Always one drivavatar that pulls away

i been racing about 40’ some races…

and on different settings and drivavatar settings.

but EVERYTIME and it doesn’t matter how hard they are…

there is always that one drivavatar who has a godlike car… only one… he pulls away from me or follows me close… but the rest of the 23 drivavatar can’t follow…

and every race it someone else… but always one drivavatar who is godlike… even on the lowest setting…

i can’t imagine im the only one ???


catch up logic would be my guess. the game keeps “pressure” on you to make you feel like its still a close race

I noticed that pressure seems to work both ways too though!

When racing, I noticed that if I catch the leaders (Say top 3), then keep the pressure on them (clean pressure), then they will usually end up overdriving some corner(s), particularly in the last lap… If I hit them… they tend more to recover and run…

As to one car getting away while your trying to clear the pack… I think the clean vs. rough driving effort pays (or hinders) as well. Seems to me that when I spend a great deal of effort at racing through cleanly, then the leaders are still within reach… Also seems, that when I am beating an banging my way through, then the leaders are pulling away…

I think deep in the heart of the code, Turn 10 puts some appreciation in for clean racing… I like the idea of that anyway, even if not correct!

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I think this is on the right path. Think about it. Take a look at the Starting Grid before the race and not the drivatar name in pole position. Then note the name of the drivatar who pulls away and seems untouchable. It’s almost always the same one, huh?

I think that the game does prefer clean racing. The drivatars in 1st and 2nd place on the starting grid often tend to launch off the line and take the first corner clean and continue on clean racing whereas the rest of the pack gets involved in a fuster cluck during Turn 1 and is instantly at a disadvantage. Even if you don’t crash, wreck, or wipe out attempting to navigate your way through this 8 - 10 car pile up often leaves you a couple of seconds behind and then the rest of the race is catch up, especially on the tougher difficulties.

This is career racing in a nutshell. It’s actually impossible to get to the front without damaging your car in some way, at least in the higher difficulties.

I feel like 24 drivatars is just too much, either that or have some sort of qualifying so I don’t have to drive through an asteroid field at turn 1

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Not impossible.

I posted a replay: description is “vs unbeatable no assists no ramming”. I kick the robots’ heads in on Bernese Alps without getting a scratch on my car. No rewind either.

I think you are onto something here. I’ve noticed this as well but attributed it to me racing cleaner=me racing faster so I was able to run that escape car down before he could put a 8sec gap between himself and the rest of the pack. I might purposely test this theory this evening.

Well, it might just be that. It’s racing. When a leader gets away slightly and a couple of racers are battling for second place, those battling are slower. They’re making maneuvers they wouldn’t usually and taking wider lines, slowing down so not to hit each other etc. The leader almost always gets away if there’s nobody battling actively with them. That’s probably the case in the game. Usually the first corner is a dog fight, but one car gets out first while the rest then start fighting at the second corner. I’m wondering if the ‘agression’ setting plays a role in this.

Mine is the same way - I struggle to get first sometimes because I can’t catch him at the end.

I’m racing on Expert and generally try to keep the car clean through the race. After fighting though the crowd to get towards the front, the one car is usually a ways in front and while I drop lap tops several seconds faster, it is extremely difficult to catch up.

Bathurst is the worst for this, as most of the track is so skinny unless you can get some real momentum in the straight, not going to catch the leader.

It has come so far that I set my xbox offline for the career mode … and then glorious, glorious normal AI appears.


Genius! I hate drivatars… They ruin the immersion for me, and i play sim games for immersion. If i want to compete with other drivers i’ll go online or into Rivals. I’m definitely going Offline to do races from now on! Do you just disconnect from the internet?

You’d think in the third game with Drivatars they would’ve eliminated these things. :frowning:

I ran in to the same thing during the one series I raced after the intro series. I didn’t pay attention to who the drivatar was but it was the same car each time it happened, an Alfa Spyder I think. I was able to catch it a couple times, and it beat me at least once.

Not sure if this is going to happen consistently yet, but I attributed it more to that car perhaps being unreasonably good for being C400. Like “leaderboard” cars, sometimes there are cars that just seem better than their PI would indicate or it was better suited for the shorter technical tracks I was racing in career at that point.

I have notcied the same thing. There is one drivatar that pulls away and almost always has at least a 2-3 second better lap time. Drivatar is uncatchable.

are you guys taking the time to tune your cars or download a good tune? a good tune can be the difference between 1st place and last place in the same car. maybe the one that runs away has a much better tune or the drivatars were trained with much better tunes.

This. When I first started playing I went with a suggested car just to get some playing time. Could barely win on the third highest level. Barely get a podium on second highest. No better than fifth on highest.
Now that I have a well tuned car. I usually have no problem getting a win on the unbeatable. It’s actually kind of too easy at times. Plus. It took time to get used to the feel of the game and tracks. Even though I’ve played somewhat extensively on every Forza release.

There is something very weird going on with Drivatars. I did the final of the night time career series (I think it’s the fourth series). Drivatar on the setting which gives you 35 % for CR, expert or so. I get destroyed by the AI on Nürburgring, barely manage third place. Next series is dawn whatever, I chose SUVs. First race in Bathurst, same AI, no mods, I absolutely crush the AI. My best lap is a 2:38, best AI has 2:56, second best 3:07 down to 3:18. I win with about fourty seconds lead. I don’t understand it. The problem is with such inconsistencies I can’t use even better Drivatars because it might be my doom on the next track.

I have the same problem.

Same problem. A particular friends drivatar who only played horizons 2. He never played fm5 or 6. Didn’t tune. He will blister past me even when I’m way past true rest. It’s retarded.

I’ve noticed this too, especially on Pro or Unbeatable.

It got so bad one race the drivatar in first place was putting down lap times 10 seconds ahead of everyone

Another instance I had finally caught up to one and it seemed like physics didn’t apply to him at all, he would just tap on his brakes and roll around a corner like he was on rails

I switched it to Expert difficulty and haven’t had this problem