between drivers, usually I am quicker than everyone else by half a second or more, or someone is quicker than me by about the same amount. It’s extremely rare that I find someone who’s within a tenth of me, and when it happens I’m really excited because I can have a good race with him.

Lastly, you complained that the difference between speed cars and handling cars is like night and day, which is how it should be. In FM6 you could pretty much win every race in R class by choosing a speed car like the Ultima and just drive smooth in the corners which was stupid. Now you have to pick your car by the track you’re racing on and not just dominate every track with one car.

you call things i say [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] even tough you started playing forza since 7 lol … im a 1% driver on forza (not that it is so special but still fast)
but the point is even tough people are faster how can it be that over a period of lets say 6 laps i only have difference of max 0,2 sec (no one can drive so precisly ) in forza 6 it was more like 0,7 sec wich is realistic… and you dont read… i sad i forza 6 i was much faster then osme gt i see in the lobbies but now only by a little cause physics or time management of forza 7 s crap ( i think 90% physics)

That is Special! Congratulations! I wish I was that fast, I think the best I ever got was the Top 7% (but that only had 96 entries).

Do you play with a controller or a wheel?

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I’m Tier 10 and have had every Forza since FM3. You say you’re top 1% in GT yet I’ve never seen you on the leaderboards? Where do you usually place?

Why is it so “impossible” that you’re just driving really consistent? And why would you be upset over being consistent? You won’t get as fast lap times in the GT cars as in FM6 because they have less power due to homologation. Seriously nothing you’re describing sounds like an issue.

It’s not that people don’t care or think you are lying. I’m guessing most people aren’t consistent enough to have the same experience as you. For my skill level (maybe more like top 25%), I can’t say that FM7 physics make me remarkably more consistent than any other FM. FM6 and FM7 feel about the same to me, and each seems easier than FM5. But I’m not going to run many consecutive laps within 0.1 sec on any FM unless I’m on an oval.

i play controller :manual w/clutch ,no abs, no tcs, no stm, interior view(since forza 3) only with braking line on…
if you want to become better just set on braking line and learn to drive with abs off its much faster press the brake like 56% or so and try not to block the wheels if im like on 30mph i sometimes go 68% and then let losse roll and apply throttle and DRIVE THE RACING LINES ! and maybe later turn off tcs etc…

cracer so you see its impossible in rela life or forza 6 to do 0000 of a sec do forza laps after lap and it isnt possible… idont understand what you mean with playing field but atleast you see what imean… hope you played forza 6 two

Simply not true I had so may .000 splits in fm6 it’s not even funny.

Even Pcars1 had an achievement for doing 3 laps in a row within a tenth of each other and it wasn’t hard to get.