What to do, totally not having any fun

Although the topic says it all… To me this game is not fun at all. I bought the Digital Collectors Edition (like I always do to the Forza games) yesterday. Dropped $100.00 USD on it. Took almost 24 hours to finally fully install the game.

Now, I have played Forza2, Forza 3, Forza 4, Forza 5, Forza Horizon 1 and still play Forza Horizon 2. But as usual I entered into 6 as a new driver. I set the game to Easy, Drivatar to Lowest difficulty and aggressive is off.

I am banged around, spun, watching the drivatars take wet laps like they are on rails, watch them zoom from behind and overtake me like they are running nitrous or v8’s when it’s a small 4cyl race.

I watch one or two drivatars jump to first and literally be around almost half a track and totally uncatchable.

I’ve completed 11% of Super Street and I haven’t had one moment of fun. Nothing but per frustration and mashing of the rewind button to fix the computer hitting me, brakes not working, car seemingly sluggish. I buy tunes from the store because I don’t know much about tuning.

I’ve tried multiple cars even selecting the ones the computer uses to roar ahead and nothing.

I know, I am a casual player. I know I learn with the game. That’s why I start on the lowest difficulty and raise it as I get better.

But even on the lowest this game is punishing and unfair to me…

I can’t return it as its a digital purchase so I am stuck with it.

Should I drop it and delete it? Wait for patches to see if it gets balanced as the computer cars are way overtuned for the difficulty setting they are on.

Thanks for “steering” me in the right direction hehe.


I too, have seen some of the items you speak of. Dont give up. If you have some friends that play thats great but keep playing it does get better.

First, if you want to tone down the drivatar aggression there should be a setting for that, as well as one that tones down their general difficulty. Also maybe you should look into trying to some other aspects of the game, like painting, drifting, drag racing etc etc. Just starting small and maybe getting into lobbies with other players trying to improve too.

Sorry to hear you are not having any fun. You can also try switching over to something like rivals mode, then you can compete and not have to deal with the AI at all. Rivals mode will give you the ghost to compete against and also let you work to improve your lap times.


The thing that ruins it for me is that I can’t upgrade my cars to any class I like and race them in career mode to earn VIP credits.


I know how you feel. I’ve also got the digital version and I hardly play it, so disappointed.


It really is a garbage game. Under all that polish lies nothing outside of Rivals mode - even multiplayer is full of wreckers and minimal options. So you try and beat your “rivals” lap times over and over again… that can only stay fun for so long…

Career mode and the super advanced AI that magically appears wrecks the entire experience. That is…if there was an experience to begin with. In FM5 you could finish dead last and still move on. Now we’re forced to finish top 3 or else PLAY IT AGAIN SAM! Yes…because that is how Motorsport works right?? We also have to love how linear the entire career is with no freedom like FM5 at all.

Then there is “free play” or as I call it - “Turn 10 play” because Turn 10 clearly likes limiting our options when it comes to playing the way we want. If it was “FREE PLAY” we would be able to run it how we wanted…I can’t race an all V8 Supercar race and select what cars the AI drives…but HEY…I can run the Class-S RWD 25 lap special…so there’s that…right???

Turn 10 dropped the ball. Big time. And they don’t care. Look at their twitter they don’t even address our concerns. All they care about is “who did the best paints”. And “This race is streaming on twitch next!”. Any answer here on the forums has been a typical corporate line “We hear you guys, we value your feedback, thank you”. Not one single update - are they looking into coding, trying different things… is a patch being worked on? NOTHING. And to tell you all the truth, I expect nothing to come of this.

I didn’t even pay for this game…my wife did. I feel guilty she bought it FOR ME. FM6 was fun for a day…then I really sat down and really looked at it and thought about it. This game is rubbish. Turn 10 has hung us out to dry, they have our money and they do not care. Plain and simple.


I really don’t understand all the complaint about their being no update yet. This is a massive game, and has been officially released for less than two weeks. Any patches or bug fixes are going to take some time for T10 to figure out. Have a little patience, please.


All the complaining → how about this: This game is 10 years in the making, right? So how is it that in FM4, then FM5, then FH2, and now FM6 they still have all the same stupid bugs and glitches in one way or another? You’re telling me they have been unable to fix them since the release of Motorsport 4? I don’t think so, they simply don’t care.

Tuning glitch: How can I download a tune and if I don’t use the proper combination of steps that is in no way, no where explained the tune does not download properly and function correctly. This has happened in this game and the last 4 launches. They say it’s fixed but it’s really hard to be sure without digging deep into telemetry and working with a friend to verify. It has also typically taken them up to 3 months or ore to fix this issue. How can they possibly care if every game they launch with the same stupid issues. Yes this is a massive game, yes it will take some time to fix these things, but these are things that should have never been there at launch. I’ve played Forza a long time. Most games tend to do trials before launch to sort out the bugs, you know like an Alpha or Beta launch. Turn10 doesn’t do that - sure they ship out green discs for advertisement and UGC purposes - but they apparently don’t test their games relying on the end user being a large scale public beta test for them. This won’t hold as a policy.

Mitsubishi Evo X Turbo Glitch: Again, how long has this been around and never even looked into. 3 games later and the problem persists. If there’s one thing that turn10 does even worse than fix stupid, annual issues, it’s communicate. Perhaps that is the reason that they have all these issues. If they communicate within a company as they do with their fans I would not be surprised. Since the launch of FM5 there has been exactly 0 response from Turn10 regarding this glitch. Not even the corporate “We know, we will look into it, please be patient.” and I would hardly call that a response.

I do like Forza Motorsport 6. I think it’s a fairly good game and I am enjoying parts of it for now and this is because I find the things I enjoying doing in it and I have fun with them. That doesn’t mean I bury my head in the sand when it comes to Turn10. They have been on a steady decline and have some work to do to come back, at least in my opinion.


Well said i cannot agree with you more. IMO this has to be the worst forza for racing. T10 you be should be ashamed…



Then quit complaining about it and go play a legacy game or the disappointing overly buggy trash that EA games are publishing.

Well said it seems this game is going downhill fast.
Pure laziness.

Im all out for Sim racing but over the years i feel Forza Motorsport has been mixed with Horizon 2 creating a real mess, added to pure copy + paste R.e leaderboarboard cars carrying over…

Maybe the next Gran turismo or Asetto Corsa will give Turn 10 the kick up the a** they need.


just quit and stop posting here!

so many toxic people. maybe i should complain why T10 didnt ban them…

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Ban me for what? Stating my opinion in a clear and logical fashion? Feeling ripped off at a half finished game being released to everyone so the world could beta test it for Turn 10?
REQUEST - DENIED. I won’t stop posting here. Don’t like what I post, BLOCK ME. It’s pretty simple. If I’m so “toxic” why are so many people agreeing with me?

I’ve been playing video games for close to 28 years. All genres on every major system that has ever been released save for the PS4. I’d like to think I know what I am talking about and I KNOW what I like and I KNOW when I (we) have been ripped off and hung out to dry by a gaming company. So don’t tell me to “quit posting here” because you’re sounding like a Turn 10 fanboy that is butthurt because I am calling them out on their lack of…well, everything basically.

And in the end…if T10 fixes the huge error in “Free Play” and actually makes it FREE PLAY, I’ll make a thread about it and eat crow…gladly.

You think I don’t WANT to like this game…wait - LOVE this game!? I do. I have loved every single Forza game since I started with Forza 3. The only ones I haven’t loved are 5 (but I really liked it) and now 6. Even Horizon was amazing and Horizon 2 blew me out of the water. So yeah, I love my Forza games…I just don’t love how we as a fanbase have been ignored by Turn 10 - first by ignoring our requests outright and not putting what we want in the game - and now failing to provide us any sort of update on if they are doing anything to fix this stuff.


I wouldnt call it a garbage game, but having done all the volumes in career that just gets so boring as the classes are restricted. FH2 had a much better system where the AI was catered to what we wanted, now we have to follow silly rules (even after career is done? poor design). And im not a big fan of endurance races & multiplayer so the game probably wont last long for me. Cars have problems which wont even get fixed and some cars are a step down from Fm5/FH2 even so no idea whats gone on there, just wish I didnt purchase digitally but oh well.


they don’t listen to feedback? if only! they straight out banned me for a month for saying basically the same things as you just did (this isn’t my main gamertag, obviously).
but yeah, forza peaked in FM4. it’s ever downhill from there.
watch me get banned again.


Couldnt said it any better. Im already looking forward to horizon 3, how weird is that? Unless they give us the searchable lobbies back in forza 7 and all off the options we had in previous forzas, im not gonna buy forza 7.


I’d have to double check in game, but I believe the Drivatar aggressiveness setting is actually “limit Drivatar aggressiveness”, in which case, you want that turned ON.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble, and not having fun. I’d be frustrated too. I just haven’t really been seeing the Drivatar issues people are complaining about; I don’t think I’m a particularly good driver, I started with them on normal, and last night so unlocked Chapter 3 of the career mode, and the game kept telling me to bump up my Drivatar difficulty, which is now on “highly skilled”. I’m still able to win races, though not all the time. The first monthly car pack should be out soon, hopefully there will be a patch that fixes it for you, too.

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Best thing to do, build a car you like any car any class, you know, make it your own. Do a free race at the non wet nordschleife set it to 1 or 2 AI cars of the same class and put the difficulty one level higher than you normally play. Make sure you set it to at least 5 laps/race. Practice, practice, practice. There is enough variation on the nordschleife that you should improve quickly and it shouldn’t get boring. All your trying to do is keep up with the AI and shave some time off each lap. At the end of each race you will get a ton of XP and money which is nice but most importantly you’ll be getting better. Also at the the end of the race don’t choose next race as it will change locations, just quit and do it again. I have the computer set to unbeatable now and I started at expert. It does help and its fun seeing the lap times improve. I too have the digital collectors edition and have given up on the boring, restrictive, homework like career mode. Career mode gets worse and more shallow every year. They need to stop focusing on reinventing the wheel for multiplayer and provide some fun single player modes. Showcases are a step in the right direction. Anyway thats my 2 cents hopefully you enjoy it soon.

Oh and turn all the assists off, force yourself to see the lines and manage the throttle etc… Keep it in auto if you like but lose all the other assists, you’ll get better faster without bumpers on the lanes


Don’t play.