What steering wheel have people been using in FM6

Hrmm. Another spanner to throw in the works. I haven’t seen them advertised yet over here in Aus. May have to visit some local retailers to see if they plan on bringing them in.

Thrustmaster TX and it works great.

Thrustmaster TX, it’s all good!

I tried to order the G920 and the new thurstmaster TX VG through both game stop and best buy. They both told me they were not taking pre orders yet…what is the best way to get a wheel in my hands as close to release date as possible? I imagine a thurstmaster ordered through amazon that releases on the 30th of September would not be in my hands until the middle of October at best…

A controller as I am poor and refuse to buy a non-FFB wheel after an awful time with a Logitech DriveFX.

However, I’m quite fancying a G920 once I finish Uni in a couple of years.

I have had 3 wheels first one was a g27, from Logitech, I would say the g29 is better suited . but the shifter and pedals are very close to the g27. also I had a thrustmaster spider wheel, no force feedback, then I got the thrustmaster tx, eventually upgraded the pedals to pro and added the shifter, and leather rim, I use a playseat and even though the Logitech and thrustmaster are both three pedals, the thrustmaster pedals are placed better if you go with a playseat. so basically I added another 450.00 to the tx wheel, but the customization of the th8a shifter sold me. I never had a fanatech, but its comparable to what tx offers, so those are your best two, third place goes to g29 and fourth place goes to the tx spider. I would rather use a spider wheel than a controller, so that leaves last place open to the controller in any comparison.

Do NOT go for the G29, this only works on the PS4 and PC and therefore cannot be used with Forza 6 currently (unless you use a CronusMax but that won’t give you rumble and FFB)

Top two seem to be Logitech G920 and Thrustmaster TX. Apparently TX has better pedals (personally I love the G920 pedals and don’t have a problem with them, any concerns with the brake stiffness which I consider is actually very realistic can be cured with the in game settings for “brake deadzone outside setting”)

Loving my G920!

Thrustmaster TX and Fanatec CLubsport V2, but overall im not using it. Gamepad works best.

Bruh, I’ll take that clubsport off your hands. :wink:

I’m using the Fanatec CSW v2 with Forza wheel and F1 Wheel. It’s great!

I was saving up for a new mobo+cpu+memory and then along came the G920 and that was that. :smiley:

I just recently got a thrustmaster TX FFB wheel and Im starting to get the hang of it. Ive put countless hours racing with wheels back on the 360 but FM5 kinda threw me off from wanting to buy a wheel for the xbox one but went ahead when FM6 came out. After playing around with settings and reading up on as much info as possible my old ways of the wheel is starting to come back to me. Settings I run currently is:

sensitivity level: 2
Wheel rotation level: 2 or 360 degrees
Auto Clutch on

Then in game settings:
forcefeeback level: 65
vibration level: 65
Wheel rotation: 360 degrees

With those settings Ive been able to recover from most oversteer and understeer situations and can feel a good amount of feedback from the road. Still got to train my senses to catch the beginning of when the car starts to break loose but I feel with time and me learning these courses a lot better I will get that down pack as well.

Anyone tried the Hori Racing Wheel for Xbox One. I can get one extremely cheap, but was wondering if its worth the hassle if it doesn’t have FFB


I got the Thrustmaster 458 Spider also for a very low price (also without FFB) and acutally I like it very much, but I have no real comparison with a FFB wheel (only played the Microsoft Wheel on the 360 short time). I like the Thrustmaster and the settings (sensitivity and bind clutch + shifting) but the quality of that wheel kinda sucks. I got it 2-3 weeks now and the D-Pad button fell off during racing and in addition now the right D-Pad button doesn’t work at all, making it impossible to navigate the game.

I’m planning getting a serious wheel any time and I like the Madcatz design and wheel and also the pedals, but there are no exchangeable parts like the Thrustmaster. But now I’m using a Thrustmaster wheel and the quality sucks, don’t know if that TX got that same bad quality. The Logitech looks nice for me, but after some readings it’s using old technic from the g27 and selling it for current prices.

English is not my native language so please forgive some mistakes;)

B with ifi

It uses helical gearing but that’s not because they were lazy, it’s because it’s best for durability for this price-range. Thrustmaster TX uses something else (belt?) and that’s always breaking! The G920 is bullet proof and exceptionally well built as well as being silky smooth and quiet to use. Apparently it’s a lot more quiet than the G29 as well because its been further refined since that was released a few months ago.

The internals have been substantially upgraded and refined since the G27, for example the wheel now also uses hall effect sensors (using magnets instead of optics) for increased accuracy and durability. Also they have completely fixed the G27 deadzone and made it a lot quieter as well by comparison. The pedals look similar but again they’ve have a lot of refinement including the addition of the brilliant brake pedal mod to simulate a much closer feeling to a real brake pedal.

Before buying I looked at the internals of the g27 on youtube, those wheels last, every mouse I’ve got from logitech still works.

Last year I tried a madcatz wheel, it was beautify made on the outside but the internals were rubbish, the gears grind and its unusable.

My xbox had been sitting on the desk for months, the only reason I kept it was forza, then the g920 came along and I knew it would be great, I knew it would last, all because logitech made it.

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If you don’t have FFB, you’re missing a great part of the experience. Really might as well just shut off the sound, too.

Or really save electricity, not turning on the Xbox One or your screen. You can also close your eyes and use your imagination.

Or, seriously? Get a wheel with FFB, shut the music off and listen to engine sounds, squealing tires, etc. That is what racing is all about.

I’d recommend the TX. Most review that I saw before I got it said it is the best one to get. I looked into it and bought it for about €360 and I bought a playseat alcantara for about €325. I’ve had problems with the TX twice and I’ve had two replacement wheels shipped out to me but even with the problems I’ve experienced, the wheel is incredible to play with. The interchangeable parts are a huge bonus to and with the different pedals, shifter and different rims to choose from, you can make yourself a pretty nice setup. The TX has got even better now… When I bought it you had to have the TX with the 458 rim, but now you can get the base sold separately so you can mix and match what ever you want.

Type Thrustmaster TX review into Google and it should come up with one by inside sim racing… Sorry I’m on my phone and can’t do links :slight_smile:

Logitech G920 since last Friday. Great wheel!

I ended up getting the Hori wheel for $26, new, and so far I can’t complain. Out of the box I struggle with 90 degree turns and S curves (which I have no issue with a regular control) but long winding curves or triple apex curves are way easier to take correctly than with the regular controller. First race I did was free play in Indy. I finished 7th but I had a grin on my face since it is a better racing experience. It’s weird shifting without a clutch pedal though.