Dodge Challenger 1978-1983 / Mitsubishi Galant / Plymouth Sapporo

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Dodge Challenger 1978-1983 / Mitsubishi Galant / Plymouth Sapporo

Hear me out:
The 1978 Dodge Challenger 100% deserves to be added.

And here’s why:

The Missing Link of an Iconic Nameplate

The 2nd generation of Dodge Challenger is one of the most over-hated & misunderstood cars of all time. While the Dodge Challenger nameplate is about as iconic as it gets, this second generation is so obscure that many Challenger owners doesn’t even know it exists! But if they do know it exists, the responses are widely negative & this comes from a large place of misunderstanding. A misunderstanding that I feel like Forza could change, as I know (from 1st hand experience) just how fun to drive this RWD little canyon carver is!

JDM meets American Muscle

And where does this misunderstanding come from? The fact that this Challenger, is technically a visually Americanized Mitsubishi Galant Lambda! Meaning that this car may be the only car in Forza history where a rotary swapped drift build AND a Hemi swapped drag build make equal sense! And with Foxbody-like styling, yet RX-7-like handling, it really does bridge this gap like no other, and because of that may end up being a very popular car amongst the Forza fanbase, for both drifting AND drag racing!

King Cobra :heavy_check_mark: Z/28 :heavy_check_mark: Dodge? :x:

We already have the other iconic muscle car nameplate’s Malaise Era cars, so why not add the ‘78 and complete the Trio? Certainly can’t be because it’s too unpopular, as the Mustang II is incredibly hated by most people too. Is it because it’s a 4cyl, and not a fire breathing V8? Well, given this car’s Hemi-4cyl engine only makes 15 less HP than the Mustang II’s 5.0L V8 I really don’t see that as an issue. The Malaise era is a very unique time period that truly does deserve more representation in Forza, and this is quite literally the perfect “New To Forza” car for the occasion. From the awesome 70s sunset stripes, to the plaid seats, & spunky 4cyl, no car better represents this era than the 1978 Dodge Challenger.

(P.S. I have one to scan)

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