Forza Going Backwards

I’ve been playing Forza 6 since launch and have played all of the Forza games bar Forza Horizon 2 and Forza 5 (decided to skip 5 after the Micro-transactions and hearing it was rushed) so I’m a long term fan of Forza but I am so disappointed with Forza 6.

My issue is that it feels like they took Forza 4, cut out the majority of the community features, threw in a few new cars and tracks and called it Forza 6. The game engine looks great, the physics are improved and the track list is solid but everything else is either the same or worse a step back.
The career mode again is just a random collection of races with no connection between them and still no championships (why not have a championship for each sub-section instead of 6 races with a top 3 finish?).
The multiplayer has lost voting to kick so you can remove people who drive like maniacs from lobbies and the selection of hoppers is basic (what’s happen to all the great modes from previous games like cat & mouse, football etc or some new modes). I also don’t understand the 5 AI cars per player limit in private lobbies, not great if you’re just racing with a friend to drive things like V8 super cars.
The inclusion of rain and night time racing was overdue but the way it’s implemented makes is borderline gimmicky, Forza Horizon 2 has dynamic weather (as have many other racing games for many years) but here it’s static and only a few tracks can have either.
The assist settings aren’t great with really odd bonus percentages (10% if I turn Traction control off, the same for stability management but only 12% for both?), the previous games encouraged you to push yourself to drive with as few assists as possible but now why turn some of them off? Even the Drivatar which is generally good has a problem that when you try and race harder to drive cars like LMP1 class cars the AI goes all over the place at anything below 50% difficultly setting on some tracks.
There are also some weird oversights with the UI design, for instances I still can’t find a way of changing my assist settings when in multiplayer or even on the main menu meaning you have to go into a race, change your settings then come out again, not very practical when you’re in a multiplayer lobby.
The worst hit area is the community features, completely removing the marketplace and replacing it with a mess of all the liveries and tuning setups that is almost impossible to navigate with the search tool provided. Combined with that the ability to gift liveries and vinyl groups being removed means I can’t collaborate with my friend to make liveries (I do the logos and he does the rest).

I’ve put so many hours into the previous games (200+ for Forza 3 where I had to replace the game disc from wear and it was installed to the hard drive for the majority of that time) but not sure I’ll get to 40 with this one and thinking about giving up altogether.


In regards to the assists for multiplayer, as I recently just found out myself…you have to highlight your name and then click on it…and the assists options should show up. Overall, I agree with your sentiments.

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This is the first forza motorsport I’ve played online

The kick button is there you need to click on offenders name vote to kick is there
Assists is under your own name in any lobby you enter
As for the storefront tuned and paint is easier to use than horizon ( as I can’t compare to any other motorsport)

As for the rain yes in a whole picture it is a bit of a show but if you go cockpit cam it’s amazing to look at it could been real life I felt like I was sat in the driving seat in the rain if you ignore the fact I can’t feel the g’s braking gas etc it could of been real life

The rest of the issues you high light again I can’t say anything about but I really like fm6 I feel a few thing could of been added but argument is for a different thread


forza 4 was tough act to follow, aside from all the decent tunes being club only forza 4 was perfect in every way. I think we all need to face facts turn 10 and Microsoft will never give us what we want till they have milked every penny from the xbox one and the forza franchise. forza 8 might be the final edition for xbox one just as forza 4 was for the 360 that should hopefully be the game to take over from forza 4 after we have spent all our money on 5 6 7 and all the download content and for what… for nothing to line the pockets of big business. its so obvious what there doing, I mean how hard is it to make something that’s definitive that will last the life of the console, it does not take 4 tries each time… grrrrrrr sorry for ranting


Amen to FM4 being THE best in terms of sheer # of content from community. I’d have to say that FM2 days were the best for community involvement & AWESOME rare paints by true artists. Then there was the strike that they all went on in summer of 2009 (anyone remember that?lol) That showed JUST HOW MUCH INFLUENCE the community at the time had - after about a month or so of seeing paints in the AH that made your eyes bleed, I believe they got some type of assurance from T10 that in FM3 1 wouldn’t be able to sell a previously purchased livery vehicle on the AH… FM2 you could but it was “locked” and any alterations would erase the design. Hackers somehow copied many and kinda brings us to where we sit today… Ahhh the good old days!


I completely agree with you! This coment made my day lol and yeah I was there for what felt like the first strike in 09. I had just graduated highschool and moved on to real life cars seeing how slow forza was evolving. I bought each game hoping to see added body kits(widebody too), new rims, better painting options like painting over headlights/taillights or decals on wheels, adjustable wheel offsets, and lastly the ability to widen the tire seperately from the wheel i.e. streched or poke.

I was one of those artist who spent countless hours and days making realistic looking paintjobs like my original boondock saints one for example. I really enjoyed the auction house in forza 2 more than anything… Buying, making, and selling painted cars for millions of credits. Seeing what crazy creations people would come up.

Overall it feels like forza has lost the connectivity and customizable aspect of the game we originally fell in love with. I stopped painting in 3 and stopped racing legitamately online after 4. All thats left is career mode which seems to be lacking as well, but I still build n tune drift cars every now and then on 6. Lets hope they make 2-4 backwards compatable or that forza 7/horizon 3 brings back what made forza so enjoyable.


Well said bro! For the life of me, I don’t understand why they took the Forzaconomy away. One of my favorite things to do in Forza is take pics and hold photocomps. In Forza 4, I could gift credits to the winner which was an incentive for more people to participate. Now it’s just bragging rights.

I put many, many hours into forza 4. Now don’t get me wrong, I think they have done a couple of things right in Forza 6 so I must give credit where it’s due. I’m loving the graphics, new tracks, 60 fps, and variable weather (should be truly variable though). I can’t say enough of how I love the look and feel of the new menu system.

What I’d like to see patched into forza 6, please bring back the Forzaconomy. It really immersed me into the game and I bet I’m not speaking alone when I say that. Please bring back the Forza 4 style racing checklist where you pick a car, go into that screen and see every race you are eligible for.

Please introduce a real racing point system and championship. Take a cue from Project Cars and have careers start off in a specific racing genre and end it with LMP or Formula 1 cars. You can’t truly call Forza a sim racer because it doesn’t have real racing points structures.

Please patch in true variable weather and give us control of how the weather plays out over a race.

Please give us more tracks and bring back the fantasy tracks (fuji, maple, Camino, etc).

I have put all this in the wishlist thread but I feel my comments are in line with the original post. And forgive my grammar, I just woke up and have a loooooong work day ahead of me.


I agree about the career, its boring after you’ve done it and the grid seems to stay the same, so some cars wont even appear.


Thanks, I tried this before and it didn’t come up but maybe it was a bug or something.

Thanks, though again like the assists I couldn’t find it last time I played (it’s the same method they had in the previous games so it was the first thing I tried).
The rain does look fantastic but I think the dynamic weather in Project Cars looks and plays better, having to adjust the variable grip levels and tyre management are great and I find more enjoyable then what feels like a game of avoid the puddle (which on Sebring is almost impossible and if there was that much standing water on the track the race would be red flagged).

Don’t apologise (would be hypocritical of me to expect it but regardless) it’s a solid point, I think it’s understandable that Forza 5 had issues as it was a launch title on a new platform so you can excuse some missing features but once you’ve added features to a franchise you can’t just remove them or strip them back and not expect fans to be disappointed. I know Microsoft wants all our monies but I always felt that Turn 10 was more focused on making great games and making money based on that principle (was really shocked when I heard about Micro-transactions and how difficult it was to get cars in 5).

Thanks I totally agree with you though sadly I don’t think they will patch the game very much, at best we could hope for features to be put back into Forza 7 but I wouldn’t buy it unless I knew they’d brought back features from 4. My worry is that other games like Project Cars are going to keep improving and overtake Forza as the top racing game/franchise which I would have said was Forza but now I’m not sure.

I was really disappointed to see that the main career was just the same races again just in other cars categories, I really like the ability to choose which cars to race in I don’t want to do the races again in cars I don’t want to drive.


Read the interview. It explains why Turn 10 is going in the direction they are going. And it provides some insight as to why 2016 Ford Shelby GT350R audio was fixed first; why the MR crisis was addressed and 2017 Ford GT, a drifter’s dream in the demo, became one of the least obtuse MR cars in the game.

Even if partnerships weren’t political, Turn 10 can’t do everything. They can either develop a racing game with a broader scope, or a narrower one that is feature-rich. Now concerning the latter, I doubt the ends would justify the means. Implementing FM4 functionality on Xbox One is likely to be exponentially more difficult than it was on the 360, and Xbox One does not have anywhere near the player population.

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Not sure that interview really explains Forza 6 other than saying we really love tire simulation data and go Ford. I accept that Turn 10 can’t do everything and that stepping onto next gen hardware was always going to be a difficult transition (hence skipping Forza 5) but I think they’ve made some odd decisions and are focusing on the wrong areas. For instances the weather, instead of creating a dynamic weather system available on every track (well it probably doesn’t rain much at Yas Marina but almost all the tracks) they put their efforts into the digital puddles, which I know are very well done, would have taken a lot of effort to do (which is why it’s only available on a few tracks) and require a lot of processing power to run but ultimately don’t play as well as a dynamic weather would have done, it just feels like a gimmick that read great in the reviews. I can’t agree that implementing Forza 4 functionality on the Xbox One would have been exponentially more difficult for a number of reason, mainly the server support provided by Microsoft is considerable more powerful and easier to program with now and if your replacing it with something different then you have to sit down and design the different functionality and then code it from scratch. But some functionality has been worked on just stopped short, like the fact that you can gift cars but not liveries, vinyl groups or credits.

Would be nice if you could do that, always fun flashing your lights at someone.

Henry Ford III: “We are absolutely 100 percent certain that this game will allow us to reach customers in an authentic way.”

Dan Greenawalt: “I’ve seen it as our mission with Forza to be on the vanguard of that, bringing car culture and gaming culture together in new and exciting ways.”

Connecting automobiles to car buyers with forza di vendita. That’s what they’re really saying.

Xbox One specs weren’t even set in stone when they put up the drywall in FM5. And I suspect Windows 10 (on consoles) was an even bigger mystery as they made the final walkthrough around FM6.

But the worst thing that could happen, (probably) happened: Windows 10 attacked the studio like a horde in The Walking Dead. How else could some elements of the game seem hastily thrown together… or abandoned?

Titanfall burn cards and Call of Duty perks, for instance, seemed like a desperate attempt to put Neosporin and Band Aids on a structural laceration. Don’t get me wrong. The idea was spot on–it could bridge the gap between fanatical and mainstream players–but they did not have enough time to sew it into the fabric game.

So what am I saying?

A new OS can take apps back to the drawing board, or in this case leave huge chunks of Forza on the slaughterhouse floor. This is when software development gets exponentially more difficult, partnerships more complicated, and ancient features jettisoned.

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Would be nice if you could do that, always fun flashing your lights at someone.

Lol my point being is when going through the tunnel in Rio the lights never light up the road and feels cheesy when your car lights are on. Yes T10 did mentioned dashboard lights up w/ night racing but many of us who sometimes use cockpit cam would love to see dashboard light up :slight_smile:

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If not for the painting community I would easily pass up on FM6. Same camera views w/ no adjustments allowed, you can’t even turn on the lights or wiper blades it only comes on automatically.

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T10 are you listening ??? Lol, BRILLIANT IDEA my man! (*wouldn’t hold my breath though if you know what I mean…smh)


My biggest complaint by far is how they changed the tool to search for tunes & paints. What in the blazing hell were they thinking when they came up with this sorry excuse as a way to search for tunes & paints? Not to mention if you scroll far enough through either tunes or paints, you’ll start seeing blank spaces pop up where something hasn’t loaded correctly, no real excuse for that.

Other than that, the complete removal of most of the playground games. Yeah, they kept tag, so what? You can only play tag for so long before it gets mind-numbingly boring. Cat & Mouse and football I could play for whole nights, to the point where I’d stay up hours later than I should have and almost didn’t wake up for work in the morning lol.

Not being able to gift tunes / designs to your friends, don’t really see any point in removing that.

OHHHHH, and no searchable public lobbies. This whole hopper thing is ridiculous, even in leagues, the amount of a**holes wrecking everyone who tries to pass them is absurd. To hell with the vote to kick feature, they even managed to mangle that simple thing to the point you can’t even get those players kicked anymore lol. Public, player-hosted lobbies, where the HOST can kick those types of people is the only way to go.

Honestly, the best thing T10 could do with FM7 is make it EXACTLY the same as FM4 with the current graphics / physics. Dynamic weather would be nice, but honestly I could easily live without it just to have an updated version of FM4 lol.


Forza 4 with the new Graphics, physics engine and T-10 will have a winner…are they to stupid to see that?


Would you really be happy buying and playing exactly the same game over and over. I think not and more importantly they’d likely be out of business anyway.


Honestly I would like to see the clubs, share tuning, gifting and I would be pretty happy with Forza 6.


pretty much…

things I’ve found when doing multiplayer I couldn’t race in rain with my friend… the car selection in 6 is good but still not great. They killed a lot of chevy cars, Pontiac etc. For being 10 years think they’d give us all the cars from 4 and put into 6 with the addition of the new ones.

I do commend on the Prowler being added… that was rather interesting.

The career sucks, they went to a horizon type career except making you upgrade then the computer is upgraded nearing the same class as you… what’s the point of upgrades? Forza 4 nailed it either allowing the computer to have upgrades or not having upgrades. Where the heck did the options go? and in photography mode you can’t fix the damage? so I race get hit by the computer and can’t fix the damage in that mode??

they needed to take the good from 4 put it in 6… never played 5… lack of content I refused to buy.

least they got a majority of the content right… just lack of options. if I didn’t buy it digitally I’d probably sell and continue to play 4…