Toyota GR010 Hybrid 2021-current

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Toyota GR010 Hybrid

Toyota’s new hybrid Le Mans Hypercar ain’t your grandma’s Prius | Top Gear


Toyota GR010 Hybrid


we absolutely need this car in the game, one of the most successful car in the wec modern history, so it must be on the next game which has been presented as the game with the most modern racing cars ever made…cross fingers for this beautiful car


If Turn 10 wants the GR010, they should put either the 2021 or 2022 models, because the 2023 model didn’t win Le Mans.


As Gran Turismo already has it Forza’s turn comes now!


If we do get the GR010 Hypercar, it will be cool to get it in the 2023 Evo version and with the post-Le Mans Livery where they added the Cherry Blossoms around the car. It just looks really dope plus adds more towards the Japanese Culture within motorsports and also within Toyota’s racing heritage and the Evo version of the GR010 will be well suited into the Forza Proto-H category in Forza Motorsport plus to keep it up to date with the current car that is racing and to keep it different and unique from the one used in GT7.

2023 Evo Version:

2023 Evo Version with Post-Le Mans Livery:


True but the 2023 won the championship and looks better suit to the Hypercar class than in the previous years with the current Evo version plus the Cherry Blossoms they got now on the Livery give it a nice touch and make the car look even more badass

Here are some clips of the Toyota GR010 Hypercar conquering these tracks. If you also want to see these tracks appear in the new Forza Motorsport please do Vote for them as well as Vote for the 2023 Toyota GR010


I love the Toyota GR010 HYBRID 2023 of Le Mans and i want race it :heart:


Toyota just unveiled their new Livery for the 2024 season of WEC. Personally I think it looks pretty simple yet dope at the same time, but I definitely would prefer the levery they had from the Post Le Mans of 2023 but what do you guys think?

New 2024 Livery:

2023 Livery:

2023 Post Le Mans Livery:


Now one amongst the top 30 most requested cars list for this very game of Forza Motorsport!


The Toyota WEC villain arc is about to start:


Here’s a clip of the strategic victory of the #7 GR010 at Imola this year, we need this version of the car to come into Forza and it will make a great addition in the Forza Proto-H division in the game as we can see the Toyota still can fight despite heavy competition.

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Gran Turismo 7 plus LMU procure it yet Forza Motorsport doesn’t see to it added by amassing the votes up!