You impliment wet weather but then forget

Wet weather tyres? go figure?

Also I honestly don’t see what you’ve done since FM5 tbh, added a few tracks, added rain and puddles that stand on hills deifying gravity (y). Added night tracks?

so where are the new modifications? new wheels? new cars? new tuning ability’s? I’m at a complete loss on what you’ve actually spent your money on at turn 10 really.

I played all of half hour yesterday before I got bored. I’m a FM top 50 time setter in most cases and to me it felt no different to FM5. I built and tuned a car in 4 mins flat and put in 3 clean laps which gave me a 42nd positon lap time on spa.

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Tyres other than race tyres are all weather tyres, when you install race tyres on a car, in wet weather, they automatically use wet weather tyres.

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So you install race tyres (slicks) which brings your PI up due to the grip you gain for the game to then strip them off giving you less grip and keeps your PI. ?? makes total sense?

Apart from the arbitrary reduction in PI, yes, as everyone would be doing the same, so it remains a level playing field regardless of the PI (as it’s either only wet or dry, no wet/dry transition)

The only difference is, that the game does it automatically, rather than you putting rains tyres on manually.

No, it has been stated in interviews that when your car is upgraded to race tyres it will automatically use wet weather tyres on rainy tracks and not slicks. And any other tyres have tread and are therefore already designed for wet weather.


Makes sense in that the leaderboards for rain tracks are separated from the dry track leaderboards.


That is good I liked that part.

But I think having a choice of wet weather tyres is a major thing in all honesty. It felt like I only had partially wet tyres on compared to full wets.


what’s the difference between traction on a tire with tread and a race tire on a dry road, with the same comparison on a wet road?

assuming the treaded tire isn’t being changed out for the wet weather, and the racing tire is being changed thus changing the car’s physics… which one is going to fare better? would it be better to stick with a non racing tire for wet weather? and invest the pi somewhere else? or would the wet weather racing tire still give you a traction advantage over the treaded tires to warrant the PI they take?

would a lower traction stock street tire suffer less of a loss of traction when in contact with water? or more?

So many questions there!

Slick tyres cannot move the water out of the way so they will hydroplane easily. Grooved tyres are designed to push the water sideways so that the tyre comes closer to the road and there’s less of a layer of water between the tyre and road surface. The grooves make tyres grip LESS in dry weather because they reduce the amount of rubber contacting the road, because the grooves are just gaps in the tread as far as the road/tyre contact patch is concerned.

So slicks are much better in dry weather, but very bad in wet. Grooved tyres are a better for wet weather, and you will see that high performance road tyres have smaller or less grooves in them than ordinary road car tyres.

this is exactly my thoughts. if the game auto removes the slicks but doesn’t change the PI then you may aswel stick with stock or sports and then invest in other attributes.

I really don’t think turn 10 thought it through atall

That’s why there are different lb for wet and dry tracks.


Sounds like it makes perfect sense to me. Separate leaderboards, so PI is unchanged.

it looks like everyone missed what you were asking. you are wondering what the performance difference is between racing “wet” tires and say performance street tires (already treaded)? correct?

if this is the case, the only way to find out is to test. take a stock car and put racing tires on it. lap it around a wet track several times to get a decent average. then put performance street tires on the same car, with the same exact settings on the same exact track, for the same number of laps, (assuming all are good, clean laps for both instances), get your average and compare.

yes exactly what is the difference as tbh I tried all the tyres and they didn’t feel any different in the wet >.<

i know how they work in real life, i meant how do they behave in game? i was wondering if anyone knows which is better to use in game.

Are the race tires the best to use in the rain, or is the traction reduced enough that one of the lesser tires would be just as good and you could use the pi points on something else…

Every tune I’ve made I can run top 20 times, the game just came out and there is not alot of people on the lb in general. Give it a month or 2 and we’ll see if the top 100 can be broken into with same car/tune.

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I disagree - wets ( racing tires) are a softer compound then racing slicks - which are softer then regular tires and regular tires in the wet do not offer equal performance as they would in the dry…

So given that as long as the differences of PI are kept between the standard /Street/ Racing/ (drag) then everyone is on an even playing field. Its not like the environments change from wet to dry or visa versa so… I guess I don’t get the complaint. You want to run around on racing Slicks instead of Racing wets?

i think i’ll do that. i’ll do dry time for each tire and then compare the dry time to the wet time to see if the track times are hindered equally by the wet. or if one tire is affected more than the other.

I’ve used stock and sport tires in the rain and put up really fast laps (atm that is). I believe I set a top 5 (when you factor out mini and fiat times) in lobby with stock tires in a lobby and would have set #1 if I didn’t brain fart a corner.

The track is a little slicker, but I see no need to run TCS or severely limit your build to fit tires just because the track has rain.

I dunno but after playing some wet tracks,I dont really see a need for special rain tires. I still had fun and stayed on the track quiet well. Although I have not used race tires yet on wet,just streets style tires.
I do like the idea of race tires auto switching to rain tires since I can get a bit lazy when playing games.