Changing tunes after playing online

after i race online, my tunes change frequently. my braking distance will say 2 feet longer or my car won’t drive the same. i’m sick of modders altering my tunes. i win a race, and then all of a sudden my screen glitches and my brakes lock up at every turn… today, my ford gt for the leagues, was a very competitive car. i spent a day tuning it, and it was great till about 2 races ago, when all it did was lock up brakes. i reloaded my tune and bam the braking distance went back to where it was. go to race on the league, and it tells me i need to select another car… if these people can’t play the game right, or ned to oppress other gamers to appear superior, thats their problem with egotism. but its nearly every lobby this happens.

Arent the leagues set to stock only
Tunes cant be used
Nobody is altering your tune…they are just getting reset

Yes they are stock only…

when entering a league press ‘‘x’’ and you’ll se the requirement for the event. In this league you would get ‘‘FORD GT LM…’’ and ‘‘stock only’’

Not sure how you think others are modifying your car??

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Nobody is modding anything. Hate to burst your bubble.

And as others stated, the league is stock only and tuning isn’t allowed.


This made my day… Thank you


LOL I don’t even know what to say about that.

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considering drivers have more acceleration, and higher top speeds all over the place… since when does stock imply tuning? i raced the entire league last week with a personal tune…

Could be they’re using man w/clutch and you’re not or they could just be taking a better line and in turn getting a better run out of the corners

i’m talking top speed on le mans straight. and i just tested this theory, i tuned the exact same setup and the ratings are way slower, i tried to race the care and it didn’t reset or change the tune after i left…
I’ve caught people boosting the ferrari 641 to 14,000 (maxes at 13,800) rpm in 4th gear and accelerating up to 200 in that one gear at max rpm(this was a top leader board user too). i’ve also lost a race in first place, it ended 15 seconds before i crossed the finish line. there is a lot of cheating going on in forza…i have videos of both. next time you tune, take your slider for the springs and move them all the way left, and right and see how the tunes can;t be perfectly balanced. move your toe to center and see how it doesn’t align perfectly? sometimes i tune and i go into the set up and it just changes every time i pause the game.

I can’t respond to the rest of you post because it doesn’t make any sense. Not sure what you’re trying to prove.

At any rate, for this instance I quoted, this is due a glitch that effects everyone. Basically if someone’s car is sitting just before start/finish line as if he isn’t racing, this player is in fact racing. The game automatically boots players who remain idle too long, so if someone is remaining idle for the full race, you should know they are racing.

Chances are you have been invisible on someone elses screen and had no idea. It’s a glitch that nobody can control and pops up randomly.

Therefore, the player who destroyed you by 15 seconds wasn’t cheating.

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I’d like to add to this, it also can happen with no invisible cars on the track. I was in an ABC’s hopper about a month ago in the C class on Daytona and had a big lead on second place crossing the line to start lap 3. But when second place in my class crossed the line to start his 3rd lap of 6 the end race timer popped up. I could see him in the race and his name was showing on the distance meter but the game just glitched out and let him finish 4 laps early for some reason. The post race results showed only him and my buddy finished(although I was about 500ft from not DNF), my buddy was only able to finish because he was S class.

So at the end of the day it was just a glitch in the matrix, I’ll look for the video I made and post it here if I find it.

worthlessly trying to troll and talk [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]… thergo you are null but since you are a clearly trying to prove a point justifying what you said “makes no sense…” here is the video. 1st place loses race - YouTube

As One Refort and many other people already said they were in the race you just couldn’t see them, anytime you see 10+ cars just sitting on the start finish line some of them are actually racing. I’ve have this happen with me and my friends where one of us can’t be seen,heck I’ve even seen it happen in a private league. As for the other video on your YT about the telemetry, it glitches out some time. I wouldn’t take any replay telemetry from an online race very seriously.

No one is hacking or modding many people have told you whats going on and your video proves that everyone was right and you were wrong.


They were invisible to you. It’s a glitch that happens now and then. They were racing the whole time in the same race, but the glitch won’t show them on your screen.


You’re doing a horrible job explaining your problem. What specific areas are you tuning? Which “ratings” are ending up lower than you expected? How are you somehow able to use your tunes in a lobby that restricts them? And what basis do you have that other people are cheating in any way? Being faster on straights can be due to certain assists being turned off, or just better exiting on turns.


Mine always lists a tune for some reason that I had on previously but it’s still removed. The car rating is still the same though… I’ve seen other players that appear to have the same issue as well. I think it’s just a glitch. Your car is still stock though, I assure you. It’s part of the league restrictions.

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how many tunes have you saved up? its a limit for it…

since your saying its allot of cheating in this game, what’s your back up for that statement? proof? I have raced since day 1 and the only cheaters I have seen is people cutting corners… and its almost been a year now.

the past 3 weeks tunes have not been possible to use in league… save up a replay after you have done a race in the league. look at the people’s(you think cheat) telemetry and see if you can se any difference between you and them. bet you don’t find any…


Until Sept 4 you have access only to the Porsche, NASCAR and Forza Racing Championship leagues. For now the FRC League is spec only. When the FRC league is complete, you will have access to the regular leagues where upgrades and tunes are allowed. By the way, a good way to upgrade a spec only car is to by a new one for each session you play!