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I got my vote :muscle:


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I’d like to see a fictional analogue of a mountain route in the style of the MFGhost manga.
It should be a circular mountain road, for legal circuit racing.
Example from MFGhost: Odawara Pikes Peak - Japan


T10 please can you add more new and past FM fictional tracks like streets tracks or tracks in beautiful enviroments ? I love Maple Valley and Hakone ! And it would be good to see the Bernese Alps, Prague or Dubaï in the new FM with better graphics.

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the enviromment around the track looks absolutly beautiful


A test/training track. Like the ones that racing driving schools and car companies use. I’m mentioning this because it would be nice to have some big open spaces to practice the control of the vehicle. It can be based on a real location, but it doesn’t need to be.


You would have to rebuild the track from scratch anyway lol. The track in Horizon is only a drivable model. And by the way, the track isn’t bumpy at all, even for a Eventlab track.

Horizon Mexico Circuit (fantasy track, from Forza Horizon 5)
it’s an actual race track, so it’d fit into the motosport franchise + it’s be a fun throwback/crossover with the horizon spinoff games. very fun layout too.


circuit Bugatti, a small variant of Le Mans circuit that use a part of the 24h one, it’s the main circuit used in Le Mans, with a lot of event on it, this circuit was in others Forza, as a french I can tell that it is a very loved circuit, and I would be very nice to have it, and you have already modelised a part of the track.

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Tamil Nadu Circuit

I know this from DriveClub, and loved all variants of this track. This would be a fantasy track.

It’s a pretty basic track, reminds me a lot of Catalunya. Has some fast straights followed by quick turns; also a scenic track.

Magnificent Park
from rfactor 2

About the track

Although unique is a much over-used word in racing, it can rightly be referred to Magnificent Park. Not only is the french circuit the only one that crosses over itself, but this fact means that it is also a circuit that runs both clockwise and anti-clockwise. The paddock host to a huge 360-degree staging and a futuristic complex built on a natural setting.
Designed as a test track for the Saab Motor Company in 1989 by frenchman Sebastien Hary, it was mainly used for vehicle development. After hosting numerous races in lower formula, Magnificent Park began its quest to host the second french 24h endurance happening, a feat it managed in 2006, when it took the honour away from Le Mans. Although the grand prix returned to Le Mans for 2007 and
2008 the race is now confirmed to take place at Le Mans till 2010. By 2011 Le Mans and Magnificent Park will be host the two french races for LMS championship.
An extremely fast and technical circuit, Magnificent Park is popular with drivers and spectators alike and has some notorious corners including Green Saints, Helter Skelter and The Edge. The circuit closed for a year in 2009 in order to make revisions necessary for LMS, it re-opened on December 6, 2010 for his first race date on December 13, 2010.

With another major make over the track re-opened mid September 2015

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Estaria bacano tener una pista de RD en el juego.

There are so many Argentine tracks that Wikipedia has an entire category for them (It’s not complete by the looks of it unlike the Spanish version of Wikipedia but it’s something)
Buenos Aires City
Buenos Aires Province (in Spanish it’s more complete)
Chaco (Autódromo Santiago Yaco Guarnieri)
Chubut (again, Spanish version is more complete than English)
Córdoba (not to be confused with the Spanish Province)
Entre Ríos (there’s one named “Concepción del Uruguay”, ignore that it’s named after where Uruguay’s name came from)
La Pampa (Autódromo Provincia de La Pampa)
La Rioja (Autódromo Ciudad de La rioja)
Mendoza (I should translate the Spanish to Enlgish versions of these articles, SMH)
Neuquén (Autódromo Parque Provincia del Neuquén)
Río Negro (more Spanish)
Salta (Autódromo Martín Miguel de Güemes (Spanish))
San Juan
Santa Cruz (Autódromo José Muñiz (Spanish))
Santa Fe (Someone SHOULD update the English version to be on par with the Spanish one)
Tucumán (Autódromo Nasif Estéfano (Spanish))
San Luis
Now ignore the fact that there are tracks that had already been suggested but this is easier for me than going track by track (Specially since Buenos Aires has 12 tracks ALONE), so if you see a repeat just gloss over it.

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Eso fuera el final.


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Bring back old Forza Motorsport tracks from Forza Motorsport 1-4 as a dlc


A lot of the older Forza fantasy tracks are available for voting. Check out the Track Voting suggestion hub and vote for the tracks that have Forza in the name:

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That looks insane! I’d absolutely hate racing a track like this in almost every car, but I bet it’s a blast in a tiny little canyon carver-type car like a Miata, British roadster or this! :eyes:

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Sorry Max for the work I’m giving you… I see you’re busy now
Thank you for your work!

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Buenos Aires City
Puerto Madero E-Prix Circuit
Buenos Aires Province
Autódromo Parque General San Martín (Spanish)
Autódromo Hermanos Emiliozzi
Autódromo Eusebio Marcilla
Autódromo Ezequiel Crisol
Autódromo Ciudad de Mar del Plata
Autódromo Ciudad de Nueve de Julio - Guillermo Yoyo Maldonado
Autódromo Ciudad de Pigüé
Autódromo Roberto Mouras
Autódromo Luis Rubén Di Palma
Autódromo Juan María Traverso
Autódromo Santiago Yaco Guarnieri
Autódromo General San Martín (Comodoro Rivadavia)
Autódromo Mar y Valle (Spanish)
Autódromo Juan Oria
Autódromo Oscar Cabalén
Autódromo Parque Ciudad de Río Cuarto
Entre Ríos
Autódromo Ciudad de Concordia
Autódromo de Concepción del Uruguay
Autódromo Ciudad de Paraná
La Pampa
Autódromo Provincia de La Pampa
La Rioja
Autódromo Ciudad de La Rioja
Autódromo General San Martín (Mendoza)(Spanish)
Autódromo Jorge Ángel Pena
Autódromo Las Paredes
Autódromo Ciudad de Oberá
Autódromo Parque Provincia del Neuquén
Río Negro
Autódromo Ciudad de Viedma
Autódromo Enrique Mosconi (Spanish)
Autódromo Parque Ciudad de General Roca
Autódromo Martín Miguel de Güemes (Spanish)
Santa Cruz
Autódromo José Muñiz (Spanish)
Santa Fe
Autódromo Don Eduardo (Spanish)
Autódromo Parque de la Velocidad de San Jorge
Motor Club Chañar Ladeado (Spanish)
Autódromo Ciudad de Rafaela
Autódromo Municipal Juan Manuel Fangio (Not to be confuse with the one in Balcarce)
Autódromo Nasif Estéfano (Spanish)
San Luis
Autódromo José Carlos Bassi
Autódromo Rosendo Hernández

That’s all of the tracks that I could search for in Argentina (if I’m missing one or have repeated one let me know)
Argentines, apart from being football heads, we are also petrol heads so adding these tracks would be a Godsend.
You have no idea how much I’ve spent searching for these and I hope I see them in the Track Suggestions.

Most of these tracks are already available for voting here:

Or find them with the tag Argentina

Please vote on them there. For every track that you’re missing, please submit them seperately (one track per reply). This makes it easier for Max to make new threads for these circuit.