Monza Circuit

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Monza Circuit

Monza is a real world circuit in Italy used for Formula 1.

Monza was included as a track in FM7.

I would like to see the original layout in the game too


Is that confirmed yet to FM ?

A racing game with some old Formula One cars but without Monza track ?

No, we have to have it.



It is a small dream to be able to play the original layout of the circuit, please make it a reality.


If they could put version with the ring and the double left first chicane it would be great

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Here are some onboards of the 6 Hours Of Monza through the Toyota GR010 Hybrid 2021-current, Ferrari 499P 2023-current, Peugeot 9x8 (Le Mans Hypercar) 2022-current, and Glickenhaus SCG 007 LMH 2021-2023. Also Vote for these cars if you want them to come in to the Current Forza Motorsport.


Yes, the old Monza circuit with the steep banks and the historic track surface and buildings would be very nice! I mean we have the old F1 cars from the 60s in the game, right? What would fit better than an original circuit from that racing era? And what better way to celebrate this time period than racing on the historic Monza circuit? I would love it!

The facility is being renovated and the track is being resurfaced, more grand stands and new buildings I think are going to be added, they should rescan the track after renovations and bring the newest, most accurate track.

They should also update spa.