Tuning in the rain help

Okay so I haven’t been on these forums in while but I’m having issues driving in the rain with pretty much every car. I’m currently on career in the storm section of the 4th volume. I’m currently using the audi Quattro its awd and for the life of me I can’t get this car under control over the puddles. I’m using a wheel and if I’m on the gas it does 360s when going over the puddles with various LSD settings I don’t understand how this is supposed to work but I can’t even do a race without the rewind button being pressed the whole race. Is it just me or is the games physics jacked up?

tuning for rain is no different than tuning for dry tracks. rule 1 do not go thru puddles, rule 2 if you have to go through puddles go through slowly just like you would in real life. you would never go through a huge puddle of water with the hammer down in real life and not hydroplane out of control would you? there are nothing wrong with the games puddle physics, its your driving that is the problem.

short version: slow down for puddles

Last time I checked today in the rain while driving in real life cars don’t do anything crazy when driving through big puddles and going fast. I mean ya you can hydro plane but how come the rear end always fly out on an awd vehicle with the diff set to like 75 front that makes no sense. Or even when I’m coming up to a puddle on the inside of a corner two outside wheels are not in the puddle but the whole car just understeers like crazy the inside tires aren’t really even being used and its an awd car it just doesn’t make any sense. It just doesn’t do what a normal car would do. I don’t think its my driving I have no problems in real life in the rain my has a LSD transmission and if one wheel hits a puddle it doesn’t spin out on the highway going 80 or 90?

I’m not sure there is a tune for rain races. I try to bring an AWD when I know I’m going to be racing in the rain, but unless I’m missing it, I don’t think there is any warning in multiplayer. I dunno, everybody was hollering they wanted to race in the rain. I was pretty sure from the beginning that I wanted no such thing

After some more time spent I have figured out that if the throttle is around 10 to 30 percent the car acts right if anyone else is having issues try to not let completely off the gas when going through puddles it seems to make a world of difference it may just be a wheel issue.

I have a tune that’s more suitable for wet for my Mazda 787B. As it’s a race car I obviously can’t use AWD and it has super fat tyres so measures did have to be taken. I run obviously high downforce, low camber and slightly lower tyre pressures. Lower diff, and everything’s not so aggressive and sharp. As important as avoiding the puddles is making sure you get traction out of corners, if you’re lighting up the TCS like a Christmas tree then it might be detrimental. In any car, you have to focus on corner exit, being tidy and smooth. My driving style seems to cater for it, with a bit of lifting and coasting and feathering the throttle.

The car spins if you go through a puddle quickly and have the wheels turned.

The only way to go through the puddles quickly is in a straight line. Some of them will always cause you to hydroplane and slide out but after racing a few laps on any given track (except the Nurburgring, that may take longer) you should be able to remember where the puddles are and which ones you can and cannot drive through.

I find: lower TP, Softer suspension, Higher downforce, (maybe softer bumps) all to have benefited my rain cars — in essence thing that help grip. I think the bump helps with going into puddles (that my story - and I’m sticking to it :wink: ) There are a number of puddles that you must line up the car and go at them throttle on to earn a fast time.

Not sure if its true - or just a placebo - but it seems to work for me.

race tires = grip so use
wider tires= grip so use
AWD is more about the car and build - I don’t switch it for rain