Unlock all seasonal rewards car when game reaches EOL

As an experienced Forza player (I have played since Forza Motorsport for the original Xbox) I always try to add all cars of my garage so I always purchase all of the DLCs to get them all, however simce the introduction of Seasonal Playlists some cars are awarded as exclusive event rewards, which makes sense for me, is fun to get back so often and replay some events with an objective. However me like many others may not always be in a position to play enough time every single week to get all the prize cars, so I will really like that when the game reaches its end of life, all of those prize cars are either added to the autoshow, available through the Horizon Backstage (allowing the players to easily get passes in offline events) or wheelspins. This applies for the aging FH4, FH5 and hopefully to the future Forza Motorsport. You did what I am asking for in Forza Motorsport 7 and that made me really happy, please make all of other old Forza fans happy too by adding this feature at the corresponding time.

Agreed, either put them in the Autoshow or reintroduce the “Backstage Pass” from FH4



I absolutely agree with this. There are a lot of gamers who buy these games late usually around the holidays. They aren’t allowed access to some of the earlier cars? Really? Who thought this was a smart idea?

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