Vinyl Usage Accolades

Here is a link to a spreadsheet that people in this thread have been using to help track people that need help with artistic accolades (and are willing to help others accomplish the same).
If you want to add yourself to the list/help, the link is here:

So I’m starting to experiment with the vinyl usage accolades since the update on 12/6 (yesterday). Here’s what I have found so far.

  1. Vinyl groups applied to liveries do not count. For example if you apply a bunch of your vinyl groups to a livery, then share the livery, and somebody uses it, it appears to award livery usage and not vinyl group usage. That makes sense… but just gotta test. (I was secretly hoping they would count… that would have made life easier).

  2. Vinyl groups usage seems to only count if the user applies the vinyl to their own design, and then uses it. This inherently limits how much the vinyl groups can spread, because it means that each individual vinyl group has to be applied. But it makes sense. Vinyl groups aren’t liveries… got it.

  3. Vinyl group usage appears to be for distinct/unique users, and as far as I can tell only 1 per user. My son put a big old pile of my vinyl groups on his car and drove around for quite a while (i.e. hours). I got one vinyl group usage for each of the vinyl groups… and that’s it. I didn’t get one usage every 15 minutes or so, which is how it works with liveries.

I’m still experimenting with this, and I’m definitely interested in getting any data/observations from others. I was hoping that the vinyl group usage would be like liveries so that people that are cruising around with your stuff would keep pumping your numbers up. If the usage numbers are more like the likes (which is one per user), then it becomes far more about getting bigger reach/impact rather than getting stuff that might be getting used over and over again.

Honestly… mostly looking to get those last few “paint” category accolades unlocked to finish the “completionist” accolade.


Thank you for this info! I still have a few of those accolades myself :wink:

You had downloaded my vinyls last week and for that I’m very appreciative :pray:

Any good Samaritans out there?

Also interested in this one, some members of our Club want to complete this accolade.

Last night after the update i applied 6 vinyl groups shared by a club member to one of my cars and drove it around in freeroam for about 20 mins. He checked later on and had been awarded 6 vinyl Group uses.
Need to do some more analysis on this though


From all I know the number is actually coupled with usages in races and other events. It’s definitely not time based!

I’m happy to do vinyl swaps to help, not that mine are much to write home about! i’ll pop on in a bit.

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I’ve published well over 80 vinyls with varying degrees of complexity & I’ll typically only see 1-2 DLs in a 24hr period. I was fortunate enough to have one of them land on the recommended page once & I think I had like 350 in 24hr, but that is very rare to happen (at least for me)


I don’t have a lot but I’ll check yours out later! Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

As an experiment i downloaded five onto a AM DBX and did three races, which would normally trigger the like question for tunes and liveries. Let me know what comes through.

Tunes, yes. Never seen a notification for liveries. You have ? Interesting if so.

p.s. Also, as an aside, I’ve noticed of late the like question popping again after 3 races on tunes I’m sure I’ve raced with and liked before.

this is one of those things about the game (it’s not the only game) that could do with an explanation of how it is supposed to work @T10ManteoMax


Okay, I’m showing 9 uses atm, so at least that is working. I don’t know if you are the only one to download or if others have as well.

I downloaded 5 of your vinyls and ran them through 5 different races, so hopefully you have some likes and uses. :+1:

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Thus far all of the “uses” have been unique accounts. This is gonna take a minute, if that’s the case. I would have vastly preferred the livery model where you get uses over time, so people rocking it out can rack up your numbers.

Fired h5 up this am to find 9 downloads, five likes and nine uses! Cheers for that.

Heh, if this is working, i would appreciate some likes/uses as well. My vinyls aren’t the best for sure but I do put a lot of effort into them.

Gamer tag is the same on here. Appreciate any likes/uses but you don’t have to.

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I can confirm that the uses don’t have to be unique accounts.
Basically if one person applies all your vinyl shapes to several cars, you will get a use for every file.
So someone needs to apply 1,000 of your vinyl shapes overall, no double shapes on one car though.

Others say they just had someone apply one of their vinyl shapes a 1000 times on the same car.
But that didn’t work for me, so not sure.

People wondered if uses of vinyl shapes are time-based, but in my experience they are definitely not.
Apply and save. I had people drive out the garage (in an online session) and spent a few seconds there, just to be sure. There is probably no need to though.

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No probs, done the same, if you could reciprocate that would be great.

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Ah! I hadn’t tried different vehicles. So unique per account and car? I’ll give that a try. That’s still a pain, if true, because it still doesn’t rack up over time (like liveries do). But it’d instead be counting number of times the vinyl group was applied to a different car. The upside is that would decrease the number of times the vinyl groups would need to be downloaded (which is the slowest part of the process).

I’ll report back in later this morning.

Confirmed. Different car registers new usage stats. Also I only drove for one three minute race, so it doesn’t require a whole lot of time. That’s good news.

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I went through and got all of yours DL’d, liked, and used. You have some very nice vinyls! :+1: I hope you don’t mind doing the same for me…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Cool….sticker bomb van here I come. Can everyone confirm their gamer tags on here? I have some of you on my friends list so that’ll make it easier.

I’m at work but can get to this sometime on the weekend.

GT as written above, never thought of doing a van! Next time :blush:

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