Used Cars

Do you think forza should put and used car section cause I do with older make cars and sort off like gt for ps but better cause this is a much better game already :slight_smile:


Polyphony Digital have really low standards. There’s aspects of their products that are great, but the overall quality is severely damaged by lack of features and poor standards. In GT5, for example, 220 or so cars looked great because they were built for PS3, but the other 80% looked terrible because they were recycled garbage. The same went with their tracks, with newly-modelled tracks looking great but next to those were tracks copy-pasted straight from PS2.

One of the best things Turn 10 did was raise the bar by refusing to copy-paste outdated models as-is. While recycling as-is pads content numbers, it dumps poor quality in with high quality and sacrifices quality for quantity. It’s cheap and it’s shoddy. Shame on PD every time they dump PS2 content into new games, and now even when they dump outdated PS3 models onto PS4. They’re a lousy developer, plain and simple.

That’s what the “used” cars were in GT - recycled garbage. I don’t want garbage in FM6.

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This belongs in the WISHLIST thread.

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well, funny thing…

Back in FM2, you had car history details, see how many previous owners etc…

Pretty sure you also had this up to Forza Motorsport 4 as well when in the ‘My Cars’ section and viewing the stats of a car.

I think that a used car lot or something would be cool. They could use the cloud to capture all of the cars people sell to the game, and then the game can resell them to other users for a cheaper price(maybe 25% off), but with a catch. Something along the lines of having to drive it for 50 miles, it being locked for 2 days, win 5 races in it, or something else. I personally like the car being locked for a period of time, because the car might need “repairs” or “servicing”.

I like the idea of using the cloud but it might be too exploitable… (Auction House)

@ Iceman

Are you suggesting that forza 4 or even forza 3s models are garbage? Because I have to strongly disagree, it’s not like they would use the equivalent models like GT (Wich I agree are garbage) forza 3 and 4 models are very good (appart from a few errors, if one were that bad it would be understandable if they cut it and remodeled later) I don’t know why anyone would be dissapointed with them being included rather than not.

I can’t see any point to a user car other than for appearance reasons.

There is no wear and tear (unfortunately that might be a cool idea going forward on many levels) built into game based on longevity or vehicle usage, all of the cars are perfectly digitally lossless!
There would be no reason to pay full price for a new car.

Its not like auction where there is another realm of enjoyment just thru bidding wars, and the bit of gambling action.