UI - Rivals Leaderboards Now Only Show Top 50 (Update 10) (1825260)

With Update 10, all in-game Rivals leaderboards now limit me to scrolling through only the top 50, no matter how many more entries there are.
Please restore leaderboards to their prior full functionality.
(Steam PC version.)

Same problem on Xbox Series X.


everybody has this issue. but is it a bug or a feature? any info on this @JetPartySalad ?

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If that’s by design, I’m done.


Was this even a reported change for this update?


Confirmed - same problem on XBOX series X.

This game continues to get more broken after every update.

Such a disappointment.



Like this, to show what is happening. And i definitely agree with STEVO1377!!


Only show top 50. Just why? Turn 10 WHY?


I see only two logical reasons:

  1. This was something a disgruntled coder did before their 18 month contract was over just as Update 10 was completed.
  2. None of the programmers who are currently working at Turn 10 know the code, and when the track leaderboard wipe mentioned in Update 10 was performed, some code was accidentally changed.
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The fact that this still hasn’t been fixed is absolute proof that everyone involved in this game should be fired immediately. They could easily change so many small things to make this game better if they weren’t so brain dead!

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“If” this was intentional, everyone needs to uninstall and never return.

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First time I’ve looked at rivals since the latest update. This is a ridiculous bug. I’m concerned it’s also the type of issue that will be considered low priority and will not be swiftly fixed. Hope I’m wrong!

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I noticed this was given an issue-tracking number (1825260) today and moved from the “FM Report New Issues” section to the “FM Known Issues” section…
…so apparently it’s been officially acknowledged & logged.
Hopefully that’s a good sign. :crossed_fingers:

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As the title says, when you physically go to view a leaderboard in Rivals (any event it seems) you can only see the 1st 50 drivers. If you are outside of the top 50, you can no longer view the drivers around you using the “Near me” filter.

Very frustrating issue for us hotlappers who want to be able to see how much time we need to find to hit top 100. Has only been an issue since the latest patch.

Will try and remember to update post with screenshot when I’m near my Xbox

Bug Info: Rivals. When looking at the leaderboards is only displays the 1st 50 drivers. If you are outside the top 50, it displays your position but the “Near Me” filter no longer works as again, only shows the top 50.

Platform: Series X but likely all platforms

Edition: Ultimate

Account: Solo

Xbox Settings: No parental controls, standard Series x, hardwired to router. Never leave game in Quick Resume

Attempted fixes: Cold booted console and have done a clean reinstall. Issue still persists
Content Update: I have only noticed this issue since the most recent patch.


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