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This topic is open for users to request topic additions for Forza Motorsport track locations that are not already available to vote on.

Before you post:

  • Use the forums Search feature and check the Index list of available track topics for a possible different name.
  • The current location topics to vote on include all ribbon variants at that location (such as ovals and road courses at Indiana and Daytona, etc). Do not submit a specific course where a location topic already exists.
  • This topic is not for general mixed wishlists; posts with already available location voting topics will be removed.
  • Check the previous posts in this thread; duplicate requests for the same location will be removed.
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Submitting your post

  • Put the name and location (town and country) at the top of your post.
  • Indicate whether you’re suggesting the location as one used in real world racing, or as one of Forza’s fantasy tracks.
  • Include one or more links to the location if the site is official or detailed by a reference website.
  • You can provide some description about the track’s use in your post but keep the text to a minimum.
  • Photos aren’t necessary unless you don’t know the name of the location (in which case you should identify where the photo came from) or are asking for “something like this.” Posts with only photos and no text will be removed.
  • Be patient; it may take some time to review your submission and add a topic for it.

Sorry asking the mod team here, but i had not found the Questions thread for the tracks

I was checking the index and some tracks like Charlotte Motor Speedway are not showing on thread list only on the search fuction, do you know why it is happening?

Also you can make a area for questions and adjusts for tracks as well?

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We need a track like Special Stage Route X in Gran Turismo.

A giant oval made for top speed testing. But with drafting/slipstream physics makes some extremely fun races.



What would be the best way to request drag strips?


To tidy up this topic I’ve cleared previous requests with locations that have been added recently:

The Ridge The Ridge Motorsports Park
Pitt Race: Pittsburgh International Race Complex
Ozarks: Ozarks International Raceway
Isle of Man TT: Isle of Man TT road circuit
Chicago: Chicago Street Course
New York: New York (Forza)
Paris: Paris Street Circuit
Quebec City: Quebec City Street Circuit
Tokyo: Tokyo Circuit (Forza)
Shuto Expressway: Shuto Expressway, Tokyo, Japan
Shelsey Walsh: Shelsey Walsh Speed Hill Climb
San Juan Villicum: San Juan Villicum - #2 by FMA_Pyeko


I could not make a topic in track voting, so just do a track general request for next FM.
Inner city tracks like Prague are masterpieces IMO in beauty and character.

I say, just bring them on - I don’t have time to go through every track in track voting, so make a general request here.

There are so many tracks with no personality, just turns pretty much. Turn left, turn right, hairpin right and so forth.

I could not make a topic in track voting, so just do a track general request for next FM.

I’m a bit envious on FH in the road tracks they get with stunning environments.
It does bring something special with beauty in surroundings too, even if you don’t stop by for a coffee.

I say, just bring them on - I don’t have time to go through every track in track voting, so make a general request here.

There are so many tracks with no personality, just turns pretty much. Turn left, turn right, hairpin right and so forth.

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I would enjoy some more Forza fantasy tracks, for example set in German cities, my personal favorite would be Berlin. It doesn’t represent cars as well as maybe Stuttgart, Wolfsburg or Munich, but I think it just has a good vibe. I went to some car museums there, enjoyed the scenery.

Hey everyone, I got some Tourist Trophy from PS2 tracks but they can really be cool for the next Forza Motorsport :
Tokyo R246
Apricot Hill Raceway
Citta di Aria
Autumn Ring
Costa di Amalfi
Deep Forst Raceway
Fuji Speedway ´90
Grand Valley Speedway
Grand Valley East Section
High Speed Ring
Hong Kong
Infineon Raceway
Motor Sports Land II
Laguna Seca Raceway
Midfield Raceway
Autumn Ring Mini
Cote d´ Azur
Twin Ring Motegi Road Course
Twin Ring Motegi West Short Course
Twin Ring Motegi East Short Course
Fuji Speedway 2005
New York City Course
Nurburgring North Course
Special Stage Rout 5
Clubman Stage Route 5
Circuit de la Sarthe 1
Seattle Circuit
Seoul City Course
Suzuka Circuit
Suzuka Circuit East Course
Suzuka Circuit West Course
Test Course
Trial Mountain Circuit
Tsukuba Circuit
El Capitan


Forza Motorsport has a magnificent collection of classic racing cars (way bigger and better than any other game), but it lacks proper tracks for them.

Therefore I’d like to see voting opened for some historic racing circuits, such as:

  • Rouen Les Essarts
  • Spa Historic (e.g. 1970)
  • Imola Historic (e.g. 1972)
  • Circuit de Charade Historic
  • Hockenheimring Historic (e.g. 1977)
  • Silverstone Historic (e.g. 1975)
  • Monza Historic (e.g. 1971)

As for what “Historic” means exactly, it depends on specific tracks but in general it should be variants from 60s or 70s, suitable for classic F1 and other vintage cars.


Hear me out

Hoonigan burnyard open environment in memory of Mr. block. A place where we can just burn some tires and remember him

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The 54.1 mile long PACOTHON. Forza Fantasy track.
Track is already built. Not an event lab.

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I feel like FM8 needs some city street tracks done right. While I wish to see New York and Tokyo from previous games (presumably with new layouts), here are some cities I can suggest (inspired by PGR):

Hong Kong
Las Vegas
San Francisco
Washington D.C.


Please add Texas Motor Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway to the Forza Motorsport track list!

Edel-Circuit from FH5 Eventlab
Fantasy Track

The track is 4.1 km long in Horizon (IRL would probably be longer) and is located directly by the sea. Racing on this track has already been tried and tested (example racing series: Teamwars, HTCC, HPC) and works incredibly well. An implementation of this track in the new motorsport would be a very cool crossover to Horizon.

Sharecode for FH5: 127-267-239

(graphic is made by ami)


Yes! Especially Riverside, throw bud’s speedway in there too

Does this have runoff areas? Almost all eventlab “tracks” that Forza has shown in weekly events are good only for hotlapping and would have horrible race tracks. And this looks like slightly modified Laguna Seca which we have already got.

They’re also very bumpy

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They are bumpy in a wrong way, they like ice sheets rivetted with large bolts.

Oh, got it. Thanks. I’ll delete my post then.