Finally starting to wonder-how do you get 'uses' for vinyl groups?

Odd that I would have about 4000 downloads of vinyl groups, and not one use. Now that they have accolades to collect, I’ve started to wonder how you actually get uses (pretty sure I never got credited for any uses in FH4 either, so I don’t think it’s just another FH5 bug).

I even used my second gamertag, downloaded several groups from my main tag, stuck them on a car and did a few races. Still zero uses.

I wondered the same thing and did the same thing as you, but starting a new account from scratch.

I too still have no uses. I wonder if they show up when added from the community vinyls / search tab whilst in “Add vinyls” ?
It certainly doesn’t when just loading a vinyl group from your saved vinyls.
I’ll try that at some point.

that’s a good idea to try- maybe I’ll follow myself and grab something from the curated groups lol.

You only get “uses” credit from a livery design, not a vinyl group.

The opening post said there are some accolades to collect so you expect the programmers to allow us to get them… if they are there. I don’t look at the accolades.

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yep, there are accolades for ‘vinyl shape that has been used 5 times’ , ‘25 times’, ‘50 times’, ‘100 times’, and ‘500 times’.

The term ‘vinyl shape’ had me wondering at first, but I’m getting the ones for downloads and likes of ‘vinyl shapes’, but 0 uses.

Oh ok, I wasn’t aware of the accolades for use of vinyl shape. I was thinking of past Forza games where we didn’t get “use” credits for our vinyl, only designs.

Another thing to consider is, I usually download logos, to make my own and never use them in the game. So are they technically being used?? Used in a Race or while driving around is what you would think but in essence, I am sure a lot of people might just download them like me to use to copy the design. Anyways it would be interesting to see what the answer is to this.

I had thought of that, but some of my most popular downloads (based on where they are in my ‘creative hub’, I can’t find download info anywhere) are characters that are 1000+ layers.

Erm, you should actually read the opening post, this is the second time you have ignored it. He said he drove around in a car with a second account, and it didn’t register.

Ok, so how do you get “uses” for Livery Designs?

People have to use them for awhile, 2 or 3 races.

I’ve been back to my other account, added some of my main account’s vinyls to a paint job directly from “curated groups”, saved the livery (as opposed to just “save to current car”), then I drove it and ran it for two races…

… Still no uses. It’s broken.

I also took a look at a long list of FH4 messages - No uses there either so it looks like they’ve just migrated broken programming straight over to 5 but added accolades just to annoy us.

I was fairly sure the same thing happened in FH4, but I wasn’t 100% positive

Well, one thing FH5 did for me was make me realize I had to manually collect the credits for painting…I honestly never noticed that in 4…had about 40 million uncollected credits sitting there lol. Hate to think how much I lost in deleted messages.

^^ Ha Ha! … Me too! Although not that many.

Has any progress been made on this? I still haven’t seen “uses”

I have a similar post about this. Download counter and likes not working either. I believe there are accolades for both those categories as well.

Downloads and likes are OK for me. Still at zero uses though.

Experimentally for me and my partner in testing this, it did not give any credit for livery uses until much later. After 2 races, the games asks if you “like” the design and after 3 races the game asks if you like the tune. No mention of livery design 'Uses". After hours of driving by the other person about 12 uses showed up. Then suddenly 20 more. My question remains, does anyone actually know the criteria for when the game gives out a point for the use of a livery design?

It’s in your Daily Payouts…

Thx, I see that, but my question is how did those 4 Uses get triggered? for example; 1 use per download?, The livery had to be used in a race? Happens every time the car is called from the garage? 1 use every 10 minutes of driving? In the above screen shot, why was the livery downloaded 8 times but only used 4 times? At least that is a clue that downloading a livery is not the same as using it. Obviously one has to do something more to get a ‘Use’. What is it exactly, is still my question.