What is going on with Wheel models in this game?

Player known as Godhydra made an entire list of all Aftermarket wheels that had paint errors in Forza Motorsport. As a Bug Report, it was sadly closed because “a single bug report needs to have only one item listed”, so in the style of my still unfinished list of inaccurate car models in FM, I thought I should also make a Discussion Topic where we list paint glitches on all car wheels in Forza Motorsport. Not just Aftermarket ones this time, but also stock ones.

As of Update 8 (May 13th 2024), it seems that all texture glitches on all Aftermarket Wheels have been fixed, and many factory Wheels were fixed too.
What is left now is the 3D models of wheels. They are frequently as inaccurate as some car models in Forza, and haven’t been fixed in almost as much time as said car models. Let’s create Bug Reports for all inaccurately modeled Wheels in Forza Motorsport!


As a player I appreciate your effort to aid the improvement of the game.

It’s just I’m not sure where the community input ends and moderator job without pay begins. It’s not a customers role to create 100 different topics so they could track it more efficiently (that part is questionable). There should be a paid middle person who effectively channels community feedback to the devs. Especially considering that most of those topics are ignored, so it’s just a waste of our time. One topic with an accurate list of all wheels with some details should be more than enough for people that are willing to fix it.

In other words, it doesn’t matter how efficiently you speak if the other party doesn’t care to listen.


It is Godhydra who made the original Bug Report, and recently another, smaller one, has been made by them as well. This time regarding Matte paint on wheels not working properly.


[The sound of my head banging against the wall intensifies]

Do they actually want me to make ~200 individual posts for each and every aftermarket rim in Forza Motorsport that’s affected by this issue?? I honestly don’t see any other option.

This issue has absolutely not been a problem in previous Forza games (well except a little bit in Forza Horizon 5 but not nearly to the same degree). Sometimes it feels like they’re actively trying to avoid having to fix this glaring issue.

I have been giving all of the information I can give, and I’m gathering that information using my own time. I don’t have to spend hours documenting what exactly is wrong with every rim, but I do that because I want to see the game at least meet its own standards set by previous installments.

I guess I’ll give it one week and start making threads on each individual aftermarket rim, unless I’m either directed to the appropriate channels to communicate the issue or they acknowledge the issue in some way.

EDIT: I just submitted a ticket on Forza Support as well. My experience with Forza Support in the past has been so-so, but I guess at this point I might as well give it a try.


I just noticed your thread being closed by @JetPartySalad . He closed my thread too, for the same reason. It’s a tactic to keep moving the goal posts so your issue gets buried. Someone seriously needs to have a word with him.

The fact that he thinks making separate threads is actually going to be better than what you have done tells me that he isn’t really bothered about engaging with the community but just pastes preset responses to shut down threads and ultimately doesn’t really care about the game being improved.

Anyway whatever you do, DO NOT make individual topics for each rim. You’ve already done half the work for them by testing each rim and presented your findings in a clear format. You shouldn’t have to put more time and effort into this.


How are you sure they don’t get paid for the work they do here. With the company name used by one moderator here I’d be surprised if they weren’t on the payroll

If they are doing it for free
Well :crazy_face:


Yes this is a stalling tactic. They either close threads after ignoring them for a while (Environment - Track seams can be seen on some tracks - Road America, Suzuka & Maple Valley - #51 by JetPartySalad) or ask for videos/screenshots of simple issues that have already been documented or easily reproduced by any person booting up the game (incompetent devs included). If no video/photo is posted they will close the thread as solved.
The troubleshooting forum is absolutely useless & only meant to give the illusion that they are taking user feedback into account.
Every Update change log is proof of it. They list fixes that are not fixed and omit to list fixes that are indeed in the update (a lot of car issues have been fixed without been logged & vice versa, windshield wiper issue was fixed without being mentioned in the change logs etc…).
It’s all a circus.


That was crazy when I saw that yesterday, all that work you went to for them to shut it down on a whim like it was nothing.
You did more than was asked for, better even & I made that same point about on X where it was gaining traction when I posted it there, what do they want individual posts for each rim?!
I feel for you pal, that was out of order but not in the least bit surprising going off my experiences trying to put forward a problem in a proper way in the past. I’ve made several individual tickets for paint glitches on cars at launch, not one has been rectified. Truth is content creators on Forza Motorsport are bottom of the pile as far as fixing the issues go.
They just want us to give up, it’s a common tactic they use here.


Put in a lot of work to find, test and list an error with painting wheels, and the developers want you to breakout each and every wheel for them…

But you provided a list that describes whether the wheel has an issue or not…
So much for brevity. And it’s not like the list you created cannot be cut and copied from the forum…

I don’t get this one. It’s perhaps the one of biggest kicks to the groin that I have ever seen from this forum.


We’ve been reviewing this issue and have added a followup to the topic:

This issue is still being investigated, not ignored. It’s the general process we need for the voting topics to work that requires one-issue-per-topic until and unless the team can determine if it’s a group issue, which will vary from issue to issue.


@ManteoMax @JetPartySalad

Thanks for the clarification on the issue. Knowing the developers are working on the issue is something I’m happy to hear.

I figured it was a complex issue, being there’s so many rims in Forza (even only considering aftermarket rims), and the main motivation behind the big “list” in both threads was as a tool to hopefully spot any commonalities in the bugged rims to try and get at the underlying issue. Whether or not it’s really that useful from a developer’s perspective, I’m not sure, but it’s all of the information that I could have possibly given.

At least with a particular issue such as this one, where there’s a “blanket issue” with many different rims (or, more generally, “related things”), what would be the preferred course of action when reporting the bug? Had I just described the issue without including the list, would the bug report be treated differently?

Again, thanks for clarifying the issue. Pardon the frustration in the earlier posts, it’s just that it wasn’t clear if this issue was being investigated or not. I’m not too concerned about the time frame of the fix, whether it’s a month from now or a year from now. As long as the developers know that it’s an issue, there’s some closure to be had there.


Update 7.0, doesn’t look like any progress has been made regarding painting rims unfortunately.


we’re Listening to your Feedback they don’t even address it or other things that people are discussing the communication with these Developers is like being in the Stone Age

instead of getting frustrated or angry about the game just laugh at all the known issues & just how much of a downgrades this motorsport is compared to FM2013 & 2015 Visually lifes to short ^^

Update 8.0

Huge news, looks like all of the rims can now be properly painted!!

I don’t think it was mentioned in the patch notes, but I did a quick scroll through the selection with matte, gloss, and chrome and it looks like most (if not all) of the rims respond to paint right.

Having the matte-gloss slider added is the cherry on top. For once I can say something good about FM23 :smirk: Wish it came sooner of course but it’s better late than never


So it is now time to check all manufacturer wheels, including hilarious examples like the facelift R8

It has been fixed! And all wheels that I’ve checked using a glitched Normal Colour also have been fixed!
Time to repurpouse this Discussion Topic.

This is FM Discussion, but my FH5 inaccurate wheel model reports have all been taken down because fixing a wheel model would supposedly break it. Why is it then that Work X JDM Concept GT5 wheels have recieved a remodel early into Horizon 5’s life? Yet their model is still the same in Motorsport? This does not make sense!