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So the new rain weather that they’ve added is really cool and extremely challenging as mentioned in another post. However they have not added rain tires as an option for the vehicles. Has anyone been able to determine if you run race tires, which visually look like they have one groove in them, are affected by the rain more than other tire options? Or if it’s strictly just taking the grip level that you have based on the build and tune of your car and then reducing that based on wet track conditions. To me it appears it is simply reducing your overall grip level. And not taking into account that race tires should basically be undrivable in wet conditions. When I race on Sebring wet with race tires I effectively shouldn’t be able to drive with any speed, yet the grip seems decent as long as I control the power and watch out for the puddles.

So while visually it’s great and a change of pace to have the rain tracks, they need to accurately take into account tire choice and definitely offer rain tires as that should make a significant difference. Otherwise they are definitely bypassing the realism that they’re attempting to build into this game. Maybe in the next iteration Forza 7 they’ll have varying weather conditions and tire choice will be a definite consideration. Whenever watching real racing, especially in Europe where it rains considerably, the teams are always having to switch back and forth between tires and often that choice determines who wins the race. So by adding this in they need to do it correctly, otherwise it fails to really make the impact that it should.

Yeah, there’s a change for grooved tires when racing on rain condition.

I was with the same question in my mind yesterday so I went for a test drive in Spa, turned the wheel all the way and entered the photo mode.

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Rain tires are automatically installed on the car for rain, and just a heads up they won’t heat up like regular tires. Going through career it has not been an issue. And it’s not like project cars where you have dynamic weather.

If you have tires of the lowest variety (beneath street), street, or sport they will remain the same during rain racing.

If you have race tires equipped then they will automatically be switched to wet race tires for you.

Source: Dan Greenwalt, see also the long thread about this that was very active prelaunch