Shuto Expressway, Tokyo, Japan

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From the Shuto Expressway Wikipage:

Shuto Expressway (首都高速道路, Shuto Kōsoku-dōro, lit. “Metropolitan Expressway”, where shuto also means “capital city”) is a network of toll expressways in the Greater Tokyo Area of Japan. It is operated and maintained by the Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited (首都高速道路株式会社, Shuto Kōsoku-dōro Kabushiki-gaisha).

Most routes are grade-separated (elevated roads or tunnels) and central routes have many sharp curves and multi-lane merges that require caution to drive safely.:

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YES PLEASE, no way it has only 130 votes. Would be great to see T10 collaborating with Shutoko Revival team. Full map would be legendary.


Please we need this in forza Motorsport 8