Open up previous festival playlists for rewards

Please can we open up the previous festival playlists to complete whenever we want?

Time-gating cars for the purpose of scarcity is silly. Many people miss out on cool cars because they’re away on holiday, busy with work or want to take a break.

Some of us have paid for the ultimate version too, yet despite that a lot of car content is locked away just because we weren’t able to play for the time they were available.

A simple & fair solution would be to allow us to access previous playlists and play through them. (similar to how Minecraft dungeons lets you choose which battle pass to progress, and they’re not time gated either).

Not only would this fix the annoyance of time-gated cars, it would also provide something to do/incentive for those who have completed the current season.

Please do consider this. Been with this franchise since 2009 and I’ve loved it. However, time-gating cars or using FOMO to get people to play just isn’t it. Take note from Minecraft dungeons. Let us relax and have fun, nobody wants to feel pressured to play due to FOMO. A cars scarcity/rarity shouldn’t justify the current system. It’s a game and we want to have fun while having our time respected too.


I 100% agree. For people who actually buy the game, especially the ultimate version or DLC. And this from one who is usually just Game Pass playing games these days and would miss out on such. It’s only fair and just that people throwing actual money at a game beyond the minimum required should get the full value. And not just this game. Tell me I’m wrong MS…

…and frankly I’m surprised anyone has to point out such an obvious revenue generation bonus to them.


I am sure it is intentional so that the FOMO effect gets people returning, increases Game Pass subscription retention etc.

That being said, it would be nice if the Forzathon shop contained every lapsed Festival Playlist car simultaneously without rotating through a selection.

Think of it like a second Autoshow, but one that requires Forzathon points, which you can only get via the Playlist.

Maybe have cars that are 1-2 months and older in there, so that players are encouraged to play the current playlist to get “first dibs” on the new cars.


Great post, agree 100%


I think it’s about time to reintroduce the Horizon Backstage from FH4.

There’s too many hard-to-find cars already.


Personally I think what they are doing is fine. Once it hits EOL on the other hand. Then it would be a very cool feature.


I completely agree with the OP.

Imagine MS adding a new feature to Windows but unless you click a certain button on a certain day, you are locked out of that feature forever!

Time-gating may be fine for Gamepass users since they are only indirectly paying for the game. Actual purchasers like us should not have content withheld via time-gating.

This is one of the consequences of excessively using FOMO to force player engagement. It is underhanded, duplicitous and alienates loyal, paying customers.


And moved to the graveyard that is the Suggestions Hub, without the usual courtesy “This comment is closed and being moved.” notice and root left where it was for a while. They really want to bury this one ? Oh well, now it can be "Vote"d on and the devs will certainly pay attention. Yep. I upvoted it anyway.

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I’m guessing they’re saving it for summer, maybe fall. Pretty sure that and High Stakes will be “new” again sometime.

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Forza Horizon 7 - Series 29:

Asphalt roads returning to Horizon!

We are celebrating the return of this beloved surface with special play list events focusing on street racing, an awesome construction worker outfit and the “SLOW” signing emote!

Be sure to tune into the live stream on Thursday!

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hehehe… well actually, that road worker outfit and emote sounds pretty spiffy :smiley: :wink:

What does that mean? I never use the forums here, but wanted to get out that I’m fed up with the FOMO/Time-gated cars.

Nothing really I guess. Just an opinion that the Suggestions Hub, supposedly a useful place to make suggestions known (which is why I suspect your post was moved here), seems a dead end to me. Perhaps those more familiar with it can offer a better and more positive view. Discussions happen in the general area where it started, but no notice by devs there. Here, enough “votes” and maybe it does.

It should be possible to visit previous season, so the players who join the game later, can go back and earn the cars they have missed out on.

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I would love that, especially after PG stated that they are not a fan of exclusive content, I wonder why they make content exclusively for every week. I would love to replay a bunch of stuff!
Of course you wouldn’t be able to complete the complete Playlist, because some of the challenges are Map specific, like the Photo Challenges where you have to shoot something that was just temporary on the map, or the Trial which changes every week.
But other than that it would be great to have a feature to complete all non specific challenges.

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I agree 1000% with you that fomo should only be for gamepass users but those who bought the full game should have that feature that they can go back to previous seasons and get those cars they missed. :slight_smile: pls PG add this to the game i beg:)

Having purchased the “ultimate” edition of every single Forza title since the first Motorsport this has to be the number one issue I have with the games. Seriously, people dropping $100usd on a video game and not getting to use all the features is so irritating. So many ways to address this issue: VIP members have the option of purchasing the special cars as car packs, after the car has been present for a few months open it up for purchase through autoshow or auction, make the playlist available to play after the event end, instead of getting early acces for pre-order give full access… I work a rotational work schedule at a remote work site in the Arctic Circle so evry single month I spend two-weeks away from home or access to Forza. So because my job doesn’t afford me daily access to something that I purchased I can’t have full use of all the cars? I get these are “arcade” simulator type games, but even the slightest simulation would mean that with enough money you can buy the car. There is nothing in this world that can’t be bought with enough money with the exception of a few cars in the Forza series.

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+1 Completely agree re: opening up previous festival playlists for completion. I would love to go back to previous seasons in FH4 and FH5, get those rewards and dive into the games once again. A missed opportunity, IMHO. Keep the joy alive!

I’d call it Playlist Remix.
-Start from the beginning in sequence
-Random playlist pull
-A season of the most popular playlists
-The playlists with the best / rarest loot
-Players choice playlist
-12 seasons for FH4
-3 seasons for FH5 - not to compete with new content being released

Glad I’m not the only one thinking about this!


Quite a simple suggestion to bring back dormant players and entice new ones.

Make every single Festival Playlist Series to date and going forward available for players to partake in at their pleasure.

32+ seasons of content and exclusive unlocks? A reason for players who couldn’t commit the time to dive back in on their own terms, or new players get into the game knowing they’re getting the full experience.

Granted there is a challenge around seasonal content where environment changes were introduced and then removed but I’d hope that’s not an insurmountable challenge.

If Xbox ever decided FH5 was a candidate for crossing over onto PlayStation, this level of content would make for an incredible new player experience sure to keep players engaged for years to come.

Would be a brilliant way to sign the game off too as it draws near to end of life as the next title approaches.


As everyone knows, the FP has its FOMO aspect. This is bad because if you don’t play the game that week for whatever reason, you lose the cars.

So, a good solution i came up with - and some people also mentioned it - is to allow us to play the previous playlists. This would maintain the weekly player count while also allowing us to take a break if we want to or need to. It will also allow new players to get the cars from previous playlists. I mean, time-gating content just isn’t fair at all: what if you get sick for the week, are busy with work, and so on? And what about new players?

What do you guys think?