Add Festival Playlist reward cars as wheelspin drops a few months later

There was only one other post to suggest something similar to what I’m suggesting (Add returning to Forza cars to Autoshow or Wheelspins) but that was last year, and isn’t exactly what I’m suggesting, so here I go.

Simply put, put all Festival Playlists reward cars (both from collecting points and from doing a specific event) as wheelspin drops, as the title suggests.

Honestly, I want the Festival Playlists rewards cars to be added to the Autoshow so I can just get them now instead of waiting for them to be returning rewards in a future series update. I started this game 2 years later, which means I’ve missed out on lots of cars in the game that are Festival-exclusive, and it’s yet another example of FOMO. Sure, I can use the Auction House to get them, but not only does that assume that some players are willing to sell them (which most will just keep them), but that’s a lot of cash-grinding, as most players who DO decide to sell them seems to set the buyout price at 20 million credits. Not ideal for most casual players.

But, at the same time, I understand the appeal of getting a piece of game content that was under a time limit, making you feel special for playing the game at that time. So, I had to come up with a compromise; what can be done to add these time-limited cars for all players to get while still making those who got it early feel special?

This is where my suggestion come in; Add them to wheelspin drops a few months later. This makes it so those who participated in the playlist can still get the cars early and enjoy them before everybody else gets a chance to get them. The keyword here is ‘chance.’ Because they’re wheelspin drops, the value of these cars remains high since you’ll need luck to get them, which will also add value to the Auction House; if you’re not lucky enough to get these cars from a wheelspin, those that did can put them up for auction and collect them that way, if not place them as a Barn Gift.

As for how long to wait before they’re added to wheelspin drops? I would put it somewhere no more than 6 months later. For example, we’re in Series 27, so assuming 6 months later, the exclusive reward vehicles from American Automotives will be added as wheelspin drops on Series 33. Personally, I would choose 3 months later (so Series 30 in the above example) as the ideal time to add these cars as wheelspin drops, but 6 months later would keep the exclusive feeling of those cars for longer.

This would also be a retroactive system; assuming this suggestion is added on Series 30 and a waiting time of 6 months, all new to Horizon 5 cars added via the Festival Playlist from Series 1-24 will be already added as wheelspin drops, then add the Series 25 cars on Series 31, the Series 26 cars on Series 32, and so on and forth.

With this, completing the car catalogue wouldn’t take as long for new players, while still keeping long-time players rewarded for playing since launch. I see this as an absolute win!

What do you think?

maybe to differentiate them, have the 20 point cars from each season become available as wheelspins 3 months (3 series) later, and have the 40 point cars become available as wheelspins 6 months later

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