What happened to people just playing the game?

Maybe it’s just “car people” complaining about this game but what ever happened to people just playing a game as it’s presented as opposed to complaining about every little nuaunce of what is “wrong.” I’m loving FM6 even though I understand what people are “complaining” about with realism etc. This isn’t a perfect game but it’s FAR from being a bad game, multiplayer or otherwise. But there are a lot of threads of people complaining about stupid crap that’s SO specific to an “issue” that it’s basically not a problem to most players.

Yes, there are crashers in the game, yes, there are cars that don’t perform exactly as they “should,” yes people cut corners because they’re competitive and have no morals. But I’m able to play through all this and still have fun with the game. Am I unusual in this respect?? I enjoy fighting through crashers and getting a top spot. I enjoy keeping up with “cutters” and nearly beating them. I enjoy almost everything about this game but these forums seem to attract driving “elitists” who complain about every stupid thing in the game and human videogame racing culture!

Do people even enjoy the things they have anymore? This game is fun, exciting and enjoyable, yet people seem feverishly critical of every aspect of this game!? What’s going on?

I love Forza 6!


I enjoy the game but unless you join a private race event it’s a lot less enjoyable but I’ve started using vans and a raptor in hoppers that’s more fun

Well sir, my opinion, is that after having had all the forza games since 2, i was late to the original xbox, (hung on to my Playstation for too long) and have become a very big fan. I love forza. I am a “car guy”. You are right, it is a great game. 95% of it is as good as it could be.

Where I start to have a problem is when popular features from previous games are dropped for no apparent reason or user interface issues like searching for tunes. The way drag racing is in the game but almost like they forgot it was there, forgot to finish that part. No leaderboards or rivals. You can’t run test hits and even get a time, unless you can get online and go to a private online lobby. But there are drag strips and slicks in the game.

Basically, for me, I feel like after 5, they had all this feedback about what people had missed from the previous games and chose not to fix things or put those thinga back into the game. I for one, am not rich or even comfortable finacially. I work very hard for what I have. I choose to spend some of my money on this game, and all the others, and all the DLC, the VIP. I feel I should be allowed to voice my opinion. Even if it falls on deaf ears. I will keep asking and hoping at some point the things I miss from other forzas, the things I have wishlisted since 4 will make their way into the game. That being said, there are many threads relating to your question that can give more insight.

In short, most of us do just play the game, but just wish it was complete. If you start dating someone and it turns out that they can “almost” cook your favorite meal, but you favorite part just does not taste right, would you “just play the game” or would you try to say “hey, maybe if you put this in there it might kick it up a notch” or find another way to help improve upon whats being served? I would figure a way to be able to enjoy my favorite meal again! But thats me.


That’s a good analogy. I also enjoy the game very much and play every night, but am missing “that cherry on top” that was in Forza Motorsport 4 (for me it’s the Storefront).

Does that make the game not worth playing?

Is it something that would make my playing experience even better, and guarantee that I play for 2 years straight?

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I agree to a very large extent with OP. Decided a long time ago to either accept what FM 6 offers (and hope for improvement) or just move on (like in real life). So I chose to stay and just enjoy it, and I mostly do just that. AND I’m yet to see that persistance in complaining and lashing out against the developer provided results anyway. Some feedback from them from time to time would be nice, but then I saw on the PCars forum what absurd and uncivilised things people can say when they dont like the feedback. So perhaps T10’s strategy is a wise one.

Voicing one’s opinion (civilised) is good and might help improving the game, but I for one never put too much energy into something that proofed fruitless. So the purpose of repeated complaining on the same issue is beyond me. Nothing in the forums history shows otherwise.

I’ve also learned to accept the crashers as part of virtual racing, though it’s very frustrating sometimes. So instead of fighting them and griping about them, I just focus to get away from them as fast as I could. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but the challenge is there and keep me aware from my racing surroundings.

So in general, I enjoy the game very much too. If only the regular disconnects in leagues can be addressed, I would be one of the happiest Forzanians. WAIT, did I just complain, no, just a wish.


I am happy that there are many that don’t see a need for improvement or have things that have been taken out from previous forzas that they miss. Like I said, I do love the game, love the series. But I won’t sit and fain a smile and say everything is just great when there are things that just aren’t.

I would like to be able to test and tune a drag car, since there are drag strips, drag slicks and it has been in every other forza title. When you run a test drive for drag, there is no countdown and no finishing time. All you get is hit the gas, run the track and thats it. Gives no time, speed, nothing. Just right back to the menu. That needs addressed. And for your “non complaint” about disconnects, that needs to be addressed.

Everyone, whether they express it or not has found things that have frustrated or dissapointed them in this game. The way I see it, we can either continue to let things go and accept them for what they are, or we can say something. I spent alot of money. I will choose to say something. Again, that just me. As I said, I do love this game. I love the forza series. Love horizon. I don’t want to see turn 10 jump the shark and start going in the direction of COD and other game that used to be some of my favorite games and turn 10 is like Fonzie getting pulled behind the boat (there will be many that have no idea what i am talking about, sorry). Everyone is out to just push out the next title with “seemingly” little regard for anything other than sales and making money. I’m sure the things I would like to see won’t happen in six. Hopefully, after 5 and 6, they take a breath, take their time and really finish Forza 7. Hopefully it will be a full, complete game.

I stopped playing when Turn 10 stopped acknowledging the issue with the super drivatars. Once this problem is fixed, I’ll start playing it again. There’s no point in playing a racing game where I have literally no chance of winning a race.

lol! the drivatars are easy to beat…


So if something in the game you loved changed and directly affected your enjoyment of the game, then what would you do?

How long have you been playing Forza games for? If not for long, perhaps not much has changed that stops you doing what you enjoy doing.

If you’ve been around for a long time, there is a good chance that one of the many changes has impacted the way you play the game, for better or for worse.

When the worse starts outweighing the better and your investment in the game in time, energy and emotion is high, would you not try to affect a change?

Or do you just accept whatever gets shoveled at you?


Exactly lol, or trying to be a sim but putting arcade features xD

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I think I would move on with my life and focus on things that actually affect me in, you know, the real world

I totally agree. The things is, for example after my father pased, Forza 4 and making paintjobs or building cars and listening to music when I was up at night or was stressed out was one the best ways I was able to relax and get through some tough times. So to me forza has been an important part of my “real life”. I wish things were great and I could easily be out on a boat somewhere in the gulf. THAT would be some stress relief. For now, I have an xbox and forza.

I still play 4 alot since our xbone is in my sons room, he bought it, so when he’s not working or in school, and he’s home playing, I am on the 360 when I feel like playing. Which actually works nice because I have a ton of my music on my 360 and can listen to it while I play. Don’t quite understand why that wasn’t/isn’t some the the bone can do, at least without losing part of my screen.

Anyway, for alot of people, some of these games do effect their real life. Probably why I, myself, am as vocal in the forums. Some run. Some read. Some knit. I prefer to play forza, actally I would prefer to be well off enough to be building real cars in my speedshop, but that isn’t happening any time soon. Most of the things I ever comment on or post about are things that were in the game in one form or another already. The other things are just wishlist things like certain cars or more drag content. Just saying that “just moving on” is easier for some than others.

You can still do both of these in Forza 6

Forget it man, point missed.


Look I get your point, Forza has helped me through tough times too

But this is the direction Turn 10 is going in, for better or for worse, and there’s a slim chance a lot of requested features such as Storefront, Auction House, gifting, and searchable lobbies are coming back

But what I am saying is that there are still lots of ways to enjoy the game, especially if you’re a car enthusiast

We should make the best of what we have as is the way of life

What way is there to enjoy they game?
Mp isn’t enjoy enjoyable unless you like race with idiots.

The league is basically a hopper with points. There just as bad but you can get no 1 even if your the slow guy in the world.

Hotapping gets boring without a good over all. You have to reload the map and run 3 lap to get your tires warmed up.

Paints for other is a joke, the just get bury in a sea of garbage.

Why can I tune against a ghost or rewind.

Sp is awful.

free play I can’t even race me nephew without making him use rentail cars. Your very limited how you now.

Is there a couple of week worth of play value in the game? Maybe. But forza usually gIves me years of enjoyment. Even 5mf have enough to keep me going. Main because there was better racing.

So to answer the op. I’m not play the game . I’m bore of it. It give me plenty of time to complain about how they ruin a great game. In what way is this game better than any of the othe games.


You strike me as a glass half empty kind of guy

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I think he’s drunk.

But state of mind aside, he’s pretty accurate. The game is boring. I love cars, but there isn’t much to do with them. Free play is boring, single player is boring, multiplayer is simply not that fun. In multiplayer you’re either in a crash fest or in a lobby where you’re racing alone because nobody has the race craft to keep up or hold a good defensive line.

And then there’s no where to be competitive. Leaderboards are only fun when there’s a way to compare your progress overall with someone else…either via overall boards or forzastas.com.

I’ve yet to race the prowler (a car I loved as a kid) because I see no point in putting forth the effort to tune and test it since multiplayer is junk.

Only thing keeping me playing somewhat is to complete remaining achievements for single player. Idk if I’ll complete career another 5 times though. Lol.


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or maybe Im just very frustrate loyal customer. I thought T10 amazing job with last generation. I bought the xbox1 just to play fm5. I was highly dissapointed that I spent over $600 for basic a demo. I gave T10 a pass on this bc it was a new platform. So I waited another 2 year expecting a solid forza game, but just rehashed Fm5. So it seem T10 was lying, this was just there new business model. Make the game as cheap as possible. If they couldnt just cut and paste from 4, they just scraped whole feature. Sorry but most of us customer are the losers.