where is all the racing?

i am very confused right now!. i played horizon 1 to death and loved it. where do you find the online racing?.this is a really bad game for me right now. no lobbys!

When you pause the game there is a huge box on the bottom left that say’s online free roam you can’t really miss it

There will be two places to race once you go online free roam. Some Blue Circles and a giant P on the map when you go online. You don’t have to drive to them, just press X and give it time to connect you to a session. Then you will be able to play. Now play some single player as you just can’t jump into online right away.

I found online racing to be in free roam, you should find blue races that you can invite players to race you, that or the “car meets”, however in car meets its only been one on one or me

Are you playing on a Xbox One or Xbox 360? The 360 version doesn’t have freeroam. If you are on the 360 version you race online by challenging your friends (invite them to a online race).

If you are playing on the Xbox One then I don’t know what yo say. There are many areas in the menus which says online and on the map are blue markers which are online races. Plus you can start an online race in the car meets.

sorry,i meant where are the lobbys like in fh1. a big mistake going the way they have gone now.the only enjoyment i get now is the rivals. i really dont want to play king or infected(you are forced to now in online road trip).great looking game let down by poor online play.

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lobbys have gone, but i still like it, i find plenty of online races

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Me and Gemma had some great online races today, she also has a sexy voice , Sorry gems, just saying.


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Ha i’ll take that as a complement dan

I’m not a fan of how the online races are set up, either. Showdowns often are just one-on-one, and can’t be limited by class. There seems to be a glitch that some have found a way to exploit, too, where high class cars are able to start with low classes. Fortunately, it’s not extremely common yet, but I do generally see it once or twice a day. (and it has caused about 5-10% of my showdown losses). I have zero interest in online road trips. The first serious one I tried, I got 3 firsts and a second in the events but ended up ranked 8th of 11. You don’t get much XP for good, clean driving. I haven’t done much with free roam but in the brief attempts I made at it, it seemed like people didn’t want to join racing events much, and the others starting them only seemed to want run S and X class cars they could barely handle or just run drag races all day. So that pushes me back toward Showdowns, where I can’t know whether I’m going to a twisty or fast course (limiting me from running cars that are specifically better at on or the other), I’m limited to about 15-20 tracks, and never get to run on circuits or anything longer than about 2-3 minutes. The first Horizon’s lobby system offered a vastly more empowering user experience.


I agree to 100%, There are mostly brats with overpowered X999 cars that can’t drive in the online events, they need to make a change, otherwise this game will die very quickly, at least for all mature players.