Algarve, Portimão

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A really nice track featured in top class racing of F1, WEC and MotoGP. This track is also used by several brands to test their racing cars before release.
It has two main layouts, one for FIA and one for FIM sanctioned events.
A fun part of this track is the changes in elevation, creating some blind corners but also playing with the aero and braking of cars.
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Portimao looks so fun. Love watching MotoGP races there. So much elevation change.


To give an idea of the elevation changes, because pictures don’t do it justice, here’s an onboard lap of the Ferrari 499P (vote here) in 2023:


The Algarve Roller Coster, such a unique track, that received F1 in 2020 and 2021. Another awesome track well suited for Forza Motorsport debut. I was there during 2020 F1 Portuguese Grand Prix, between the penultimate and last corner:


After seeing the 6 Hours of Portimão on WEC, this track would be awesome to drive on since it’s got some cool uphills and downhills, plus since we got the new Cadillacs, Autodromo do Algarve is definitely worthy to be on the new Forza alongside other WEC tracks past and present that have yet to be seen in the Tracklists of Forza Motorsport.


Here are also some onboards of both the Toyota GR010 Hybrid 2021-current and the Peugeot 9x8 (Le Mans Hypercar) 2022-current. Vote for these two cars if you want them to appear in the current Forza Motorsport.


Here’s the full race of the 2023 6 hours of Portimão


For Chris lol

Would be a great track elevations and fast corner also many different series use it GT, lmp, tcr

Please vote


I just heard Chris Esaki on the latest Forza Friday stream saying he’d love to see Portimao in the game but it’s not coming (right now anyway) because it doesn’t have enough votes.

That’s so sad to hear, I’d love Portimao too, it’s a fabulous track.

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It’s currently in 22nd place with 354 votes (at the time of writing) out of 400+ topics, so it’s not doing too bad in terms of votes. Saying it doesn’t have enough votes makes me wonder at what point it does have enough votes to be considered? 500, 1000, or more?

I would also love to see this circuit, it’s a great layout with some amazing elevations and good scenery! A lot of classes have raced here and I’d love to experience this as well.


I’d assume that it means T10’s pipeline consists of less than 22 tracks at the moment, and Portimao still has chance to be added to the game once they clear more popular circuits (or less popular but ready to borrow from FM7 after “remastering”, e.g. Yas Marina). Like you said, 354 votes is not that bad :slight_smile:

On the other hand… It seems I can already lose all hope for Bilster Berg (129 votes)…

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I feel like this is more the case, maybe update 9 will bring something new or more requested?

I guess I’ll forget about Ozarks (42 votes)…