Layer group non usage

If this issue has been addressed elsewhere I apologise, but I have tried a search and found nothing.

I am a painter who has created many logos and layer groups. I have consistent downloads and likes, however when it comes to uses I have never received a single notification out of the hundreds of downloads I’ve had. I do understand that it is quite possible that nobody has used my designs, but I’m talking hundreds of downloads here. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue.

On your Home tab in the main menu, have you looked in MESSAGE CENTER? It is rather subtle, but the latest information such as Layer Group Reward and your Drivatar Reward should be listed there. In the Read column, it will say if you’ve seen the message or not.

Thanks Snowowl, but yes i check my messages every day, and they inform me that i have x amount of downloads and x amount of likes but never a use.

Now I’m confused (or perhaps just uninforned), but I thought you can only “like” a paint when you “used” it a few times. So “likes” can only follow “uses”. If not, sorry, my bad.

In Forzavista you can apply a paint, and like it without ever actually using it on track.

Thanks, didn’t know that.

I get this too.

My tunes get uses, my paints get uses, but my vinyl groups have yet to be used and yet I have well over 50 vinyl groups downloaded. How does it count uses for vinyls - is it if someone puts it on their car or if they put it on a car and then actually race with it?

I didn’t realise the forzavista issue so thats interesting and does indeed throw a new light on the subject, i just can’t believe that is whats happening with my designs, but hey, i could be wrong. Thanks guys for your input.

Thanks PPI, i thought i was going mad, i have the same issues, paints and to a lesser extent tunes get plenty of uses, but layer groups no.

I’ve noticed this, as well.

Either the game isn’t counting vinyl group uses due to a glitch, or it’s not actually supposed to count them, but Turn 10 put that in the messages by mistake.

If other people do like I do, I wouldn’t surprised to never see uses I only download layer groups to trace so I can include the logo in a design to share. Once I’ve traced it, I’ll delete the locked one I downloaded. A lot of times its faster to trace a logo than draw it from scratch if I can find one that looks right.

It doesn’t count for some reason. I have a second account and have downloaded a layer group from my main account to it and used it, yet it still shows zero uses.

I don’t know if it’s a glitch or intentional, but uses don’t get counted.

I uploaded a couple of vinyls and got several downloads/likes, but no uses. lol
Maybe if they ever shipped a manual with games these days or put one online. We wouldn’t be playing guess the feature set. lol