Drivatar Difficulty Appears incorrect

Doing a quick comparison tonight is seems the Difficulty in the option screen is not accurate.

I ran the first Long Beach race once with Average and then again with New Drivatar difficulty to compare the AI lap times.

Average Drivatar Race - Best Drivatar pulled a best time of 1:11.883 in Mazda MX-5 '94
Lap Times:
Lap 1: 1:15.572
Lap 2: 1:12.494
Lap 3: 1:12.004
Best: 1:11.883

New Drivatar Race - Best Drivatar pulled a best time of 1:11.110 in Alfa Spider '86
Lap Times:
Lap 1: 1:17.330
Lap 2: 1:11.695
Lap 3: 1:11.110
Best: 1:11.110

So based on this the “Easiest” Drivatar Difficulty is more difficult than the supposed medium difficulty.

I am all for challenge, but this simply feels like the computer is cheating. I am curious to see how the New Drivatar lap times look if I dial back my speed.


I’ve noticed that one drivatar is always faster than the rest of the Pack, so you have a good battle then it’s chase the rabbit.

I hate having to fight through the field of road blocks while the guy up front has nothing slowing him down so he just cruises away and then I get a minute to try to close his massive gap, but it does make sense for him to be a bit quicker than other Drivatars since nobody is holding him up or interfering with his race. What I have a problem with is one Drivatar getting a massive speed boost, seemingly on the final lap from my experience so far. I don’t see it in every race, but have on some. Say I’m 10 seconds per lap faster than P2 and 16 seconds faster than the average of the field, and after a couple laps the pack is 20+ seconds back. Then comes lap three and on the map I see one dot break away and over that lap he nearly catches me, so on the final lap he went from the AI pace of 10 to 20+ seconds per lap slower to 30+ seconds faster than the Drivatars and 20 seconds faster than me.



It kills me when that happens, especially when he comes from way back on the last lap and when he catches you he knocks you off the track… restart. Fight through traffic again… lol. I gave up, damage stays off, now…

This is the rubber banding effect that someone mentioned earlier that they said was not present. I believe it is still present has been in every version. It is a bit ridiculous if your lap times are consistent and you’re pulling away all of the sudden some guy should not be a whole lot faster. I’ve had the same thing happened to me as well.

Bigger problem…why does it always degrade into you…one guy miles in front…and the rest of the field ten laps behind?


Its a known bug being fixed.

I think you need a larger sample group. Run, say, 6 races in each difficulty and compare the average best laps. Could be your “new driver” drivatar just ran a really good lap.

Running a second race on New Difficulty where I intentionally held back:

Best Drivatar - Scion tC '12

Lap Times:
Lap 1: 1:17.080
Lap 2: 1:16.532
Lap 3: 1:10.313
Best: 1:10.111

Will definitely run some more samples, but seems super fishy at this point. If there is dynamic difficulty why not just eliminate the illusion of choice? The really odd part ( and I could totally be imagining it) the demo didn’t have this same behavior.

I am probably going to play with the assists as well to see if that has any influence (though it shouldn’t)…currently I am on custom with a lot of the assists turned off.

Drivertars are way over agressive am winning but on easy makes me look like i have never been a forza racer before come on turn 10 gice us a chance

Just unfriended 2 people because of this crap…I’m not in the same area code as the front two by the time I battle through the crowd. I thought they would have done away with this gimmick after F5 but noooo. SoS, new package. Sux so far t10…got me again, my fault

I have noticed this too. The problem lies in the systems drivatar choice.

I have noticed in the past in Forza 5 that drivatars tend to run “true” to their ability. Say you have a friend gamertag of “droopydrawers”. Now if “droopydrawers” runs an average 1.08 on a given track and mostly comes first in “newcomer” then when they appear on say highly skilled they still run same time but come say 10th or 11th.

This is good because it means your friends dont tend to speed up just because you try a harder difficulty… Instead they finish further down the grid.

Now where Forza 6 seems to be going wrong is it’s choosing one or two drivatars that really shouldn’t be chosen in a given difficulty. For the most part the majority of drivatars are much slower in newcomer than highly skilled.

The problem seems to therefore lie in one or two of the drivatars chosen at lower difficulty which thankfully is less of a problem due to only requiring third to win.

For the record there is thankfully no rubber banding like in earlier forzas (pre Forza 5).

And for the record I don’t know of a gamertag called “droopydrawers” :stuck_out_tongue:


Out of curiosity I decided to turn off Rewind functionality in Assists to see of it played any part in the shenanigans…I then ran three races without a single instance of AI wackiness.

Definitely going to do more experimentation with the different difficulty levels and Assists.

It’s pretty sad to think that there is any connection between player driver assists and what the AI is doing.

I use a TX wheel, and race on Highly Skilled mostly with all assist off , Cmanual w/Clutch and on Simulation for damage… rewind off.Now I’ve restarted many races, mostly in upper classes due to wreakfest AI’s. I normally catch the leaders and there sometimes close 1, 2, 3… but normally a break away leader. Anyway after reading many AI issues (have not done any testing) I do not see as many problems as others have. However, I do not like the Dirvatrs and think that they are not based on my friends. I would like to see them scraped for proper AI.

Sounds very much like the Horizon/2 model, where you have a ‘boss’ drivatar.

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Another quick test on Catalunya and it turns out I am at least partly wrong.

I ran New drivatar and then Medium drivatar and the top two New drivatars were 6+ secs faster per lap than the Medium…ay yi yi.

New - ~0:55
Medium - ~1:01

I am not sure if its the difficulty settings. I think that the drivatars are way too random.
Sometimes I restart a race and after that the drivatars are way slower.

But I had the same wierd thing. Did a race at Road America on Pro (45%) difficulty, had no chance and was only fighting for 5th place. The 1st. had a laptime of 2:26
Restarted with above average drivatars(25%), I could take second place but the 1st managed a laptime of 2:23. (he was in a TVR)
Watching the replay really shocked me, more than half of the turns he took the possibly slowest way possible (inside, inside, inside)

I just came to this forum for a simular problem.
I hab a race on badhurst and I do not prefer that track (personal opinion).
I put the drivetar on easy and three came in front , I had to race my ### off but couldn’t winfrom them. They were unbeatable.
That gave me an idea, lets put the drivater on unbeatable, it was a hard race but became 7th so the difference between easy and unbeatable is only three places as far as I know.
I hope very much that T10 is going to do something about this.

I think this problem stems from the game attempting to ensure that at least three of your drivatar opponents are friends. If your frirends are highly skilled then those drivers are difficult regardless of what you set game difficulty at.

This is evidenced by fact that rest of drivatars will be far slower than the friend avatars your game has tried to match you with.

I am goingg to add a load of lower paced rivals as friends so I can experiment with this some more.

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To me it feels like the same issue we had back in Forza 5 where the skilled drivatars of your skilled friends would speed off ahead regardless of your choice of difficulty level.

I guess in Turn 10’s mind it’s our fault for having friends who are good at the game?