Make festival playlist cars available for purchase?

I think itd be awesome to have a chance to buy a car you were not able to get from the festival playlist from the autoshow after a specific amount of time.

That could work really well if they missed out. But I would also like returning cars to be added to the auto show instantly via every major update because grinding for them each week will just tire us out.


I think that a way to avoid FOMO and give more choice for players is give the option to put playlist cars on the Autoshow store after X time of months (i would sugest 6 months but it depends of the taste)

I think that is better than put again on playlist or put on the Forzathon store, also eliminate the bad sensation of FOMO that can be toxic for many players

I think this option is better than the backstage pass beacuse it doesnt need points or votes, you could go and get when you wanted

I know that player rentention is needed but force players to wait or vote is a bit annoying for some players that dont want to wait the chance to get the car they want

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