Turn 10 were doing so well until

They decided to allow upgrades and tuning in week 3 of the Lamborghini leagues.

This has ruined the whole basis of these leagues. They were fun because there was no tuning. Most of all they were FAIR.

If you wanted to tune, you could go into an R class hopper.

Turn 10, please fix it. It’s a crying shame as you were doing so well with the whole Lamborghini thing so far.



While I enjoyed racing the cars stock, it’s a little silly to me to insinuate that because the cars are tuned, the league is now somehow unfair. Most of the top tuners out the remake their tunes publicly available. If you feel like someone is beating you because of the tune they’re using, you can just download and install the same tune.


I’m not saying that. The fairest, closest racing is had when everybody has the same machinery. Thats a fact.

What I’m trying to say is that part of what has made these leagues so enjoyable is that its a level playing field entirely which makes the racing very close. Adding tuning and upgrades is going to do 2 things.

  1. Spread the field out completely

  2. Upset a load of the community who don’t care for tuning.

It’s okay saying ‘you can just download their tune’ - but do you really think someone who has this thing hooked up in terms of the tune and is walking away with every race is going to post it publicly for everybody else to catch up? If they’re very kind they might, but in my experience thats not likely.


Not sure id agree with all that . Yes , having all the same machinery means there is no advantage with regards to the car so its down to driver skill . However there is still a wide spread over the whole board
on week one and two.
In week three you can tune but I noticed that a racer called BAM box is at the top of the board yet several of my friends have used his tune but I am still 1 or 2 seconds ahead of them. We are all lower down the field ( some 6 seconds off ). I honestly dont think it makes any difference to the field . It still comes down to skill.
I would imagine some of the not so skilled drivers would like to use a tune by a top level player as it helps them .
Close racing ? I have found that the difference between me and the next 3 rivals ahead of me is just 1 - 100th of a second ! Just to get up another 5 or 10 % means maybe only half a second. That isnt too hard to do .
Overall I dont think it is making any " real " differences . I like that they are varying the weeks a little so it doenst become monotonous

It would be naive to think that the tuners share their best tunes. While they do share fast tunes, I promise they keep the top shelf to themselves.

Sorry but your comment is naive.

You do realise that you can download tunes off the leaderboard yeah?

Sure some do not make their tune available but a lot do.

BAM Box tune used to set the #1 time (when I last looked) was available earlier for example.

Most top tens have their tunes available.

Sure when Box and Rayzer start their battle they may tweak and not share but tunes used to set very quick times are already out there.

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While I agree you can download tunes from the leaderboard, the guy is right. I can assure you that when it heats up a bit more, tunes will be hidden for sure.

On top of that, some people hide their replays. Which is completely irrelevant to the topic but anyway :slight_smile:

Im actually enjoying the rivals regardless of tuning!

I don’t agree.

Box’s tune v4 is publicly available.

Most of the current top ten are using publicly available tunes.

I suspect the difference between v4 and v5 of tunes from the top tuners will not make much difference unless you are within a few tenths of them anyway.

If top tens are possible with Breezes tune now then sorry but the tuning does not make this a bad event in my opinion.

And whilst tunes may not be made public it may simpy be because they released their base tune that they think will suit more people and then continually tweak until it suits them like a glove. Their final tune may not work for the masses anyway or may not include radical changes.

Whilst hiding does happen I don’t believe it is a big issue but mroe people looking for a crutch to lean on. Sorry but there is a lot of that around here.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying this just for myself. I’ve run 5 laps and dropped into the top 50, I don’t struggle for pace.

I wa simply suggesting it would be more competitive and easier for the majority should it have been on stock tunes.

But we are where we are and its all good fun anyway!

For the good to average driver- even the top 1%, the tune shared is much more capable then they driver is at a good time. So does it really matter that they don’t share the top ten battling tunes.

Clearly box, breeze, harmonic have all shared tunes that are more capable then you are able to drive them already. (Than I am as well)

You should try EMW ivorbigun’s too. (really sorry for not mentioning someone)

The not sharing replays I understand to super competitive, but should NOT be allowed on this track. Triton, mech, jonK please don’t allow the non shared replays to stand on this track and please make an post about it. Someone is going to use it. I’m certain. Unless you guys think we should all do it.

The hiding of replays is an exploit that’s been around since Forza Motorsport 3, it’s not going away any time soon.

I’m sure you know what I mean with my concern, PJ.

I totally get it, I do. I’m in comp against some guys, another team, I develop tune, I want to keep it a secret…
That’s not what I’m talking about for the track and T10 can make a statement and stop it. Its a competition and they are setting the rules.

If they aren’t going to allow it they need to fix the glitch.

Some of those hidden replays are just accidents. A while ago, I had a time that was hidden due to me running my fastest clean lap then rewinding back past the starting line on the following lap when I messed up the first sector. After a few more laps I couldn’t beat the time and when I quit hotlapping I noticed the replay was hidden. Thats on T10 not me I think.

I’m not super worried about it per say - it would just be nice to see a T10 person say - Race fair guys , don’t use the exploit, is all. Similar to how we would in a race league (some enforce track boundaries at eau rouge other do not - but the lobby agrees to a set of rules. I agree the glitch should be fixed (doubtful though) and yes some if not most at this point are accidental hidden replays - in fact this track is probably easy to do with a misstep on the first turn making you hop too much.

I’ll drop it.

Quit your bellyaching. This car is perfectly competitive with no extra tuning, it is very well set up. If you are still not satisfied then you can download the tune used by the guy who is #1 on the leaderboard.

Most people will tell you the build is more important than the tune, in this case you can add every single upgrade.


Did you even read my previous post? It’s not a ‘bellyache’.

I’m saying it would be more enjoyable for everybody if the didn’t allow tuning.


Please define “everybody”.

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This is completely false. I find it more enjoyable that I’m allowed to tune.

You got two whole weeks to enjoy a locked setup league. If you don’t like tuning you can sit this week out or download someone else’s setup.

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Everybody is a bold statement. The majority of people.

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Please define “majority”