Nissan Z 2022-current

The 2023 Nissan Z is in both FH5 and Forza Motorsport. This topic reached 548 votes.

Nissan Z 2022-current

  • 2023 Nissan Z


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2023 Nissan Z Performance



Because the Fairlady Z RZ34 is all about returning from its roots, it’s now powered by a 3.0L V6 Twin Turbo engine lifted from the Skyline V37 400R. It produces 405PS of power, and 475Nm of torque, and can be mated to either a 6-speed manual or a 9-speed AT. In addition to the new monotube shocks, new front geometry, increased rigidity, available sport brakes, mechanical LSD, and rear suspension tuning, the RZ34 features, for the first time, available launch control and electric power steering.


Get the one with 6-speed manual, it’s more better


It will be next season


Yeah it’s confirmed by the Forza Horizon Twitter account:


It only Says NISSAN Z, could be any Z , 350Z isnt on game yet and some older Z as well

Are you sure you’re playing Forza Horizon 5? The 350Z is definitely in it (called Fairlady Z). It’s the new 400Z, what else would it be?

Weird, on Forza 4 it had BOTH 350Z and the Fairlady

I just checked the car lists and they never had the 350Z. That is always called the Fairlady Z. Maybe you’re mistaking the 370Z for the 350Z?

This car is officially coming to the game in Series 15


I really hope this is real because we need new cars fr, the Cupra is weird a.f but whatever

When will this come out I want it so bad

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Nissan Fairlady Z Customized Proto

It’s rumoured that the parts first featured on this car, which debuted at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, will be produced as option parts in the near future. Even if they aren’t, I’d love to have them in the game as a counterpart to the Toyota GR Supra Heritage Edition aero parts, as it gives the new Z a sharper, bolder look overall. I particularly like the front aero parts, as the split air intake gives me vibes of one of the more common front spoiler options for the old S30, the extended front bumper, and to me it would truly make the new Z - whenever it drops in-game - a candidate to be a new generation Devil Z, Wangan Midnight style.


It’s not in series 15 or 16. My Horizon Promo has been an updated with the “new” cars like the Limo but the Z isn’t there. I reckon it’s in Series 17, maybe part of the expansion. Hope it has plenty of body kits.


This is one of the cars I was most expecting to arrive in this past update, but ah well. At least (I hope) it’s just a matter of when, not if it arrives. I just hope I can do something ridiculous with it, like putting in the VR38DETT from the R35.

It is a matter of when it arrives, they wouldn’t say something’scoming without that something coming

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