Wonky wheel modeling and animation - goes from 2D to 3D

FORZA Horizon and Motorsport series have been plagued by this car wheel animation that other games are somehow able to get it right.

It seems to be a fundamental flaw since it clearly noticeable on all cars when driving from a standstill or when increasing their speed.

The rims not only turn from 3D models to 2D silver plates but the animation is also very abrupt when switching. This also happens when you change the rim color, the car has one color at low speed from a standstill and another at high speed.

The new Motorsport somehow made it even worse than FH5. The wheel colors and models are terrible to say the least.

Blurry model and plastic like texture despite painting them stock wheel color, aluminum semi-gloss or brushed aluminum is beyond me. How is this anything ground up?
if anything the wheels (not to mention the car models) looked sharper, had actual 3D texture and nailed the colors way better than Motorsport.

I completely agree! Wheel animation and transition to flat textures looks very awkward. I’ve never seen a racing game do this before.



Are you still experiencing this issue in game? if so, can you send a picture or video of this issue you are experiencing?

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