FH4 add on pack - Rarities

FH4 add on pack, Rarities.
The cars, clothing and chat that have been unobtainable for years. This stuff is already in the game. Just use the existing method of support being able to gift cars and clothing.
Player redeems the code and support gifts the swag. PG/T10 won’t have to do anything new. Might as well sell new add ons while you can.

In this post some players made very good lists of these unobtainables.

My bucket list would be the AM PO, Chauffeur outfit and hat, and chat phrase “Game is Hard”.

And I’ll also reference this post.

“…ALL reward cars will cycle back into future events, challenges and #Forzathon Shop offerings.”
I understand adding this stuff to playlist/shop may not be technically feasible with current support. This way you can just take my money and “gift” me the goods.
I’m OK with that. I’m sure there are others that feel the same way. If the price was in line with HW Legends pack then sales would help offset any additional support burden.

I’m sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. I did spend a lot of time searching. This is not voting for new cars to be added. This is for FH4. The partnership and merchandise is Forza with Forza.