Add returning to Forza cars to Autoshow or Wheelspins

Returning to Forza cars are great, but putting them in the festival playlist and treating them as time exclusive new cars makes it very annoying and boring. I would be very happy if returning cars were put into the autoshow or wheelspin instead of getting locked behind the playlist

I think the Forzathon shop is another viable option. It could be changed to where there’s 2 different types of cars there each week: one returning from a past title and the other being already in the game but hard to find. I feel like this could give us a little more of a reason to visit the Forzathon shop since, as of now, it’s just 2 cars that were always in the game; one isn’t purchasable from the Autoshow and the other is either expensive to buy normally, relevant to a playlist challenge/event, or both.


It’s been like 3 weeks, I have yet to see a car worth my points [meaning something that isn’t in the autoshow already]


They should put the very cool rare cars in the forzathon shop and all other boring and normal ones in the autoshow

Voting this here. If the HW cars that were added in series 9 were added in wheelspins, then why not do so for past FP cars?

It is “boring” to treat returning cars like new exclusive cars??? Isn’t it even more boring to simply buy them at the autoshow?
Any why are they “locked behind the playlist”? Is it really such a bother to gather 20 points each week? Why do you play the game, if you cannot be bothered to do that? And they will come back as rewards in future playlists, in the Forzathon Shop or in the Super7…
It’s the choice of the devs and I respect that. Nowadays, many people have no patience and want instant gratification. Well, not in this game - you need time and patience to get every car. And I like it… :hugs:


Or the forzathon shop.

For once it might make the forzathon shop interesting


Instead of putting recycled cars behind the festival playlist, yall should put them in the autoshow for players to buy instead of us grinding points to get a recycled car. Like if the Gmc Syclone ever gets added back, just let players buy the car from the autoshow instead of wasting hours doing the playlist to get it. So a tip for the future: Dont add recycled cars as “new content”, just put them in the autoshow and put the “new to forza” cars in the festival playlist.


I think that’s fair


So what would they use for prizes for seasonal championships if they don’t recycle some of the cars? Wheelspins or clothes maybe?

Yea sum like that

Past playlist prizes, wheel spin exclusives, barn finds, Forza Edition…there is a lot of content.

Especially in FH5, there are fewer past prizes and wheel spin exclusives offered in the playlist compared to FH4, and the backstage pass has not yet been implemented, so making these things prizes will benefit players who do not have them yet.


Instead of having to grind for any recycled cars from previous Horizon games in FH5’s festival playlist, can we please have them added into the autoshow so we can spend our colossal pockets full of credits, please?

If there are no licensing issues with any of the cars that are yet to return in FH5, then you can grab a select few of them for every monthly update so most of us will be happy!

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That’s exactly what most of us want, indeed!


As the title suggests, i think returning cars from previous Forza Horizon titles should be added to the showroom instead of the Festival Playlist. Even previously released cars like the Ferrari 599XX, ATS GT and others, all those cars should be made available to purchase.


At launch, Forza Horizon 5 got rid of lots of cars that were previously featured in multiple Forza titles in a row with no issue, only to then bring them back multiple months after release as “new” playlist content. With the current creative team seemingly taking a much better direction than that, and with many lower trims of autoshow cars being playlist time exclusives, I think it’s time to fix this mess.
All cars that have previously appeared in a Forza game and are not rare versions/higher trims of other cars already in the game (this will be important later) should return to the Autoshow and be available for everyone to purchase at all times. Getting rid of cars like the Toyota MR2 or the Ferrari 575M and bringing them later in the game’s life as “new” cars without changing any aspect of the 3D model presents the game and its creators in a bad light. Making cars that have previously appeared in Forza in the Autoshow also isn’t a good thing, especially if the car isn’t exactly rare (Hyundai Veloster N). Cars like those should also return to the Autoshow.
Only new-to-Forza in FH5 cars should be wheelspin exclusives. On this matter, wheelspins shouldn’t feature as many common cars and low credit rewards, but that’s material for its own topic.
If I recall correctly, only 6 cars in the entire game feature other cars as perk rewards, that includes the Mazda RX-7 FC which unlocks the Hoonigan “Twerkstallion” and the Porsche 911 993 GT2 which unlocks the Hoonigan 911 993 RWB. This system can be massively expanded upon, making cars like the Koenigsegg Agera RS, the Mercedes AMG GT R or the Nissan Skyline GT-R LM Nismo properly rare as they should be by including them as perk reward exclusives for their lower trim counterparts. There are tens of other cars that could do well with this system, but it hasn’t been implemented sadly. It would also make both the lower and higher trim cars more sought after, as each individual car can only unlock one perk reward car.
Accolades in this game feel like a meaningless number with no real sense of reward. I understand that making a set of accolades for each manufacturer would be difficult, but at least some deserve it. Some cars like the Bentley Turbo R or the Ford GT70 could absolutely do well as accolade rewards for their respective manufacturer accolades, as these aren’t exactly common cars, but the Bentley is currently too rare, whereas the Ford is way too common as an Autoshow car.
In short, Forza Horizon 5 doesn’t have to represent real-life prices of cars to respect their true rarity.


So my topic, which was partially connected to this topic but expanded upon it much further, got merged with this topic. Hmmmmm

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This needs to be way higher in the suggestions hub. I have been playing the game since day 1 and have all cars and accolades, but I can’t be indifferent to new players who join the game.

If a new player wants to complete the car collection, they’ll have to buy nearly 150 hard-to-find cars from the auction house, ranging in the millions of credits, if they actually find one for sale.

The easiest and most direct way to mitigate this problem would be to only make new to Forza Cars hard-to-find and add returning cars to the autoshow. That way, the autoshow feels fresh to most of the player base, veterans of the game have something to do with credits, and new players get to experience “new” cars easier.


Why are people so against this idea? There are so many cars that have appeared in multiple previous Forza titles without issue up until Horizon 5 that were then gone from launch and brought back way later as “new” Playlist exclusive cars. I don’t want to play the game at a certain date to only then be able to obtain the car that I could just buy in Horizon 3’s and 4’s Autoshow at any moment, I should be able to obtain it at any time. If the car is a better version of another car that is already in the Autoshow, it should be its perk unlock then. The freshly brought back Deberti Design Mustang should just be a perk unlock from the regular 2018 Mustang, as iirc there is already a DD car that is unlockable through perks of another car. This is so much better than having to wait months to play the game for the car you want just because you’ve missed the first time it’s appeared.

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