Vinyl Usage Accolades

The only thing that occurs to me is to agree and use pairs. I explain.

User A and User B. User A uses everything he can from B and vice versa. Then the C with the D and so on…

You know that the subject of uses is complicated, especially tunes and it is a kind of long-distance race. I’m doing the series with liveries and tunes from people on the list but sometimes not all of them have tunes or liveries.

Then there is the issue of limits. I’m at the limit of everything, vinyls, tunes, liverys…

I Have several tunes, I tuned ou have tuned for Week forzathon and champs, but, is vey common to me, gets a few use and nearly zero likes, im stuck. in addition, even the users of the spreadsheet, download one or two diferentes tunes for the same car. How many here have tune for 73’ Alpine? How many will download anda like every tune for him?

Maybe a a column or a specific part for the tunings, we can try to think about to help everyone

Thy will be done. Stay tuned. ← pun intended.


A couple notes:

  1. The more tunes a user has, the more time required. Be prepared but don’t get discouraged. You don’t have to do them all in one sitting. The help you’re providing will make someone’s day. I guarantee it.
  2. If you don’t have the available space for downloading all of the user’s tunes, I suggest you just do 10 at a time. If you don’t have a lot of saved tunes yet, you can (should) download all of the user’s tunes first.

For this tutorial, I’m going to use Nugsy as the example. Nugsy has 65 tunes (at the time of this tutorial) so this doesn’t take a REALLY LONG time but there’s enough here to demonstrate the process.

Step 1:

While in your garage, click on “UPGRADES & TUNING


Step 2:



Step 3:

Scroll through the list to find the user you want to help. In this case, Nugsy 1


Step 4:

Click on “TUNES


Step 5:

  • You’ll see a row of various cars at the bottom. Arrow over a couple spots until the first 10 cars in the row are visible.
  • Take a screenshot or take a photo on your phone. The key point is being able to identify each car from the picture later.


Step 6:

  • Arrow over 10 more spots until the next 10 cars are visible.
  • Take another screenshot or photo.


Step 7:

Repeat this process over and over again until you reach the end of the cars in the row.


Step 8:

Starting back at the first car in the row, click on each car to download each tune one after another. Again, you can do this step ‘10 at a time’ or if you have more space available, do them all. This process goes much smoother if you have space for them all.



Here’s where it’s nice to be able to identify a car based solely on the screenshots. If you’re good at that, this will be easier. If you’re not good at that, you may struggle.

When you’re finished downloading the tunes, back out of the user’s creative hub to get back to your garage. Once there, first take a quick look at the first screen shot you took. The first car on the list is a 1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500


Click on “MY CARS


Step 10:

Click on “Jump to Manufacturer


Click on “FORD


Click on the 1987 Sierra Cosworth RS500


Step 11:

Click on “GET IN CAR


Step 12:



Step 13:



Step 14:

You will see all of the tunes you have downloaded for this particular car. If you only see one, then that’s the one you want. If you see many, just arrow over until you see Nugsy’s (I think it will show up first anyway since you’re a follower but maybe not)


Step 15:

Click on the car and the click on “LIKE


Step: 16: (optional)
After ‘liking’ each tune, if you don’t plan to use it, you can simply delete it. I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t do that though since this tutorial is all about giving out “Likes” and that’s it.

Keep repeating Steps 9 - 15 for every car in your screenshots that have been downloaded. If you don’t see a tune available for the car you selected, then you either didn’t download the tune yet, or you’re in the wrong car. Like I said, these steps are the hard part. There’s a learning curve.

Yes, this process can be time consuming. That’s one good thing about the screenshots. They’ll help you know where you left off if you decide to take a break. Another good tip is to delete the screenshots after you’ve finished liking all the cars from it. That way you won’t mistakenly repeat the process for a bunch of cars you already did.


Excellent tutorial! I will add that if there’s more than 10 tunes on a particular car, you have to go back out to the garage and come back in after you’ve liked 10. It’s just a bug. Source: I’ve liked a LOT of tunes in my day.

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I finally hit 200 vinyls and 50 tunes uploaded. I started making seasonally appropriate tunes, and will continue to do so regularly.

My next order of business will be to help @Radianthunder with vinyls because I’m not caught up on theirs yet, then I will probably start liking people’s tunes en masse, starting with those closest to accolade thresholds.



Download their melodies/vinyls and like. Also that of others on the list. little jump everybody

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@Nugsy_1 @CmdrTomalak6330 I shared some new liveries
Thanks in advance of every like, download and use :smile:


I am genuinely impressed that somebody downloaded and liked all 200 of my vinyls without accidentally missing one. Also, whatever gigachad has been like-bombing everybody’s tunes seems to have both liked and downloaded just about all of my tunes.

I went back through everybody’s vinyls and sorted by 1000 layer max and found I had missed quite a few, so I took care of most of those. I should be just about caught up on liking everybody’s vinyls. When I next have time to reciprocate, I’ll start liking more tunes.

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That’s what mum’s or moms are for :slightly_smiling_face:

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With that little tidbit, I might suggest to everyone to choose a specific car, make 10 tunes for it, then inform the group. That will definitely generate the likes a lot quicker. Pro tip: If you see someone post 10 tunes for a Honda Civic, you should do 10 tunes for a different car. :wink:


Ok. Just my thoughts on the Tune “Like Bombing”. I chose to make 10 tunes for the Austin-Healey Sprite. Something everyone should easily recognize.
Anyone else wanting to join in on this, please make 10 different tunes for one single car and then let us know here in the group, which car it is. Hopefully, the more participants, the more likes will be generated for everyone. I’ll check back later for replies and get busy.


This is a great idea. I have made ten tunes for the Bac Mono.


Good idea all, shame its too late for me as I went ‘‘red squadron’’ on tunes this am! Just livery likes needed for me now. That said I downloaded and liked the above, and will have a run through of vinyls tomorrow

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As soon as I have time today, I’ll run through your tunes. I’ve got a couple accounts, so I’ll use both to double the love.

EDIT: Done.


Good call!

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Thanks for the little jump.

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I’m getting pretty close on vinyls, now. Less than 100 to go on downloads / likes.

I’ve cobbled together some new liveries, which are now sequentially numbered to make it easier to keep track of (as well as the overzealous language filter will allow) . I will add more liveries later on, as I am concentrating on building my tune portfolio

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Wehay, as of today I have joined ‘‘Red Squadron’’.

If you had told me three months ago I would finish the creative accolades I would have laughed!

But, thanks to the help and advice on here its now done, and accolades will be complete on Thursday, for now! Once again, thanks for all the help and stick with it, it will happen to everyone on the list if you keep sharing. Once again, thanks all.


I have added ten tunes for the 2020 Corvette Stingray Coupe

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