Reintroduce Backstage Pass to obtain exclusive cars

The Festival Playlist system in FH5 has a few weaknesses. One of them, is the fact that players will have to wait a while for a reward car to return. Whether that is because they missed it for the first time or want a duplicate car for a different tune/build.

This can be done by reintroducing the “backstage pass” (as known in FH4, but this suggestion works a little differently). It works by replacing the 40pt reward car (say every other week, or on all weeks but that would potentially have a more negative effect on the auction house). What this version of the backstage pass will do is that it makes one reward car of choice from a prior series update unlockable to the player (A backstage pass unlocked in series 20 will be able to unlock any one reward car from the all the prior series). This of course, as before will require the same effort from the player i.e. 40pts to unlock a returning car, but would give the players a lot more flexibility, for reasons like missing the car or wanting a second one. This also allows a benefit compared to the old system where obscure or unpopular cars can also be acquired because it is independent of fan vote.

Ideally the reward cars should be added to the autoshow, but that means people would log on, on the day of the update, rush through everything new, try the new cars and disappear till the next week. This on the other hand would encourage playing the game more, while also making the festival playlist feel less restrictive and gaining cars more rewarding.

Of course, this would also affect the Auction House, in that the cars will be more abundant. But it would also mean less auction snipers and a more free flowing economy with less cars stuck at 20 million for many months.

Alternative ways to unlock a backstage pass can be done via Forzathon points at maybe 1000Fp or 2000 fp. The Backstage Pass can be restricted such that it is usable only in the week that it is unlocked, to avoid exploits.

I prefer all cars being on autoshow after X time than this beacuse the FH4 backstage vote depends of vote and sometimes the cars i wanted to get back again were not the cars the rest of comunity wanted, so it was hard to get


It would be cool to bring back the backpass that we can unlock missed exklusive cars (Festival playlist)


I am not a fan of adding exclusive cars to the AutoShow after release. They need to stay exclusive and loyal players need to be rewarded by having a better car collection. New players need to “work” on completing their collection and patience needs to be required. But every exclusive car needs to return 1-2 times per year…

Thus, we need more ways to obtain formerly “exclusive” or “hard to find” cars. The devs should go a similar way as in FH4. The “backstage pass” in one concept. But they should also offer exclusive cars as rewards in the Super7 or in the Forzathon Shop. Not every week, but maybe once a month… Just so that it’s rewarding to check them out regularly!

Another way would be time-limited sales or special offers - maybe twice a year. I know that “Tommy Bargains” left the company, but I am sure there are other car dealers to be found out there…


dont mind me just posting a comment so the topic can get back into circulation


I really hope we see this in fh5



BS pass didn’t come to fh4 till series 28 so still a bit of time if they follow that timeline

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I’d like to see this happen but not limited to exclusive cars. Players can vote on any car to make it into the final selection vote. Just my opinion.

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How did this not get added with 67 votes? We get micro transactions, tho, but no one suggested that.

The most voted item has +2000 votes
Most of popular items with 200+ votes

This one doesnt have 100 votes yet

Micro transaction didn’t even have a topic and got put into the game. That’s the comparison I was referring to, but you assumed otherwise.

that is also a lie, there has prople asking for car packs and ways to get cars via MTX akin to GT

The longer time goes on the more dire we need this or something similar like being added to the autoshow.
so many cars have never been rerun, or been rerun once and no more, despite being meta/fan favourites/unique.

Caddy limo, Sierra 700R, most cars from the italian update, mercedes 300 SLR, Ford “woody” Wagon, Morris (Minor) Traveler, Mercedes SL65, Ford XB Falcon - never rerun afaik
Honda Civic Coupe (the rally car concept thing), Subaru Legacy, Nissan Sentra Nismo, Morris (mini) Traveller, HDT VK commodore,- rerun once over a year ago…?

im sure im missing a bunch but cmon, either stop giving us the same few cars as reward cars for playlists and really start giving us some of these “unicorn for no reason” cars or give us a shop you can start stockpiling these for players to work towards in a non-limited environment.

I think they feel it should be the backstage pass because they specifically arent adding other ways to get them and not rerunning them in the new series as rewards.

I have like 7 lotus elans from series rewards and I stopped playing for more than a year. last month they had you use a stratos (and I think something else too actually) and the followeing week those cars were rewards? even though we all would have gotten one if we hadnt already in order to do the seasonal the week before?
its awful. Sure if that reward stratos was the 037 instead, it would be great, but time and time again they keep not doing that, but if they added backstage back then we would be guarenteed some sort of exclusive car every month, and in fact the more they rerun an exclusive car, the less likely they wil be to be voted in to it because everyone already probably has one or more. why vote in (car I have 3 of) when I could vote in (car ive literally never seen on the auctionhouse or any seasonal)

in terms of “other” avenues to get these cars, as long as it was done right, id love it, but my god, dont pull a “pathfinder” accolade for the morris minor traveler… and ideally dont lock them behind anything that requires other players (like the online accolades that need other players to download your tunes, or the eliminator that needs other players to lose against you in the game mode)

Alternative ways to unlock a backstage pass can be done via Forzathon points at maybe 1000Fp or 2000 fp. The Backstage Pass can be restricted such that it is usable only in the week that it is unlocked, to avoid exploits.

This would also get people to do more Horizon Arcades. Idk if it’s my country, but from what i’ve seen since i started playing in Series 24, they are pretty much dead

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