Turn 10 -Driveatars need to be fixed-asap!

After reading a lot of posts and comments on this forum I’m pretty sure most of us, if not all of us, can agree that Turn 10 needs to fix this unbalanced Drivatar difficulty in career mode.

I’m all about some competition but i would like that to be set by me at an enjoyable level not by computer calculating that has no balance what so ever.

Like everyone else I have tried all the multiple setting combinations and nothing makes a difference. Always one car that pulls way ahead and can’t be touched. Or I take the lead with clean racing and hold position only to have a car gain super abilities and pass you by. Sometimes it’s more than one car with these traits.

I like to play career and enjoy the experience as a whole. But right now with this problem it’s really a turn off. Let’s make our thoughts and voices be herd so that Turn 10 can patch an update to fix this issue ASAP.


I too noticed sometimes that Drivatars would be easy to pass instantly but then would come back and be magnetically excited to your rear bumper giving you quite a close finish. I’m quite a good driver and I didn’t turn up the difficulty to what it should have been; but some still inherited god mode.

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Something is certainly wrong with the balance as it wasn’t like this in the demo.

Gotta raise my hand for that as well.

it doesn’t always happen but sometimes when you see that superman pull away you might as well sit back and get comfy as you take 2nd place.

I don’t know how the hell the system thought he was in the difficulty I chose.

I know historically there were leaderboard hackers who pulled off -1 second laps of the Nurburgring in previous games…but can someone hack a drivatar so they can bring a perfect AI and Formula 1 level performance from a class C race?

I have been racing on expert and pro with my goal being to win consistently on unbeatable as I improve. I have not tried any of the lower settings so I can not speak to those. I have found one or two drivers doing this but I experienced this back on FM5. It’s not new to me. In these instances a couple things happen. If my build and tune are not good enough or I make too many mistakes I would not catch the drivatar. If I make little to no mistakes and have a solid car I catch the drivatar as I am in 6 on expert and pro. Its when I catch them to me that’s the issue. The cars would brake heavily or make an overly obvious mistake sometimes taking me out in the process. I get it. The drivatar makes a mistake from the pressure I place on them. I wish it wasn’t so bad that a drivatar is braking and hitting the wall on Indianapolis in Indy cars but that’s another issue.

As to the op. I am not saying there is not an issue. Try a different setup and tune or a different car altogether. I have ran a race again in a different vehicle and went from 2nd or 3rd place finish and came in 1st with one or two cars finishing note far behind me. It might not be you but the car, build, and tune might not be up to the task of a 1st place finish. I stand corrected if you are using say a Raceboy77 tune and can’t win or you are an astute tuner / driver yourself and can’t win. In my game thus far trying a different setup and tune or car has been able to get me 1st place.

I have been having the same exact issues. While I cant attest to the higher difficulties, in the lower ones this happens every single race. I like a little competition but I should be able to choose how much not the AI. The only thing that I have found to help is to play career offline. I think it defaults to the older AI’s but I’m not sure. Turn 10 better fix this before the fans that aren’t serious enough to get early access decide its not worth all the trouble for the casual racers.

Drivatars on normal difficulty are easier than on easy … not exactly the way it supposed to be … I mean what is the purpose of the 2 easiest settings of drivatars? also there’s still the issue of 1 drivatar that has a rocket propelled car and glued to the track.

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Drivatars are very weird indeed. For starters even if you tone down their aggression they still bump into you (even when they are accellerating themselves) which is extremely annoying as it makes you spin out.

I also noticed on the first lap or first part of the first lap they drive a lot slower than on other laps. And it’s not just because they are packed together, even the lead cars that broke away from the pack still slow down for corners where they don’t do this on the other laps.

And another rant, for some tracks having 24 cars out there is just way too much. I much rather have races with 8-12 cars where it doesn’t look like a destruction derby at the first few corners. Long beach first turn is a perfect example, 24 AI driven cars just don’t fit in there.

I agree 24 cars on track sounds nice however … that lasts till the first corner

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Unfortunately I ended up deleting the two god like drivatars that are from my Xbox live friends list. I’ll add them back when this situation gets fixed.

It’s awful having to resort to such tactics so hopefully Turn 10 won’t want us culling our friends :slight_smile:

By the way anyone can add me. You get a nice easily beatable drivatar who is far far from Godlike :slight_smile:

Erm… Providing you are not too Godlike yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


Is Forza 6 using a combination of what the game learned from your driving behavior in both 5 and Horizon 2? Because I can’t imagine any driving behavior from H2 would have been a good idea to transfer to this game.

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I have no problem with the drivatars.
They drive clean and there are no cars with superpower.
It is a fight to be number one, but not impossible.
But i am happy with second or third place.

On the topic of drivatars…

Are they available in splitscreen?

I drive on pro and yes the lead car for most races is in a league of his own, I just ignore him now a battle with the Drivatars in my class and class a 2nd place as a 1st if you understand me.

Wow. I haven’t gotten the game yet but this does seem to be an obvious problem… I’m guessing these god tier cars are probably driving faster than their game design would ever allow them. What I mean is, if you take the said rocket car yourself and gave it a perfect build, and perfect tune, and the best driver out there, and drive the car to its absolute limit… If the drivatar car is able to still top that then that is just bad game design on Turn 10’s part. There should be no magical happenings at all.

I’ve been looking forward to this hoping that I would get realistic, life like finishes. Like in real life, generally everyone is going to be pretty close at the finish line all the way from first to last place. In Forza 4 on the highest difficulty the AI was never any real competition except in the highest classes. For me anyway, but I play and tune waaaay too much.

But one or two AI cars with supernatural abilities 10 seconds ahead of the pack and untouchable? Definitely not cool, and needs to be addressed. Judging from the complaints though, I’d say they will. I don’t think they listen to us much at all, but this would hopefully be hard to ignore.

Someone should post AI lap times for each difficulty on the same race. Then post real world leaderboard times. That would be a good way to prove your point.

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i was actually gonna make a post about this, but I see many have beat me to it. i was doing a race on spa, the whole race i had two drivatars right on my tail and on the final turn of the race i took it a tad too fast and they both took the inside, i ended up third. so out of curiosity i looked at the race results and guess what, those two drivatars were a full 45 seconds PER LAP faster than the rest of the drivatars. yeah whats the point of changing difficulties again? lol

edit: and for anyone curious, the slower drivatars posted times of 3:27ish, i posted a 2:45.xxx and the other two drivatars posted 2:44.1xx. yes they were both that close to each other

my only complaint so far is this. In career it’s different than free play/ drivatars in multi for some reason. I actually dropped it down to easiest (new driver) in career and all the cars but 2 every time were right up with me and if i made a small error, both were all of a sudden just way ahead. actually lost a race on easiest - - but on pro in free play I won a lot easier … than new driver? How is that possible?

Difficultly for some seems all out of whack

Hi all,

Just wanted to say we have noticed the community feedback on this issue and are in the process of investigating. I’ll follow up when we have more information to share.