FH Car Topic submissions (Read the first post)

Below is a list of car topics added in the last month. I’m deleting completed submissions in this thread to clean it up.

I’m also cleaning up the index thread today. As an alternative to those hyperlinks, you can also filter topics by typing in a manufacturer name, or Race-car, in the “all tags” box in the upper left of the Car Voting category. This should make it easier to find all Porsche models etc.

Topics added in the past month:

Acura ARX-01
Acura ARX-02
Acura HPD ARX-03
Acura ARX-05
Acura ARX-06
Acura Integra 2022-current
Acura NSX 2017-2022
Acura NSX GT3 (GT racing spec)
Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale 1967-1969
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2016-2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ / TZ2 1963-1967
Alfa Romeo Giulietta (touring car race spec)
Alfa Romeo P3 1932-1935
Alpine A480
AMC Gremlin 1970-1983
Ascari KZ1-R (GT racing spec)
Aston Martin AMR1
Aston Martin AMR-One
Aston Martin DBR9 (GT racing spec)
Aston Martin One-77
Aston Martin V8 1973-1978
Aston Martin V8 1979-1989
Aston Martin V8 Zagato 1986-1990
Aston Martin Vantage (GT racing spec)
Audi 90 quattro (racing spec)
Audi RS 3 LMS (touring car race spec)
Audi R8 LMP
Audi R10 TDI
Audi R15 TDI
Audi R18
Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII 1964-1967
Auto Union Type D
Batmobile movie/tv cars
Bentley Continental GT3 (GT racing spec)
Bentley Speed 8
BMW 125i M Sport (touring car race spec)
BMW 3.0 CSL (racing spec)
BMW 330i M Sport (touring car race spec)
BMW 7-Series (G70) 2023-current
BMW 8-Series (E31) 1990-1999 (850CSi)
BMW M Hybrid V8
BMW M1 Procar
BMW M3 (GT racing spec)
BMW M6 (GT racing spec)
BMW M8 (GT racing spec)
BMW Z4 (GT racing spec)
Bugatti Mistral 2022
Bugatti Type 35
Cadillac ATS-V (GT racing spec)
Cadillac Celestiq 2024-
Cadillac CTS-V (GT racing spec)
Cadillac Northstar LMP 2000-2002
Cadillac V-LMDh
Chaparral 2E
Chaparral 2J
Chevrolet Camaro (IMSA GT racing spec)
Chevrolet Camaro GT4 (GT racing spec)
Chevrolet Corvette C5 (Trans-Am racing spec)
Chevrolet Corvette C6.R (GT racing spec)
Chevrolet Corvette C7.R (GT racing spec)
Chevrolet Corvette C8.R (GT racing spec)
Chevrolet Corvette Daytona Prototype
Chevrolet Corvette GTP
Chevrolet Cruze (touring car race spec)
Chevrolet Greenwood Corvette (Group 5 racing spec)
CUPRA Leon (touring car race spec)
Datsun 280ZX (racing spec)
DeLorean Alpha5 2022-current
Dodge Neon 2016-current
Dodge SRT Viper GTS-R (GT racing spec)
Eagle MkIII
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa
Ferrari 296 (racing spec)
Ferrari 296 2022-current
Ferrari 333 SP
Ferrari 430 (GT racing spec)
Ferrari 458 (GT racing spec)
Ferrari 488 (GT racing spec)
Ferrari 499P
Ferrari 512
Ferrari 512 BB/LM
Ferrari 550 (racing spec)
Ferrari Daytona SP3 2023
Ferrari Purosangue 2022-current
Fiat Multipla 1000Tipla 2022
Fiat Tipo (touring car race spec)
Ford Capri (1980s IMSA GT racing spec)
Ford F-150 2021-current (Gen14)
Ford Focus (touring car race spec)
Ford GT Mk VII (GT racing spec)
Ford GT Mk VIII (GT racing spec)
Ford GT40 MkI and MkII
Ford Maverick 2022-current
Ford Mustang (1980s IMSA GT racing spec)
Ford Mustang (1990s IMSA GTO racing)
Ford Mustang (Gen4 Trans-Am racing spec)
Ford Mustang 1965 Shelby GT350
Ford Mustang 1967 Shelby GT500 Fastback
Ford Mustang 1969 Shelby GT500 428CJ
Ford Mustang 2024-current (Gen7)
Ford Mustang GT4 (GT racing spec)
Ford Pro Electric SuperVan 2022
Ford Riley Mk XXVI Daytona Prototype
Ford SuperVan 3 1994-2011
Ford Transit (Gen4) 2014-current
Ginetta G57 P2
Ginetta G60-LT-P1
Ginetta G61-LT-P3
Glickenhaus SCG 007 LMH
GMC Syclone 1991
Gordon Murray T.33 2024-current
Honda Civic (touring car race spec)
Hyundai Elantra 2020-current (Gen7)
Hyundai Elantra N (touring car race spec)
Hyundai i30 N (touring car race spec)
Hyundai N Vision 74 concept
Hyundai Veloster N (touring car race spec)
Infiniti Q50 (touring car race spec)
Isotta Frashini Le Mans Hypercar
Jaguar XJR-12
Jaguar XJR-5
Jaguar XJR-9
Jaguar XKR (2000 Trans-Am racing spec)
Jaguar XKR (GT racing spec)
Kia Cee’d (touring car race spec)
Kia K5 2021-current
Koenigsegg CC850 2022+
Koenigsegg Jesko 2020-current
KTM X-Bow (GT racing spec)
Lada Vesta (touring car race spec)
Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 2022-2022
Lamborghini Diablo (GT racing spec)
Lamborghini Gallardo (GT racing spec)
Lamborghini Huracan (GT racing spec)
Lamborghini SC20 2020-2020
Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo (Group 5 racing)
Lexus RC F (GT racing spec)
Ligier JS 49 to 55
Ligier JS P3
Ligier JS P320
Ligier JS P4
Ligier Nissan DPi (Onroak JS P217) and Ligier JS P2
Lola B08/80 | B09/86 | B12/80
Lola T163
Lola T70
Lotus Eletre 2023-current
Lotus Elise GT1
Lotus Emira 2022-current
Lotus Esprit 1976-1978 (Series 1)
Lotus Esprit 1978-1982 (Series 2)
Lotus Europa (racing spec)
Lynk & Co 03 (touring car race spec)
March 84G
Maserati 8CTF 1938-1939
Maserati GranTurismo (GT racing spec)
Maserati MC12 GT1
Maserati Tipo 26 1926-1932
Mazda 787B
Mazda RT24-P
Mazda RX-7 (1990s IMSA GTO racing)
McLaren 12C GT3 (GT racing spec)
McLaren 720S GT3 (GT racing spec)
McLaren Artura 2020-current
McLaren F1 GTR
McLaren M8A through M8F
McLaren M8B
McLaren Solus GT 2022+
McMurtry Speirling 2021
Mercedes A-Class (touring car race spec)
Mercedes C-Class (W202) C43 AMG 1997-2000
Mercedes Sauber C9
Mercedes SL-Class (R232) 2022-current
Mercedes-AMG GT3 (GT racing spec)
Mercedes-AMG SLS GT3 (GT racing spec)
Mercury Cougar XR-7 (1990s IMSA GTO racing)
Mercury Eight 1949-1951
Merkur XR4Ti (racing spec)
MG 6 (touring car race spec)
Mitsubishi Galant Gen6 1987-1994
Mosler MT900 GT3 2006
Nissan 240SX GTU (IMSA racing spec)
Nissan 300ZX (IMSA GTO racing spec)
Nissan Bluebird Super Silhouette race car
Nissan GTP ZX-Turbo
Nissan GT-R Nismo (GT racing spec)
Nissan R380
Nissan R382
Nissan R88C
Nissan R90C | R91C | R92C
Nissan Skyline R34 (JGTC racing spec)
Nissan Skyline Super Silhouette race car
Nissan Skyline Turbo (Group C racing)
Nissan Z (racing spec 2022+)
Nissan Z 2022-current
Opel Astra (touring car race spec)
Opel Astra DTM
Oreca 03
Oreca 05
Oreca 07
Oreca FLM09
Pagani Utopia 2023-current
Panoz Abruzzi (GT racing spec)
Panoz Esperante GTLM race car
Panoz LMP-1
Peugeot 308 (touring car race spec)
Peugeot 905
Peugeot 908
Peugeot 9x8 Le Mans Hypercar
Polestar 3 2023-current
Polestar 5 2022-current
Pontiac Firebird (IMSA GT racing spec)
Pontiac Firebird 1970-1981
Pontiac Firebird 1982-1992
Porsche 356C by Emory
Porsche 550 Spyder 1953-1956
Porsche 718 RS 60
Porsche 911 (964) by Singer
Porsche 911 (993) / Gunther Werks 400R
Porsche 911 GT1 (racing spec)
Porsche 997 RSR / Cup (GT racing spec)
Porsche 991 RSR / Cup (GT racing spec)
Porsche 935 (991 race spec)
Porsche 992 (GT racing spec)
Porsche 917
Porsche 919 Hybrid
Porsche 924 GTR
Porsche 935 1976-1981
Porsche 936
Porsche 944 (GT racing spec)
Porsche 956
Porsche 962
Porsche 963
Porsche Cayenne 2019-current (Gen3)
Porsche Cayman (GT racing spec)
Porsche Macan 2016-2023 (Gen1)
Porsche Mission R (GT racing spec)
Porsche RS Spyder
Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech (Cyberpunk 2077)
Rebellion R-One
Renault 5 EV 2021-current
Renault Clio III 2005-2014
Renault Megane R. S. (touring car race spec)
Renault Sport R.S. 01
Rimac Nevera 2022-2022
Rolls-Royce Spectre 2023-
Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe
Shelby Monaco King Cobra
Subaru Legacy 1989-1994 (Gen1)
Subaru Legacy B4 Touring Wagon 2009-2014
Subaru Legacy Kombi estate 2014-2018
Subaru Levorg (touring car race spec)
Subaru Outback 2009-2015
Subaru STI E-RA
Subaru WRX 2022-current
Subaru WRX STi (touring car race spec)
Sunred SR21 2007-2009
Suzuki Escudo hill climb cars 1994-2000
Suzuki SX4 2022-current
Suzuki SX4 hill climb special 2011
Suzuki XL7 Pikes Peak hill climb 2007
Toyota 7
Toyota Avensis (touring car race spec)
Toyota Celica IMSA GTO
Toyota Corolla (touring car race spec)
Toyota GR010 Hybrid
Toyota GT-One (TS020)
Toyota Supra (JGTC racing spec)
Toyota TS Hybrids (TS050, TS040, TS030)
Vanwall LMH
Volkswagen CC (touring car race spec)
Volkswagen Golf GTI (touring car spec)
Volkswagen I.D. R
W Motors Lykan HyperSport 2013-2018
Xpeng P7 2020-current