What steering wheel have people been using in FM6

What steering wheel have people been using for FM6?

Thrustmaster TX - the real one, not the one without force feedback that you can buy for a back rub.

TX here too.

In short - Its amazing!

Don’t bother with the Thrustmaster Italia thing (Red wheel)

fanatec cswv2 + xbox one uni hub with FM GT rim.

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Logitech G920 here and loving it

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Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel.
Works good even without FF.

I don´t have the time to play as much as I want. So a 100$ wheel works just fine :slight_smile:

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Another Logitech G920 here. My first wheel so nothing to compare it to but, man! I’ll never go back to a controller.

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Thrustmaster tx

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Hi all. I have a few questions for the wheel users out there myself. I have been comtemplating getting a new wheel. I am currently using the old MS wireless wheel with a cronusmax and while it works ok its obviously far from perfect. I am torn between the TX and the G920. Has anyone out there had experience with both? Pros and cons for each?

My thoughts on them so far.

I prefer the look of the TX. The ability to swap wheels and pedals, the H pattern or sequential option of the shifter is a nice touch but I keep thinking its now 2+ years old. It is also more expensive over here in Aus. I have also heard some stories about them failing quite quickly. I know this is probably a rare occurence but in my mind the logitech seems to be the safer option when it comes to build quality. In comparison to the TX though it is limited in features.

Also I usually play with a headset. From what I can tell there is no headset port on either wheel. Is it possible to have the controller on still and have the game sounds come via the headset while playing with those wheels?


Also I usually play with a headset. From what I can tell there is no headset port on either wheel. Is it possible to have the controller on still and have the game sounds come via the headset while playing with those wheels?

I have tested that for the very same reason, you can have the controller on and use your headset while actually playing with other controller. I believe it will be the same when using a wheel.

G920 on order can’t wait for its release!

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Hey there I’ve had the G920 since 9th Sept and have provided a few videos addressing some concerns etc that some people came up with here. I’d check out the helical gear clacking and throttle resolution vids in particular (as well as my Spa hotlap in an F1 car that just wouldn’t be possible for me on a controller)

I love the G920, I’d buy another one in a heartbeat (I used to have a G25 with a CronusMax but the difference is massive).

You’ll notice from my videos that I just have an xbox controller also signed into the same profile as the G920 to allow me to use the microphone, although you’ll need it directly connected to the XboxOne to stop it powersaving and switching off every 10mins or so.

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Here’s a post from someone who has tried both and who reckons the G920 is the one to go for:


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G920 but still coming to terms with the brake pedal feeling


First impressions are not bad, but not as good as Fanatec I had with 360. Shame the stuff for One cost its weight in gold …

Yeah I have the G920. It’s amazing. Love the brake pedal feeling. Set the dead zone to zero and after a few days the spring shouldn’t be as stiff.

from what i have read, start the game with the controller then turn on the wheel. once that is done you should be able to change your controller to player 2. this will put your wheel on player 1 and still allow you to use your headset. this is what i can remember from what i have read as i don’t have a wheel just yet. please correct me if i am wrong, anyone with a wheel.

I was debating the same thing. TX or G920. Both were the same price (Newegg for the TX at $293), and (Best Buy for the G920 for $279.99(Employee discount)) I was hesitant on the TX due to the issues I found in many online reviews on every single for sale site on the web, but the G920 was shamed for having the same tech from the G27, and even the G27. I liked the customizability, and noise level of the TX, so I went ahead and ordered it yesterday. If I hate it, or it catches on fire, I’ll return it, and get the G920. I hope I made the right decision, because the TX looks better built, and definitely has better options than the G920.

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Thanks for the info guys. Im still nowhere closer to a decision though lol. Probably leaning towards the logitech more but still in two minds.

I’d go for the upgraded Thrustmaster set coming next week . It’s only $70 more than the G920 and gets you much better base and pedals compared to the Logitech.

Definitely a good package !