Same old same old?

Is it me or is FM6 looking to have the same core missing features that screwed FM5.
No car clubs.
No user searchable racing modes.
Useless pay-outs from tune and paints.
Cars/ credits handed out left right and centre, defeating the games economy system entirely.
Too few tracks.
No Porsche from the outset.
I was hoping they might have had a kick up the rear and sorted some of these, but apart from weather and night racing it looks to be FM5 all over, missing out on features for core racers and people interested in setting up specific car type leagues etc.
If any of my points are mis-informed, or you have a reason why 6 will be an improvement over 5, post it up, give me good reasons I need FM6 on my console :slight_smile:

On the track point, Forza 6 actually has the most tracks of any game in the series with twenty six, that eclipses 4, which was the previous best with twenty five.

As for no Porsche on disc at launch, that’s due to EA, as whatever deal Turn 10 and Microsoft managed to strike with them and Porsche clearly didn’t allow for Porsche to make an apparence in the game until 2016, when the brand will return in an expansion back.

As well, the system for tunes and paints has been revamped, and as the devs put it in a way that will compensate the creators better for their work.


I think rather than Porsche not allowing until 2016 they just said “we want x amount of money”. Turn 10 then realised the only way they could finance that was paid dlc :slight_smile:

Purely conjecture on my part :stuck_out_tongue:

core racers arent the target demographic…