Wet weather and tyres

does anyone know or have any info in whether full wet or intermediate tyres will be available in f6 in the wet conditions?

i don’t fancy driving around a soaking wet track with slicks on.

i have never seen any info on this subject and was wondering how the game would deal with the relationship between tyre compound and wet weather?

any insightful knowledge is welcome.

I’d say that there’d be a wet tyre of some description because the devs have put SO much emphasis on the rain aspect of the game, if not the race tyre will do fine on a lower psi…

insightful but if the games trying to be a sim a slick can not possibly disperse any significant amount of water to run a half decent lap even with lower tyre pressure.

yours and mine best bet. their must be a wet tyre?

Dan has mentioned in interviews that your car will be fitted with rain tires (if necessary) for races in the wet, so no need to worry about trying to wrestle an F1 car around in the rain on slicks.

good info thanks.

i hope its done well

Saw somewhere only the race tires will change to rain tires…basically wet setups will require race tires I assume

sounds bizarre. guessing drag tune specialists will still be able to set good laps in rain,sleet or snow ala forza.

i’m being a bit pesimistic but seen some law bending of physics applied on previous forzas.

hope it does not continue and some small measure of reality effects the frackenstien cars.

so, im assuming street tyres are the tyres of choice for the wet. according to this?

i’m also assuming theys little point of racing a race tyre car in the rain as you would save more pi downgrading to street and spending pi elsewhere.

am i correct in this assumption?

if so its sad for the topend cars.

yet i understand A system must take place and we all race with the same rules. just nerf them drag tyres…lol

Yeah, no telling (if that’s true) if stock would then have more grip than sport tires or wider tires woukd hydroplane more than narrower or if they just did it that way to basically force race tires on a rain setup or something? However if tcs is as powerful and fm5 it may not matter what tires are fitted haha.

With pre baked weather it won’t really matter all that much, people will find the best build shortly after launch and that is all anyone will run on wet tracks

if the base compound is street for the wet would not a stock or drag compound gain an advantage by being upgraded to street in the wet? and all others suffer?

stop the domination of drag tyres.com

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It’s not that race cars will use street tires in the wet, it’s just that road cars have treaded tires as standard, while race cars use slicks. Road tires are designed to work in wet conditions, slick tires are not, so for wet races, race cars will be fitted with treaded rain tires, which are designed for racs cars, and are not just road car tires fitted to them.

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My interpretation of the tweet is that if your car has race tires and you’re going into a wet weather race, they will automatically be changed to rain tires.

If you’re running street tires, you’re running street tires no matter the weather condition.

Just my interpretation, that’s all.


by running a drag tyre god forbid. if i run a wet track will i be UPGRADED to street is what im worried about. not so much for me but my competitors i’m worried about. whom stop at nothing to beat me.

try get my point.

if i want more power i run a stock, street compound and spend pi on less tyres(race) and get more elsewhere.

yet if im in a lobby with my race tyre spec car and a wet
track pops up and i default to street tyres losing the pi
i could have gained through race tyres. what’s stopping
me from picking the worst tyres and going max power/weight reduction to negate the bad tyres as they now upgraded

As I’ve already iterated, you won’t be switched to street tires if you’re running a car on slicks in the wet, but rather to racing rain tires, which are treaded like street tires but designed for race cars and optimized more for wet conditions.

But weather isn’t dynamic so it won’t matter. Most likely wet tracks will have their own separate top tear cars and best builds. If you are running your standard dry accel car setup at Sebring wet I wouldn’t expect it to keep up with a car specifically built and tuned for Sebring wet or even wet accel …not sure where the confusion is coming from

Diagram for people who cant comprehend…


Race Slicks >> Race Wets. AKA Same compound as Slicks, but with treads.

Tires with tread (stock/street/sport) >>>> No change

So basically the Slick change is merely cosmetic from my understanding.
You will have less grip on the treaded race tires, but doubt it will affect PI.


its a plausible assumption but still an assumption.

i guess we will find out for sure in 2 weeks time.