Turn10 please remove flat 2D textures from spinning rims/wheels. And 2D sprites as rainspray?

Quite honestly, it looks atrocious every time i am next to other cars in corners and i see how their rims switch from a spinning 3D model to a flat 2D texture that looks more like a gif. Like, come on Turn10. You have the most powerful console and you are cutting corners at one of the most important details of moving car that one can see during replays or slow corners etc. What were you thinking? And you are doing this since at least FM5, even the Horizon games do this. I don’t see this ugly technique being used in any other racing game, no matter how poor the game might be, but at least they get this right. So, is there ANY chance you can please add at least a graphical setting that we can turn on, like "Wheel quality Low/Medium/High?

And while we are at it, please add also at least for PC the option to turn on actually volumetric rain spray. These 2D sprites that clip also into the ground look really bad.